Bassmaster ICAST new products preview 2024

See the latest and greatest products to be released at ICAST 2024!

As July rolls on, it’s time to get a first look at the newest innovations of the fishing industry. Take a look at the newest products that will be introduced at the 2024 ICAST show!
Buckeye Spot Remover Finesse Jig
Utilizing the same head design as the popular MDJ Spot Remover Ned Head, this model features a 2/0 Mustad hook and a premium, finesse-cut frog hair skirt. Available in sizes 1/4, 3/16 and 1/8 and 6 colors.
All-Terrain Finesse Football Jig
Built around a unique sticky sharp barbarian bend hook that is the right balance of finesse and power. Featuring All Terrain’s Terrain-Tread bumps that stir up bottom sediment and transmit sound from rock. Choose from a fine cut silicone or hybrid silicone cut with round rubber. Available in eight colors and three sizes: 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2. Available Spring 2025. $5.99.
Berkely Krej
This revolutionary hard bait was designed to mimic the natural, upwards fleeing reaction of a baitfish from predatory strike. Contrary to conventional methods of fishing a jerkbait, the upturned bill of the Berkley Krej (that’s “Jerk” spelled backwards) allows it to work its way upwards in the water column, only to fall backwards towards the fish chasing the bait. Using forward-facing sonar allows the angler to see how the fish reacts and adjust the retrieve and presentation accordingly. $14.99.
BOOYAH Flash Point Jerkbait
The Flash Point is a slender minnow jerkbait with raised body sections that impart a quick darting action; however, the key to the lure is an affixed custom blade at the head of the lure that provides a subtle baitfish flash and shines like a beacon on forward facing sonar screens.
Daiwa Dr. Minnow Jointed
The 2-inch sinking, Japanese-inspired Dr. Minnow Jointed is ideal for bait-finesse tactics. Pair of premium #12 treble hooks. Available in 4 patterns: Yamame, Golden Cali, Matte Albino, and Wakasagi. 14.95.
Daiwa TD Minnow 75 SP
This 3-inch suspending jerkbait from DAIWA features #10 BKK treble hooks. Yields exceptionally long casts and pronounced erratic action. Available in 8 colors: Bone, Ghost Ayu, Pro Purple, Sakura Chart, Wakasagi, and Yamame Trout. $14.99.
Jackall Driftfry 4.0
Crafted with precision and innovation, the Driftfry features an integrated lip design that leverages water resistance and subtle twitches from the angler’s rod tip to create a mesmerizing “twist-roll” flashing action, irresistible to even the most reluctant bass. Two strategically placed guide holes ensure perfect jig head alignment, while another on the lip indicates the optimal spot for nail weight insertion during hover-strolling. $12.99.
Bill Lewis Depth Charge
The Depth Charge is an innovative sinking twitch bait optimized for forward facing sonar. Designed without a lip, the Depth Charge sinks quickly on a slack line with a back-and-forth shimmy that is hard for a bass to ignore. Available in 3 sizes and 14 colors.
Shimano Zumverno 115SP MR
Tailored for anglers who rely on forward-facing sonar to locate and catch fish, the Zumverno 115SP MR displays a unique nose-down posture that enhances live sonar returns, allowing for precise tracking of the lure’s movement. The new bill design offers several benefits. It creates an erratic side-to-side darting action, mimicking fleeing baitfish and effectively triggering strikes from predators. It also helps to deflect off structures, reducing snags and enhancing durability.$22.99.
Dirty Jigs Grass Wizard
A unique arrow-shaped, belly heavy head design slides in and out of cover with ease. Revamped with premium dual-tone paint schemes and High Definition Skirts for added realism and strike appeal. Razor sharp Mustad Hook for solid hooksets and included Toothpick Keeper Collar keeps plastic trailers firmly in place. 5.99.
Dirty Jigs Tungsten HD Guppy
Designed for forward-facing sonar, the jig is made with a tungsten resin composition. Benefits are heightened sensitivity and increased sonar return for faster bite detection from the screen. $7.99.
Ever Green Combat Rat
Combat Rat’s body measures 5.8-inches and 10.75” total with tail. Features a premium #1/0 treble hook in the front and #1 in the rear. 54.99.
Ever Green DD X-Over
The nearly 6-inch deep-diving crankbait can reach down to 18-feet. Features an advanced diving bill with weight-transfer system for long casts and trio of premium #4 treble hooks. Available in 7 realistic colors, including Ghost Ayu, Bluegill Chart Belly, Secret Chart, Ghost Threadfin Shad, Matte Blueback Shad, Cold Shad, and KO Wakasagi. $21.99.
Great Lakes Finesse Matte Finish Jig
The Matte Finesse Jig is built on 1/0 Gamakatsu 604 hook, with a ball head design for crawling through rocks and sparse vegetation with ease while not chipping. The skirt material is super thin so it will pulse in the water with minimal jig movement, and the oversized keeper will securely hold any small soft plastic trailer, such as the Great Lakes Finesse 2.1″ Snack Craw.
Gamakatsu JDM King Cobra Jig
Built around the Gamakatsu 60-degree Nano Alpha hook, which offers gap width combined with a shorter shank for a compact look. A matte finish, chip resistant painted cobra-shaped head allows the jig to stand up in a natural defensive posture and prevents the jig from rolling over. Features hand tied, high contrast skirt with dual wire keeper for plastic trailers, thicker weed guard to prevent snags, and a recessed line tie. Available in five sizes ranging from 3/16 to 3/4 ounce and three hook sizes from 2/0 to 4/0 in six unique JDM style craw colors. $7.49.
Gamakatsu JDM Neo Swim Jig
Built around the ultra-sharp 30-degree Nano Alpha Hook, with a slightly longer shank to increase hook ups on short strikes. The head design minimizes hang ups, is chip resistant, and painted in a matte finish. An 8-strand weed guard matches this swim jig allowing it to slip through cover with ease. Available in three sizes ranging from 1/4 to 1/2 ounce, a size 4/0 hook in six exclusive JDM style colors. $7.49.
Heddon Spit N Image
This rotating tail topwater lure with a finesse buzzing action was molded after the popular Spit N Image shad style body, complimented with a hard plastic rotating tail. That setup features a small hole for adding a finesse sound and bubble trail as it tracks on the surface.
Missile Baits Ike’s Monster Jig 
Built on a custom 10/0 VMC 60-degree heavy duty jig hook with the super slick PTFE coating, the all-purpose design of the Monster Jig head allows it to excel in swimming or bottom bouncing applications. Available in 1 ounce or 1.5-ounce sizes and six color patterns. $15.99.
Nichols Lures Blade Runner DUH Spoon
The popular jigging spoon adds premium Spro Swivels and Decoy Tied Treble Hooks to the already classic DUH shapes and colors. Available in 3/4, 1 1/4 and 1 3/4 sizes. $8.99.
Bucca Brand Trick Shad 6″
Designed by renowned swimbait creator Mike Bucca, this ABS hard plastic glide bait is designed to get big bites. Thanks to Bucca’s experience and knowledge, the Trick Shad stands out as a value offering that has the look and action to attract bites, and the components to ensure you land them. Featuring Mustad Triple Grip hooks, a replaceable tail. Available in 10 colors.
