Cannon’s top 5 baits for big Texas bass

See the top 5 baits Bassmaster Opens pro Brett Cannon suggest for big Texas bass.
1. Toad Thumper Swamper – Walkin’ Frog
“Frog fishing to me is my favorite thing to do. Especially around bluegill beds and shallow vegetation. All year around and even in the heat of the summer you can catch big bass on a frog in Texas.”
2. Googan Baits Slim Shake Worm
“Whenever I am fishing deeper rocks around the summertime in that 20 foot or more range its hard to beat a big worm. Most times I will rig this up on a heavier shaky head to get it to the bottom quicker.”
3. Strike King 10 XD
“This is just a big bass catching staple in Texas. I catch them on this all year round, but it especially shines when the fish move out deeper on brush piles or on offshore timber and start feeding after spawning.”
4. 3:16 Lure Company 5-inch Rising Son Line Thru Swimbait
“This bait I have done really well with in the fall. It has amazing drawing power when you slow roll it throw big wolf packs of fish.”
5. Roman Made Mother Glide Bait
“My favorite time to fish a big glide, especially on O.H. Ivie is that April and May time frame when they are still some fish left on the bed, but a lot of them feeding up on big gizzards. I like to fish it around brushpiles where most guys are targeting them with a drop shot or a crankbait.”
Thanks for sharing, Brett!