Gussy’s Classic lure lineup

See the lures the defending champ plans to use at Grand Lake O' The Cherokees.

Even with a variety of shallow and deep programs in play at Grand Lake, Gussy intends to search out overlooked patterns, highlighted by his proven jig and Jerk ShadZ.
The Z-Man Scented Jerk ShadZ has already won more than $500,000 for the Kenora, Ontario pro — and counting.
Far from a smallmouth-specific technique, Gussy regularly mopes a Scented Jerk ShadZ for big bucketmouths, such as this horse from Lake Fork, Texas.
One of Gussy’s favorite Jerk ShadZ spots is Lake Lanier, Georgia, home of big spotted bass.
Gussy’s new Jerk ShadZ color, “Glimmer Blue,” now puts the secret sauce in the hands of all anglers.
No better proof of a lure’s efficacy than a classic case of bass thumb.
Jeff Gustafson doesn’t always hit the water with his 2023 Bassmaster Classic Trophy. But when he does, the Scented Jerk ShadZ isn’t far behind.
Just like he does back home in Canada, Gussy plans to put a ChatterBait to work at the 2024 Bassmaster Classic.
See the full lineup of Gussy’s lures for the 2024 Classic.
The new Z-Man ChatterBait Elite EVO promises to be a player at Grand Lake, Oklahoma. 
Upgraded blade finishes, head shape and the most efficient trailer keeper system translate to a truly elite ChatterBait bladed jig. The Z-Man ChatterBait Elite EVO asserts its dominance with an instant-start blade and unpredictable, hard hunting action.
Hybrid molded split-grip and wire keepers hold all types of soft plastic trailers securely, while allowing for easy rigging.
Z-Man’s patented direct blade to jig connection and specific blade shape, bend and angle are critical elements of the ChatterBait Elite EVO.
Precise V-shaped ridges highlight the Z-Man ChatterSpike™, enabling this ultra-refined ChatterBait trailer to animate with a crisp, but restrained fast whipping action. 
ChatterBait Elite EVO with ChatterSpike trailer, which empowers the lure to perform its free flowing, hunting action to perfection.
Gettin’ it done. 
A third go-to option for the Classic, Gussy calls out the Z-Man SMH shaky head jig, which he plans to fish with a variety of ElaZtech plastics — SMH Worm shown here.
An exceptional shallow water tool, particularly for casting around docks, brush and other cover, Z-Man’s SMH shaky head system accentuates the buoyant, lively nature of ElaZtech baits. 
The classic Z-Man ZinkerZ remains a productive finesse / shaky head worm, and an all-time Gussy favorite.
Will Z-Man pro Jeff Gustafson repeat his Bassmaster Classic title?