Rebel Matte Craw Series
The Rebel Craw series in all of its sizes now will be offered in four ultra-realistic matte color patterns!  The new Matte series colors include Gully Craw, Rusty Craw, Tiger Craw and Winter Craw to best match the markings and coloration of common crawfish varieties, providing ultra-realistic colors that match various crawfish species and color phases and provide excellent options for a range of conditions and target species.
Rapala PXR Jowler
The unique mouth design creates maximum surface disturbance, allowing the bait to have hard cutting, splash-n-walk action at any speed. Equipped with a dual frequency Knocker that shift for ultra-long casts.  Armed with premium custom built 1X VMC round bend Redline Trebles matching the precision of all PXR hardbaits. $19.99.
Rapala PXR Deep Mavrik 110
This deep-diving suspended jerkbait features Rapala’s Long Cast System, which provides accurate, ultra-long casts to maximize time in the strike zone, and three premium VMC RedLine Series No. 5 treble hooks. The lure’s suspending, head-down attitude mimics an injured baitfish, while a hard-cutting, semi-erratic action makes the PXR Mavrik a versatile jerkbait for any condition. The Deep Mavrik will get down to 10′, measures 4 3/8″, weighs 1/2 ounce and is available in 18 colors. $16.99.
Rapala OG Big Rocco
The Rapala OG Big Rocco 6 is the sized-up brother to OG Rocco 5. It is a buoyant, round balsa bait with a square circuit board lip. Highly castable with medium rolling action, deflects through cover and backs out of sticky situations. OG Big Rocco weighs in at 5/8 ounce, dives to 6′ and sports a pair of VMC 1x Hybrid trebles hooks. $13.99
SPRO Zero Swimmer
A new 100mm (3/5 ounce) wake bait featuring loud one-knock sound for drawing in roaming bass and triggering their predator instinct. Equipped with sticky No. 4 Gamakatsu Round Bend Trebles, and available in eight colors patterns. $11.99.
Strike King Hardliner
This flatsided-crankbait dives five to seven feet with excellent castability with a tight wobble and a circuit board lip for added durability. Available in a selection of pro-inspired colors for any fishing situation where a flat side bite is in play. $8.99.
Z-Man Tungsten ChatterBait EVO
Designed to delve deeper in the water column, the latest iteration of the lineup features a low-profile, high-density 96% tungsten head gets down fast. Direct head-to-blade connection allows the trademarked hex-shaped ChatterBait to start thumping upon entering the water. Rigged with heavy duty 5/0 black nickel needlepoint hook, a dual molded split grip and wire transfer keeper pins ElazTech and standard soft plastics in place. Available in 3/8- and 1/2-ounce sizes in 12 color schemes. $15.99.
Big Bite Nekorama
The 7-inch Nekorama features 2 indentions to better hold an O-ring and is designed with the perfect body-to-tail size proportions to achieve maximum action. Effective both deep and shallow, the Nekorama is available in 12 all-matte, realistic colors and comes 12 per pack.
CrushCity Mooch Minnow
Made with Super TPE and perfectly balanced whether rigged on a drop shot or jighead. Unique paddle tail design imparts an incredibly realistic and subtle action that triggers fish to bite under the toughest conditions. The Mooch Minnow is 3.5″ long and available in 20 colors. $5.99.
CrushCity Janitor
Ideal for Neko rigs, drop shots and shaky heads, with a tapered tail that quivers with the slightest movement. Integrated slot for the VMC Crossover Ring maximizes usage for neko and wacky rigging. Like all CrushCity baits, there is a custom amount of salt, flake and color that to maximize the action and present the perfect presentation. The Janitor measures in at 6″ and is available in 14 colors. $6.49.
CrushCity Hedgehog
Appendages provide action with the slightest of movements, while back ribs help conceal hook points. Appendages going in every direction maximize action and show the fish something they’ve never seen. Available in 16 colors and measuring in at 4.5″. $6.99.
Ever Green Last Ace 128 S
This slow sinking swimbait is crafted from tough material to withstand the rigors of frequent use. The super-realistic look is a result of advanced design techniques that ensure the bait closely mimics the appearance and movement of live baitfish. Available in seven colors; 5 inches in length. $11.99.
Ever Green Last Ace 140 Swim
Like the Last Ace 128 S, this slow sinking variant that hangs longer in the strike zone features lifelike design and action in a swimbait measuring 5.5 inches. Equipped with a No. 2 treble hook to ensure higher hookup ratios.
Great Lakes Finesse Hover Minnow
The Hover Minnow, featuring a unique concave belly, offers both spiraling and darting actions like none other in the category. When fished vertically, it glides in a spiraling pattern on the fall, and darts randomly when jigged in place. When fished horizontally, any twitch of your rod will have it rolling, darting, and gliding randomly.
Great Lakes Finesse Drop Minnow
Designed in partnership with Travis Manson (Smallmouth Crush), the 3.25″ Drop Minnow allows anglers to drop shot it, Damiki rig it, hop it, swim it, or fish it like a Ned. The ribbed body provides a unique vibration in the water, and the thin tail gives incredible lifelike action. When dead-sticked the bait will sit perfectly horizontal, giving it a natural appearance.
State-of-the-art Injected Core Technology (ICT) seamlessly integrates lifelike anatomical features—such as a segmented body replete with intricate textures and ridges, augmented by meticulously rendered claws, legs, and even the discernibly sharp eyestalk—within a dynamic inner core. Featuring a body of optimal thickness to securely accommodate a heavy-gauge flipping hook, yet not impeding hooksets, the lure’s unique appendages induce pronounced kicking and quivering motions with minimal angler input, mirroring the sedentary and defensive postures innate to live crayfish. Available in twelve distinct color variations and 2.8 and 3.8 sizes. $7.99.
The Finesse Worm stands out with its thicker body, gradually tapering from head to tail like a baseball bat. This design adds subtle bulk to the traditional finesse profile. Through strategic manipulation of hook placement and weight distribution, the presentation of this bait undergoes significant transformation when rigged weightless, with a bullet weight or on a drop shot rig. Unlike many soft plastic worms heavily laden with salt, which can compromise durability, the Finesse Worm features none at all. This unique composition results in a slow to medium sink rate while maintaining a soft yet durable texture. The LIVETARGET Finesse Worm is available in eight fade-resistant colors—four classics and four innovative options—and three sizes. They are sold unrigged in packs of ten. $6.99.
LIVETARGET Freestyle Frog
This soft-body topwater lure leverages Injected Core Technology to combine an alluring inner core and a highly durable, exoskeleton. Its innovative hollow core is easily compressed when a fish bites and greatly improves buoyancy in any environment. Ultra-realistic extending legs give the frog an unmatched lifelike profile and action in the water. $9.99.
Missile Baits Micro D Bomb
The downsized version of this proven fish catcher is 2.3″ and that makes it ideal for rigging on a drop shot, Neko rig, split shot rig or even a Texas rig for finicky bass. $4.69.
Missile Baits Spunk Shad 3.0
The super popular Spunk Shad lineup now has a super finesse 3″ size to add to the ribbed body minnow shaped baits. The Spunk Shad 3.0 has applications on a smaller jig head, drop shot, Damiki rig, and more. Coming in the same 8 colors as the other Missile Baits Spunk Shads, all the color options will be covered. Finesse minnow baits are here to stay and this one is right combination of tiny size, durable, and subtle action. Like the other Spunk Shads, Missile Baits has licensed this shape and name from Hog Farmer Baits. $5.99.
Rebel LIVEFlex Catacrawler
Ultra-finesse 2″ floating Ned style lure designed to mimic a caterpillar. Scent-infused to draw in fish and entice more bites. Durability to last all day with the flexible realism needed to fool wary or pressured fish. Strategically designed to utilize the floating properties of LIVEflex material for the most natural presentations with lifelike shapes and colors designed to mimic natural prey. Pre-rigged on a unique KEG head jig for the most lifelike appearance and natural movements. Great for: Ned rigging, bouncing through current, dragging bottom, swimming, drop-shotting, Texas rigging, split-shot rigging, or rigging weightless for twitching.
Rebel LIVEFlex Creek Craw
This ultra-finesse crawfish lure is scent-infused to draw in fish and entice more bites. Durability to last all day with the flexible realism needed to fool wary or pressured fish. Strategically designed to utilize the floating properties of LIVEflex material for natural presentations with lifelike shapes and colors designed to mimic natural prey. Pre-rigged on a unique KEG head jig for the most lifelike appearance and natural movements. Great for: Ned rigging, bouncing through current, dragging bottom, swimming, drop-shotting, Texas rigging, split-shot rigging, or rigging weightless for twitching.
Snag Prof Zoo Wake
The Zoo Wake brings together the best features between a frog and a swimbait, giving the fish something they haven’t seen before. Whether you’re winding it super slow to create a subtle wake bait action or cranking it faster to swim just below the surface, the Zoo Wake excels in both. Its unique design causes the tail to swing erratically on the surface or kick seductively like a fleeing baitfish or frog, displacing water and giving it truly lifelike appeal. Even in heavy cover, the Zoo Wake remains weedless. Equipped with a premium 4/0 double hook. $8.99.
Strike King Homing Minnow
The hyper-realistic minnow profile stands out vividly on live sonar, enabling anglers to keep the bait within the water column and presenting ample opportunities to be devoured by hungry bass. A 90-degree line tie keeps the Homing Minnow level when covering water for a more realistic swimming action. The Homing Minnow is 3″ and weights 1/4 ounce. With incredible castability it comes pre-rigged with an ultra-sharp 2/0 hook for deep penetration and secure hooksets. $6.99.
Strike King Final Copy Swimbait
The Final Copy has a magnetic, internal harness that is imbedded within the swimbait to ensure longevity and resistance to tears and rips in the soft plastic for long-lasting performance and has uniquely placed loops for multiple rigging options. The distinct shape of the Final Copy allows the swimbait to excel during high-speed retrieves, while even weight distribution maintains balance to run true under all circumstances. Paired with a free-swinging, premium treble hook and available in premium Strike King colors to match-the-hatch, the Final Copy Swimbait elevates a familiar classic to a new level. Available in 4.75″ and 6″ and colors for any situation. $6.99.
Z-Man Graph ShadZ
Created to reflect a vibrant forward-facing sonar signal, the Graph ShadZ is a pre-rigged jig with an ElazTech soft bait. The inline design and recessed, under-chin line tie eliminates the need to reposition the knot for the optimal line angle for precise horizontal balance. The lure pendulums to reach fish fast, but hovers in the strike zone thanks to its precision 90-degree line angle and buoyant ElazTech body. For ultra-lifelike realism, the balanced baitfish head is molded from varying combinations of precision alloyed metals so each head weight mates with its shad body. Available in eight color matched bodies and heads. Sizes: 3/16-, 1/4- and 3/8-ounce. $6.99.
Z-Man ChatterShad
This ideal ChatterBait trailer sports a broad, razor-thin tail that enables its authentic tail-flapping action, augmented by the soft yet tough ElazTech composition. Diamond shaped cross section increases energy transmission from ChatterBait vibration, while pronounced V-shaped ridges on top and bottom tail displace more water. Easy rigging with dorsal and ventral hook slots. Available in 10 coordinated ChatterBait colors and 3.5” and 4.5” sizes. $4.99.
Z-Man Drop KickerZ
The 10X Tough ElaZtech bait’s rounded, wedge-shaped tail kicks and swims even at the slowest retrieve speeds. The Drop KickerZ’ finesse baitfish profile transitions to a ribbed belly that produces fish attracting bubble trails and vibration. A top and bottom hook-slot enables arrow-straight, easy weedless rigging with a small EWG hook. Bait is salt impregnated to neutralize buoyancy and present itself in a natural, horizontal posture. Available in 2.75″ and 3.5″ sizes and 10 color patterns. $4.99.
Z-Man TRD FattyZ
The culmination of years of finesse bait refinement from the creators of the Ned rig bait category, the TRD FattyZ creeps along with a tantalizing, slinky-like action. The finesse bait’s tireless wagging tail is fueled by a slender midsection and meatier posterior that tapers down to a spearpoint tail. Designed with a flat underside for subtle gliding action, the TRD FattyZ pairs with Finesse ShroomZ, NedlockZ or other Ned rig jigheads. Available in 12 colors. $4.99.
Z-Man Shadtron LT            
The over/under line-through harness allows for both top hook rigging with an included single hook or belly rigging with a treble hook. Tough ElaZtech stands up to abuse and adds buoyancy and genuine shad motion, activated by a variety of speeds, adds a true lifelike appearance. Precisely balanced weighted harness and buoyant superplastic material combine to help maintain lure’s upright posture on the slowest retrieves, during the fall and even at rest on the bottom. Available in eight color schemes. Sizes: 4.5″ ($12.99), 6″ ($15.99) and Slow Sink and Fast Sink models.
Yamamoto Shad Shape Swimmer
Available in 3 sizes (3.2″, 3.7″, 4.2″) and 17 colors, 5 of which are brand new Stealth Series colors, the Shad Shape Swimmer is a must-have for any serious swimbait fisherman.
Yamamoto Nuki Bug
Yamamoto’s all-new Nuki Bug is everything anglers love about the Yamatanuki, but with the addition of 2 flanged claws and 6 legs. The 3.5″ Nuki Bug falls like the original but has a subtle swimming action, even when rigged weightless on an EWG Hook. Available in 8 colors with 5 per pack.
Abu Garcia Max ELITE Spinning Reel
The Abu Garcia MAX spinning family takes inspiration from both the Abu Garcia Revo and Zenon series of spinning reels; leveraging the asymmetric design, V-rotor and V-spool to give anglers a very compact, lightweight spinning reel that offers unparalleled performance. Introducing the new Abu Garcia MAX Elite, anglers can now receive Revo-like performance at an unmatched price point. $99.99.
Daiwa Tatula SV100
Daiwa took its proven reel and upgraded it to include the groundbreaking SV BOOST System that employs a proprietary spool and paired technology that lets novice anglers cast like a pro. Backlash is virtually eliminated as the spoon self-manages resistance throughout the duration of a cast. Spool speed is controlled at the start of a cast – where backlash typically happens – and relinquishes resistance progressively as the bait flies. HYPERDRIVE technology is added to the upgrades, adding even more performance for smoother and stronger gearing and more. $219.00.
Daiwa Tatula SV150
The new upsized version of the SV100 is geared for power fishing applications for bigger crankbaits, swimbaits, glide baits and blade baits. SV (Stress Free) spool technology handles heavier line with noticeable improv ed casting distance compared to current reels. SV technology virtually eliminates backlash with spool speed managed at the onset of a cast, while then allowing the spool to accelerate. Once limited to more expensive models, the SV150 has HYPERDRIVE DESIGN consisting of the HYPERDRIVE ARMED HOUSING, HYPERDRIVE DIGIGEAR, HYPERDRICE DOUBLE SUPPORT, and HYPERDRIVE TOUGH CLUTCH. $219.99.
Daiwa Kage LT
The new KAGE LT reel is exclusive to independent Daiwa dealers which embraces the LT Concept or Light /Tough Concept. The KAGE LT is lighter by weight yet strong and rigid. The body is constructed from Zaion, a “high density” carbon strain material that is 20 percent stronger and 50 percent lighter than traditional nylon and aluminum. The true carbon body is reduced in size and weight, yet provides a rigid framework for the powerful gearing. The design incorporates the Air Bail and Air Rotor systems that reduce the weight by 15 percent yet provide strength and rigidity. The Aluminum Digigears are precision cut for a smooth, powerful performance with less weight. A unique Premium Cork Handle Knob looks smart yet provides a solid grip. A smooth and powerful ATD Drag System will stop the largest gamefish. Available in sizes from 1000 to 2500. $219.99.
Lew’s Custom Pro Baitcast
Elevating precision and unleashing limitless potential, Lew’s Custom Pro Baitcast Reel features an ultra-compact design with 30mm spool. Within the sleek, one-piece aluminum frame lies ParaMag ITB (Inertia Transfer Braking) – the highest-quality cast control on the market, enabling maximum cast control and efficiency without sacrificing casting distance. $279.99.
SEVIIN GS Series Casting Reels
An expansion of the performance-focused SEVIIN GS Series for 2025, GS casting reels are designed, built, and relentlessly tested for flawless operation, uncompromising reliability, and maximum performance with heavy braided lines. Standout features include a one-piece aluminum frame, Japanese stainless-steel spool bearings, 95-mm carbon fiber handle, and an easy-to-use dual magnetic + centrifugal braking system. Six highly tunable 150-size models are available in three gear ratios in right or left-hand retrieve. Retail price is $180 with a one-year warranty. Available September 1, 2024.
SEVIIN GF Series Spinning Reels
SEVIIN expands its workmanlike GF Series with five all-new efficient and ultra-durable GF spinning reel models for 2025 – each meticulously engineered for smooth and satisfying operation, uncompromising performance, hallmark reliability, and unprecedented value. Placing excellence within reach of any angler, GF Spinning reels feature lightweight carbon fiber polymer bodies and rotors, anodized aluminum braid-ready spools, multi-stack carbon fiber drag systems, and 5+1 stainless-steel bearings. Retail price is $110 with a one-year warranty. Available September 1, 2024.
SPRO JC Elite Casting Reel
Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jason Christie collaborated with SPRO on this new signature casting reel series. The JC Elite reels are available in four gear ratios built on the same durable, lightweight GV-5H frame. Reel knobs are color coded according to gear ratio for quick and easy identification. The unique design allows anglers the freedom to change gear-ratios according to bait and presentation, while maintaining a consistent feel. Weighing only 7.9 ounces with a 20-pound drag and capacity of 120 yards of 12-pound line. Ratios: 5:6.1, 6:6.1, 7.3:1 and 8:1.1. $125.
Shimano Vanford A
Building on a legacy of reducing weight, minimizing start-up inertia, and enhancing sensitivity, the Vanford A sets a new benchmark in the MagnumLite lineup by integrating advanced technologies inherited from Shimano’s flagship series. Designed for finesse anglers, the Vanford A offers unparalleled performance for start-and-stop techniques and quick hook-setting executions. $249.99-$259.99.
Shimano SLX XT A
The SLX XT A delivers precision and adaptability, meeting the demands of serious anglers. Featuring Shimano’s innovative SilentTune technology, the SLX XT A offers a near-noiseless, incredibly smooth reeling experience. The SVS Infinity Braking System provides an easy-to-access external dial for quick on-water adjustments, ensuring optimal performance whether casting heavy or light lures. $129.99.
Shimano Caius C Combo
Built to provide bass anglers with broad-spectrum versatility, the Cauis C Combo offers the low-profile baitcasting experience anglers should expect from Shimano at an attainable price. Inside the lightweight and compact body of the updated Shimano Caius C reel are proven technologies like the Variable Brake System (VBS) to apply centrifugal force and weights instead of magnets to temper initial spool acceleration. $149.99.
G. Loomis GLX Bass
With structural upgrades achieved through a proprietary blend of high-modulus graphite and advanced resin technologies, the GLX BASS series is handcrafted in Woodland, Washington, and features rod blanks with boosted strength-to-weight ratios, heightened balance, and pumped sensitivity. To isolate and reinforce areas likely to fail under load and to provide maximum durability, G. Loomis engineers roll each rod on stepped mandrels machined with micro-tapers within the overall taper. $525-$575.
13 Fishing OATH Rods
The OATH series of rods consists of seven baitcasting models from 6′ 8″ to 7′ 11″, three specialized crankbait models from 7′ 0″ to 7″ 9″ and four spinning rods ranging from 6′ 10″ to 7′ 6″. All OATH rods feature premium components to include Evolve stainless steel guides with alconite inserts, Evolve custom reel seats and split grip 3A cork handles. $99.99.
Cashion ICON Forward Facing Sonar Spinning
Specifically engineered to enhance forward-facing sonar techniques and built on Cashion’s most sensitive rod blank, the CR6r, with a carbon fiber/fiberglass butt grip for increased sensitivity. Ideal for casting control and suspension Damiki rigs or other minnow-profile baits commonly used with forward-facing sonar. Made in America. Lifetime Warranty. Available: 7′ 4″ fast, medium and 7′ 5″ medium/light. $234.95.
Cashion ICON Bait Finesse System Casting
Designed specifically for ultra-light finesse fishing with bait casting tackle, the rods are designed with a light power and fast action tip. The result is better lure control that only a bait casting rod can deliver when pinpoint casts are needed at cover. Micro guides enhance casting distance and accuracy, and Cashion’s CR6r blank allows it to load at the rod tip, while the fast action provides more power higher up the blank for controlling and playing fish. 7′ 2″ medium/light. $234.95.
Cashion Element BFS Rod
The 6′ 10″ medium light, fast version of the Bait Finesse System series features Cashion’s CR4r raw finish blank, ceramic guides and exposed rod seat for direct blank contact. $129.95.
Shimano Poison Adrena B
The Poison Adrena B series is designed for serious bass anglers who require precise, responsive equipment. The new introductions leverage Shimano’s proprietary Spiral X Core technology and Toray Nanoalloy® to enhance torsional rigidity by 10% and compressional rigidity by 15%, resulting in superior strength and durability without sacrificing lightness. $379-$399.
Denali AttaX Pro PR Rod
The newly redesigned AttaX Pro series took a great rod and made it even better, weighing up to 20% lighter than its predecessor. Features carbon grips, a proprietary reel seat, Duraloc guides, and aggressive styling. All blanks are retooled for crisper actions and precise delivery. The AttaX Pro Series will be available 3 spinning models and 12 casting models. $149.99.  
Daiwa Tatula XT BFS Rods
Daiwa adds a finesse bait and tactic lineup in this casting rod series that provide a slightly heavier tackle setup, allowing for more precise casts and stronger handling of aggressive fish on light bites. Two options, the Tatula XT series, both 6′ 11″ and built on HVF graphite blanks, Braiding X for increase loop strength and X45 for minimal blank twist are standout features. The rods include the one-piece TATULAXT-651LFB, and Daiwa’s V-Joint technology in the two-piece TATULAXT-652LFB for travel. Ideal companions for Daiwa’s BF70 and Tatula 80 finesse reels. $99.99.
Halo BB Series Jerkbait Rod
Designed by 2024 Bassmaster Classic Champion Justin Hamner and made from high modulus graphite, with balanced medium heavy power, making it ideal for shallow and deep diving jerkbaits. The ergonomic grade “A” cork handle ensures comfort and control, while advanced composite materials provide strength
and durability. $189.99.
Lew’s LFS Rods
Lew’s LFS Series casting and spinning rods are designed with Lew’s exclusive LFS-X3 proprietary blank for extreme strength and lightweight efficiency on the water. The LFS-X3 proprietary blank design on the LFS Series rods features three unique woven graphite materials that come together in a thin diameter blank with an abundance of power, making these rods ideal for pulling aggressive fish from heavy cover. Both of Lew’s exclusive reel seats – Full Contact casting reel seats and Comfort Plus spinning reel seats – have been outfitted with premium cork material to enhance grip, comfort, and style of the LFS Series. $139.99.
Spro Bronzeye Rods
Specifically designed for SPRO Frogs to give the best combination of comfort, action and power to give anglers the best rod for the technique. Available in three actions: Bronzeye Jr. 7′ Medium/Heavy ($259); Bronzeye 7′ 2″ Heavy ($259); King Daddy 7′ 4″ Heavy ($279).
St. Croix Black Bass Series
The most comprehensive bass series ever developed by St. Croix Rod, the experience-focused Black Bass Series is conceived to open new doors on the water for all bass anglers via 36 purpose-driven casting (24) and spinning (12) models that excel in all of today’s bass presentations. Black Bass features premium, high-modulus SCIII carbon fiber blanks, lightweight stainless-steel guides, and progressive split-grip premium EVA handles. Retail price is $145 to $185 with a five-year warranty. Available December 1, 2024.
St. Croix Bass Systems
New GXR Bass Systems bring St. Croix performance and SEVIIN reliability to the bass combo market. Offering eight technique-specific precision-matched models (four casting and four spinning), GXR Bass Systems combine proven SCII carbon fiber blanks, stainless-steel hybrid guide trains, premium-grade traditional split-grip cork handles, and smooth and powerful SEVIIN GXR casting and spinning reels for elevated fishing experiences in all of today’s top bass presentations. Retail price is $200 to $225 with a five-year rod warranty and a one-year reel warranty. Available August 1, 2024.
St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass GRASPII
Legend Tournament Bass large-lure models – LBTG710HF, LBTG710XHF – have been updated with the all-new GRASPII angler-adaptable reel seat for 2025. An interchangeable trigger system allows anglers to quickly and securely switch between a full-sized GRASP palming handle, a smaller standard trigger, or no trigger at all with a flat insert that covers the attachment area. The GRASPII system requires no tools, and a premium accessory pouch containing all GRASP II attachments is included with each rod. Retail price for GRASPII models is $340 to $360. Handcrafted in the USA with a 15-year warranty. Available December1, 2024.
Mojo Bass large-lure models – JOG710HF, JOG710XHF, and JOG83XXHFT – have been updated with the all-new GRASPII angler-adaptable reel seat for 2025. An interchangeable trigger system allows anglers to quickly and securely switch between a full-sized GRASP palming handle, a smaller standard trigger, or no trigger at all with a flat insert that covers the attachment area. The GRASPII system requires no tools, and a premium accessory pouch containing all GRASP II attachments is included with each rod. Retail price for GRASPII models is $230 to $270 with a five-year warranty. Available December1, 2024.
St. Croix PHYSYX Minnow Shakers
Conceived and executed in science, technique-focused PHYSYX rods increase angler control in every physical act. SCIV+ carbon fiber blanks, titanium guides, and anthropometric design manifest an evolved lever and conductor of energy. A molded carbon fiber TRIGON handle, DYNAMIX reel seat, and rear trigger afford bionic-level control, balance, tactile feedback, & maximum comfort. Three all-new extra-fast and fast-action spinning models (PHXS63MLXF, PHXS63MXF, and PHXS66MLF) purpose-engineered for minnow-shaking techniques expand PHYSYX to 28 rods for 2025. Retail price is $345 to $415. Handcrafted in the USA with a 15-year warranty. Available August 1, 2024.
Ugly Stik GX2
The Ugly Stik GX2 has been America’s favorite rod since 1976, establishing a reputation for unmatched strength and durability. The new GX2 builds on this reputation with new features that make it tougher and perform better than ever. The renowned Clear Tip design, Ugly Tech construction, and Ugly Tuff guides are now joined with a proprietary guide coating to improve performance, an extra durable rubberized diamond EVA handle for better grip and improved durability, and finally, a new reel seat designed for better hand feel and increased sensitivity all packed under a 10-year warranty. $49.95.
Daiwa J-FLUORO Mainline
By popular demand, Daiwa introduces a premium mainline fluorocarbon to complement its J-FLUORO Leader Material. The true 100% fluorocarbon, sensitive, narrow diameter, and abrasion resistant J-FLUORO Mainline capitalizes on the finest raw materials available in Japan. Available in 200-yard spools in weights from 2-lb to 25-lb. $14.99.
Daiwa Samari 8 Braid
Available for the first time in North America, an exceptional new braid from the leading fishing line manufacturer in Japan. X-BRAID manufactures for other brands but saves their most advanced products for the X-BRAID brand. Available in dark green and chartreuse with white markings in 165-yard, 330-yard, and 3300-yard spools. $25.99 to $399.99.
Sufix Revolve
Ultra-thin Finesse Braid specifically designed for spinning rods and the trend of forward-facing sonar baits during finesse applications. Pitch reduction produces ultra-fine diameter and optimizes tensile strength drastically reducing wind nots for a hassle-free and smooth performance. Each 200-yard spool has a midpoint marker to perfectly spool two reels, each with 100 yards. Available in 4# to 14# test in Neon Lime and Low-vis green. $19.99.
Sunline Almight
Sunline introduces a sinking braid that reduces line drift and slack, which in turn provides greater contact with lures and the bottom with improved hooking ratios. Almight has a specific gravity that is 50% higher than traditional braided lines for faster fall rate. Available in pink or olive colors and in pound sizes of 7, 11, 12 16 and 18. $22.99 for 165 yards.
Seaguar Pounce Bass Leader
Specifically designed for anglers preferring braid to fluorocarbon, Pounce is highly abrasion resistant with maximum impact and knot strength. Pounce sinks faster through the water column than monofilament, delivering baits into the strike zone more rapidly. $7.49 for 25 yards and available in 6, 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-pound test lines. Available January 2025.
Seaguar JDM Lines
Seaguar launches three products previously only available in Japan. R18 fluorocarbon is designed with Seaguar’s exclusive double-structure process with two custom Seaguar 100% fluorocarbon resins to create line with exceptional knot and tensile strength. PEX8 Lure Edition micro braid is a high performance 8-strand braided line that is 22 percent thinner than other braided lines. High visibility Passion Pink with contrasting lime green segments at every meter allow anglers to gauge lure depths and detect bites. Grand Max is a specially formulated leader material with low stretch, featuring Segauar’s double-structure process that creates small diameters and exceptional knot and tensile strength.
Great Lakes Finesse Stealth Football Head
Designed to fit Great Lakes Finesse soft plastics perfectly. Features a no-chip Matte finish, oversized bait keeper, and is built around a super sharp, fine wire 1/0 Gamakatsu 604 hook.
Gamakatsu 34R Worm Hook
Made of premium Tournament Grade Wire (TGW) that is thinner, stronger, and sharper than traditional wire. Nano Alpha coating provides increased penetration for higher landing and superior corrosion resistance to prolonging the life of the hook. Features a narrow gap, which helps hook up percentages on short striking fish. Initially designed for stick style worms and long curly tail baits, the 34R also works well with a variety of soft bait plastics, making it an extremely versatile hook. Available in sizes 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 and 6/0. $5.29.
Gamakatsu Crankbait Circle Hook
Designed by Bill Dance to lessen the chances of hanging up with a crankbait. The circle hook design significantly increases hooking and landing ratios compared to standard crankbait trebles. Change hooks on baits with the Magic Eye feature’s tapered eye design. Available in sizes 4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0. Starting at $5.49.
Gamakatsu 34R Hydroil
Long awaited and now available in North America, this Japanese-designed hook features a compact, narrow gap and an integrated swivel to reduce line twist, while providing a snag-free effect to fish baits in heavy cover more effectively. Constructed of high strength, premium Tournament Grade Wire (TGW) which is thinner, stronger, and sharper than traditional wire. Innovative design allows anglers to embed half of the swivel into the soft plastic, adding weight without the need for additional sinkers. Available in sizes 5/0 and 6/0. $6.99.
Gamakatsu G Finesse Stinger Dropshot Hook
Made with ultra-sharp Tournament Grade Wire (TGW) that’s thinner, stronger, and sharper than traditional wire, while also incorporating a welded wire keeper to lock plastics in place. Available in sizes 6, 4, 2, 1, and 1/0. $4.99.
Buckeye Freestyle Head
A free-swinging screw lock allows for an uninhibited range of motion swimbaits. Additionally, hook hangers on both the top and bottom of the head give anglers flexibility when it comes to rigging options. Rig the included treble on the bottom for a conventional presentation, or move to the top when fishing over vegetation, brush or snaggy cover. Available in four sizes and six colors.
Missile Baits Hover Missile
The Hover Missile is the most functional hover head on the market with a high-quality hook. Made for the red hot, mid-strolling technique that is popular with forward facing sonar, the weight of the Hover Missile is shaped like a missile that points backwards on the hook shank so the baits will fall horizontally. Unique to the Hover Missile is a patented hole in the top missile fin to lock down the soft plastic bait rigged on the hook. Available in 1/32-, 1/16-, and 1/8-ounce sizes in a #1 hook. Available in 1/16-, 18-, and 3/16-ounce sizes in the 2/0 hook. Available in 1/4- and 3/8-ounce sizes in the 4/0 hook. $5.99.
Mustad Alpha-Grip Tak-Offset Hooks
The unique Tak-Bend shape holds flush to the bait and optimizes the angle of point penetration. To hold worms completely secure to the hook, the new Alpha-Grip keeper has been fixed about the Z-bend in the shank. The Alpha-Grip Tak-Offset hook is one of the latest additions to feature Mustad’s AlphaPoint 4.8 needlepoint sharpening technology for its slimmest hook, while adding the nano-thin TitanX finish. $6.99.
Reble Keg Head Jigs
The versatile KEG Head Jig is specifically designed to pair with LIVEflex soft plastics. It truly is a Jack-of-all-trades due to the unique KEG head design that allows the jig to wobble off rocks/cover when working the bottom, a perfectly balanced swimbait head throughout the water column or sitting horizontal under a float/bobber. Every aspect of the KEG Head jig has been designed to position each of the Rebel LiveFlex soft plastic shapes at the precise angle to achieve the most lifelike appearance and movement in the water.
Seaguar Bulk Line and Leader Storage Bags
The new Seaguar Leader Feeder bags are designed to store Seaguar leader spools and are available in three sizes to hold either 3 or 6 leader spools. Each of the three bags has a Velcro flap for easy access and secures the leader material inside, while the dual grommets allow you to feed the line for a simple and easy dispensing system. Each is made from durable, weather-resistant rip-stop nylon and custom-sized so that the Seaguar spools fit neatly and securely together. Available in three sizes and priced from $18.99-$24.99.
VMC Redline Tungsten Swimbait Jig
Perfected for fishing finesse swimbaits on forward facing sonar. Features a custom P.T.F.E. coated Vanadium Steel needle point 1X hook. Super effective “shaking a minnow” or Damiki rigging with the 90-degree line tie. The lightweight Conical keeper keeps plastics centered for optimized action and balance. Weights are laser etched on the heads for quick reference. $7.99 – $19.99.
Buckeye G-Stroll Jighead
Designed by Bassmaster Elite Series pro Gerald Swindle, the Buckeye G-Stroll Jighead is built for the mid-strolling technique. Featuring an off-centered weight design that allows a soft plastic minnow to rock back and forth when retrieved, the G-Stroll also sports an EWG-style hook that will pin the feistiest bass all the way back to your net. Available in sizes 3/16, 1/4 and 3/8 ounce.
VMC Redline Ned Head Rig
Features matte black finished tungsten head and a Redline 1/0 hook, with weights laser etched into the tungsten head, a conical keeper to secure any type of plastic and the most premium hook available. Available in 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 and 3/8 ounce. $6.99 – $10.99.
Z-Man ZWG Worm Hook
A custom, refined, medium duty extra wide gap hook designed to grip and hold ElaZtech superplastics and conventional soft plastics. Conical molded plastics keeper positioned on neck of hook is easy to rig and locks bait nose in place, enhancing hookup ratios and preventing baits from sliding down after missed strikes. Positioning the hookpoint perfectly, a silicone bead rides the hook bend, keeping the bait aligned without the need to ‘Tex-pose’ the rig. Dual-tapered hookpoint maintains sticky sharpness, while its black nickel-plated finish yields excellent corrosion resistance. Available in 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 sizes. $5.99.
Z-Man Rattle Snaker Tungsten SpikeZ
Made to effortlessly embed into soft yet sturdy ElaZtech superplastics via the Rattle-Snaker bait injection tool, Tungsten SpikeZ feature a conical ribbed design that grips the interior of all softbaits, locking itself in place for precision Neko rigging, and for customizing hover strolling baits, Tiny Child rigs—or just to show bass and other fish a unique bait action and boosted rate of fall. Constructed with high-density tungsten for minimal size to weight ratios. Available in 1/32-ounce (9-pack), 1/16-ounce (6-pack) and 3/32-ounce (5-pack) weights.  $6.99.
Z-Man LT Line-Through Replacement Hooks
Designed for Z-Man LT (Line-Through) Series baits, the LT Line-Through Replacement hooks match the Mulletron LT and Shadtron LT swimbaits. Custom, heavy-duty, sickle-shaped black nickel needlepoint hooks optimize superior strength, jaw penetration and holding power for exceptional hookset-to-net ratios. Forged to fit internal line-through bait harnesses, the hook stays securely implanted while the bait slides up the line, preventing fish from using lure weight as leverage. Available in 3/0 (matches 4.5” baits) and 5/0 (matches 6” baits) sizes, MSRP $3.99 (4 hooks per pack.)
AFTCO Titan Landing Net
Introducing Titan, the last net you’ll ever need. Proudly made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee, Titan’s hoop is meticulously crafted from top-tier aircraft-grade aluminum. Its heavy-duty machined yoke guarantees maximum durability, and an extendable locking handle offers versatility for any catch. The hand-sewn 100% latex-infused 1” knotless netting protects fish’s slime coat and scales. Available Fall 2024. $299.00.
AFTCO Bank Patrol X-Pac Backpack
Built with advanced X-Pac sailcloth fabric, the Bank Patrol backpack is lightweight, durable, and 100% waterproof. It’s designed with a trampoline-style mesh back suspension pad, ventilated shoulder straps, and an internal 1.5L bladder with a drink tube. With storage for 3600 and 3500 tackle boxes, three bait/lure binder pages, and convenient rod holder straps, gear is readily available whenever needed. Available Fall 2024. $199.
BaitFuel Injector Kit
The BaitFuel Injector Kit allows anglers to inject BaitFuel directly into soft plastic baits, allowing the fish attractant to slowly disperse through the puncture hole. As a result, the amount of scent released supercharges each bait even more. Each injector Kit comes with 4 reusable vials prefilled with BaitFuel.
BeatDown Graph Replacement Knobs
The billet aluminum knurled diameter graph knobs are oversized for easier gripping while firmly securing the unit to the mount. Sold in pack of two. $34.99.
BeatDown Graph LVS34 Replacement Knob
The billet aluminum replacement knob with anodized black finish is designed to replace the plastic LVS34 knob. $24.99.
Clam Fortis 175 Rubber Net
Features easy-to-extend pole made of military-grade aluminum that is lightweight but strong enough to handle any fish. Now includes a rubber net option to prevent treble hooks from becoming entangled in the net, plus a grooved slide channel for easier net extension. $109.99 Available Spring 2025.
CrushCity Tournament Weigh Bag
Rapala and CrushCity are supporting bass tournaments at every level this season. Now, fans can weigh in with their new CrushCity Weigh bag. After a great day on the water, nothing feels better than dropping a big bag on the scales and that is what CrushCity is all about; supporting anglers who strive for CrushCity moments in all types of tournaments. Built with super thick material, mag zippers, and comfort handles. MSRP $34.99.
Dakota Lithium MAX Waterproof Onboard Charger
This innovative charger integrates on-the-water charging via the outboard’s alternator and 120V AC wall plug. With dual input/output, switchable 24V/36V settings, and an additional 12V output, it supports multiple applications. Featuring DL’s active intelligence technology, it ensures smooth operation and can force start a tripped Battery Management System. Housed in a rugged IP67 case, it’s built to endure tough marine environments and comes with an 11-year warranty.
Garmin Force Kraken 48″ Trolling Motor
The new 48″ shaft version of this proven trolling motor with precise anchor lock technology. LiveScope live sonar is easy to add, thanks to the ability to run the cable through the trolling motor shaft. Select models include a GT56 integrated transducer for best-in-class CHIRP traditional, ClearVü and SideVü sonars. The sturdy pivot-style mount frees up space on the deck, and the all-new 48″ shaft is perfect for boats with a smaller freeboard. Use the chartplotter to draw a route, and wirelessly let the trolling motor automatically navigate the route while you fish. The included remote makes speed and heading adjustments easy from anywhere on the boat. $3599.99 (black).
Garmin Panoptix PS22-IF Ice Fishing Bundle
Northern bass anglers who shift to solid water fishing now have another option with this latest innovation. The PS22-IF transducer features an industry-first pole-free transducer system with a new bracket and rotator that eliminates the need for a pole mount but maintains the ability to easily make adjustments for depth, direction and sonar mode. To help anglers determine where to drill the next hole, the PS22-IF bundle includes an ECHOMAP UHD2 73sv touchscreen combo with keyed assist and offers two types of Panoptix sonar – LiveVü Forward and LiveVü Down – that shows live sonar images up to 100 feet in any direction below the ice. Available August 2024. $1999.99.
Gamakatsu Ceramic Braid Scissors
The 4.75″ compact scissors feature ceramic serrated blades that stay sharp longer. The ceramic blades are also rust proof for use in both salt or freshwater.
Lowrance Eagle 
Eagle is the latest offering in Lowrance’s entry level fishfinder/chartplotter lineup. Featuring newly designed high-definition enhanced sonar with FishReveal technology, detailed C-MAP charting and Genesis Live makes it stand out as a plug and play, ready-to-fish package. Newly designed TripleShot HD and SplitShot HD offer improved clarity, depth performance and sensitivity add performance, while FishReveal on DownScan continues to make it so simple to identify fish from weeds and structures. Starting at $119.
Mustad Game Time Backpack
The new Game Time Backpack is both a front and top-loading style backpack for supreme tackle organization. The exterior sports a premium-feeling PU leather material that is water-resistant. Clearly defined external pockets offer ample space and intentional storage options. Including four 3600-sized tackle boxes, the bottom section features shelving for easy access to tackle. Additional design details also include a rod holder, bottle holder, bungee cording, and more. $99.99.
Rapala 20# High Vis Digital Scale 
Oversized E-Ink Display can be viewed at all angles, in the sun, and even with sunglasses on.  Engineered with +/- .2% pinpoint accuracy with the option of 3 weight display options. Features tournament setting for 5 bins, 8 bins, or no limit to us in “every fish count” events. LED screen light with a large comfort-grip handle and trigger finger selection button and a heavy-duty composite weigh clamp to quickly and securely hold fish. $149.99.
AFTCO Fortress Rain Suit
Constructed with a Toray 100% nylon membrane that’s 30K waterproof and 7K breathable, the Fortress features the innovative SpeedVent hood that stays in place even at high speeds, YKK AquaGuard zippers, AFTCO’s Double-Dry cuffs that prevent water from seeping up sleeves, a reinforced pliers pocket, ultra-comfortable shoulder straps, and a kill switch D-ring attachment for safety. $1,098. Available Fall 2024.
AFTCO Hydro Rain Suit
Built and inspired by AFTCO’s Hydronaut foul weather system, the Hydro Waterproof Rain Suit features a 30K 2-layer, 100% nylon shell to keep you dry when it matters most. The Hydro jacket & bibs delivers the same level of heavy-duty durability as the original Hydronaut suit, but in a lighter overall system. Priced at $398, the Hydro suit offers industry-leading features at an industry-leading price point. Available Fall 2024.
AFTCO Coastal Layer Hood
“Soft” is an understatement for this new hoodie. Experience the comfort of Coastal Layer, the hoodie that stands out on its own and excels as a key component of your layering system. Made with lightweight, moisture-wicking fleece, it offers UPF 50 sun protection and advanced stain resistance, making it perfect for on and off the water. $55.00. Available Fall 2024.
AFTCO Breakwater Waterproof Gloves
Breakwater gloves are 100% waterproof and windproof, with a plush fleece inner lining to keep your digits dry and warm in extremely cold weather. The waterproof membrane and seamless construction prevent water intrusion, even when submerging hands in water, ensuring dry and warm hands in less-than-optimal winter conditions. A 4-way stretch fabric promotes maximum mobility for functional movement on the water. The touchscreen-compatible thumb and forefinger allow for easy use of electronics and cell phones. $55.00. Available Fall 2024.
Bajio Sig
Just a half mile north of Key West, Sigsbee Park is located in an area that’s infamous for its incredible flats fishing. This medium-fit, full-wrap shades with narrow temples also offer stealthy sun protection with Baijo’s built-in Sun Ledge—not visible from the outside, it blocks rays from the inside. LAPIS technology keeps bad light out and reduces eye strain. Size/Fit: Medium/Full Wrap. $209 for poly lens; $259 for glass lens.
Blackfish Rage Rain Suit
Made with waterproof and breathable eVent fabric with 20k waterproof rating, while a 26k breathability rating will keeps you dry from the inside. Suit is 100% seam taped and features YKK Aquaguard zippers, a unique vented hood to keep hood on at fast speeds, and a raglan sleeve cut to provide excellent range of motion. Sizes: Small-3XL and in three colors. Jacket and Bib sold separately. $299.99 for each.
Blackfish Guide Sun Hoodie
Guide series of UPF apparel from Blackfish features chemical-free cooling with a 50+ UPF protection rating. With soft, CoolCharge chemical-free fabric, the Blackfish Guide Sun Hoodie provides a cooling effect for hot days with fabric that creates cooling pockets to rapidly wick moisture away from the skin. Sizes: Small-3XL. Available Spring 2025. $60.
Blackfish Guard Sun Gloves
Provides comfort and protection from harmful UV rays with a UPF rating of 50+. Gloves are ultra-comfortable with a lightweight and stretchable fabric that wicks moisture from the skin. Provides dexterity without covering the fingertips and then go all the way past the wrist for excellent sun protection. Available in options of short and long fingers. Sizes: Small-XL. $30.
Blackfish StormSkin Gale Jacket
Softshell jacket is 100% waterproof and windproof and features ultra-soft fleece lining. Now available in Blackfish Bandit Camo. Sizes: Small-3XL. $189.99 Available Fall 2025.
Costa Grand Catalina
Costa revitalizes one of its most beloved frames, Grand Catalina, initially popularized in the 1980s, with updated frame and lens technology. Sporting the beloved aviator shape and removable side shields (for two different looks), updates include sweat management channels, vented adjustable nose pads and a wide range of frame colors and lens options. Those include Costa’s latest 580G Gold Mirror Lens. Starting at $209.
Simms Challenger Slip On
With perfected waterproof protection for wet boat decks and muddy ramps, the Simms Challenger Slip On brings together an upstanding blendof grip, comfort, and easy on/off convenience. Built with a vulcanized rubber outer, a neoprene cuff, and grid fleece lining, the Challenger Slip On provides support, stability, traction, comfort and protection from all the elements. $129.95
Simms Pro Dry Suit
Built with waterproof/breathable GORE-TEX Pro fabric, the Jacket features an adjustable hood, water-resistant zippered chest pockets, zippered handwarmer pockets, and watertight cuffs. A center-front zipper reinforced with a storm flap provides maximum weather protection. Utilizing the same GORE-TEX Pro fabric, the Bib features air mesh suspenders, a vast pocket array and includes thigh-high zippers for easy on/off. $1,400 (Jacket and Bib).
Simms Latitude Hoody
Built with a combination of woven fabric for durability and knit fabric on the underarms and gaiter for breathability, the Latitude Hoody also includes passive vents in the front and back for breathability/ventilation. Thumb holes keep sleeves in place and also provide additional back of hand sun protection. HeiQ Fresh and HeiQ Stain away technology keep this UPF 50 sun protective shirt fresh and clean. $129.95.
Whitewater Fishing Great Lakes Pro Jacket
Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jay Przekurat’s input into this new three-layer jacket with a poly/spandex shell and smooth polyester lining for easy on and off. With a waterproof and windproof laminate, along with taped seams, the garment is rendered impenetrable and fully prepared for stormy conditions. The three-piece hood, equipped with multiple adjustment points, an extended collar design, and hook and loop cuff adjustments, adds protection from the elements and wind effectively. Two heavy-duty D-rings and low-profile waist and covered chest storage pockets add to the functionality. $349.99.
Whitewater Fishing Great Lakes Pro Bib
The companion to the Pro Jacket features three-layer construction with waterproof, windproof laminate with taped seams for extreme wet conditions. Adjustable shoulders feature a silicone grip to keep straps securely in place, while the waist-high leg zip makes it easy to get on and off. D-rings, a six-pocket system add functionality. $349.99.
Whitewater Fishing Great Lakes Prevail Pant
This comfortable and durable pant features nylon/spandex construction for optimal range, and ample storage pocket space for gear storage. Reinforced stitching and heavy-duty belt loops add durability, while microbial treated fabric combats odors. The UPF 50 rating ensures maximum sun protection. $99.99.