2023 ICAST new products preview

When July comes around, it’s time to get a first look at the newest innovations of the fishing industry from the annual International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, called ICAST. Here’s a sampling of over 100 of those products. You’ll want to come back to Bassmaster.com for our in-depth coverage during the show dates, July 11-14. 
All Terrain Finesse Swim Jig
A streamlined head shape is designed for sneaking the jig through shallow cover, with 3D eyes adding lifelike strike appeal. A sticky-sharp, 4/0 VMC hook provides solid hook penetration, even at the end of long casts. Fish it in cover, open water and anywhere finesse presentations are a must for pressured bass. Available in 1/4- and 3/8-ounce sizes and 14 color patterns. $5.99. allterraintackle.com
Big Bite Baits Real Deal Reflection Swim Jig
A new head features flat sides for a baitfish profile and conical design to easily pass through vegetation and heavy cover. Large molded eyes and hand painting add lifelike appearance, with head colors designed to match Big Bite’s most popular plastic colors. Hand tied skirts ensure those stay in place, while adding long-lasting durability. Armed with a single wire keeper and 4/0 Gamakatsu medium wire hook. Available in 3/8- and 1/2-ounce sizes and 19 colors. $5.49. Bigbitebaits.com
BOOYAH Covert Finesse Spinnerbait
Designed for heavily pressured bass lakes in a compact package, this new spinnerbait keeps the profile small and balanced, while retaining the 3/8- and 1/2-ounce size benefits of full-sized spinnerbaits. BOOYAH redistributed some of the weight from the head to the hook shank to achieve that attribute. Available in 3/8- and 1/2-ounce sizes and in Oklahoma/Colorado, Double Colorado and Double Willow configurations, the Covert Finesse packs the punch of the popular Covert Series into a smaller package. $9.99. Lurenet.com
Dirty Jigs Compact Swim Jig
This new arrival to the lineup of specialty jigs is armed with a 4/0 Gamakatsu hook, with a wire bait keeper forcing a more lead forward head design. With a more forward balance point, the jig is ideal for the “Alabama Shake” style swim technique, while the compact package mimics the natural movement of baitfish. Available in 1/4-, 5/16- and 3/8-ounce sizes and 10 color patterns. $5.99. dirtyjigstackle.com
Freedom Rad Squarebill
Freedom calls this unique squarebill the “High Rider” because it rides high in the water column, while designed to fish above emergent grass or in ultra-shallow situations where too much drag will bring out too far outside of the strike zone. Dives up to two feet; available in 12 colors and finished with premium nickel hooks. Americanbaitworks.com
Greenfish Tackle Bad Little Blade Spinnerbait
Designed with Bassmaster Elite Series pro Bryan New, the Bad Little Spinnerbait features a compact frame that is armed with piano wire for maximum vibration. Features include 3D realistic eyes, hand-tied skirt, and premium painted head to match skirt color.  Available in 3/16-, 5/16- and 7/16-ounce sizes. Greenfishtackle.com
Rapala PXR Mavrik 110 Jerkbait
PXR stands for Precision, Xtreme®, Redline. The first in a series of elite, professional-grade lures to be introduced by Rapala, the PXR Mavrik is a suspending jerkbait. Features start with Rapala’s Long-Cast System, which provides accurate, ultra-long casts to maximize time in the strike zone, and three premium VMC RedLine Series No. 5 treble hooks. The lure’s suspending, head-down attitude mimics an injured baitfish, while a hard-cutting, semi-erratic action makes the PXR Mavrik a versatile jerkbait for any condition. You can fish it slow with short twitches to walk the bait side-to-side, or give it a quick snap to get the bait to turn nearly 180 degrees. The 110 model is being introduced as a No. 11 (4 3/8-inch body length) weighing 1/2 ounce. Available in 18 colors. $14.99.  Rapala.com
Rapala Shad Rap Elite
Slightly heavier than the original, the new Shad Rap Elite can be cast longer, allowing this version to be fished in harsher conditions or on a baitcaster. Forged, flattened, one-piece, through-wire construction improves durability. Premium, high-definition color patterns with a metallic gilded face give the Elite a total game-changing, ultra-natural look. Depending upon the type of fishing line used and retrieval speed, the No. 55 runs 8 to 9 feet deep, and the No. 75 runs 9 to 11 feet. The lure features two sticky sharp VMC Inline Hybrid Treble 2X hooks and heavy-duty split rings. Available in 12 color patterns and two sizes. No. 55 has a body length of 2-1/4 inches and weighs 1/4 ounce. It runs 8 to 9 feet deep based on fishing line used and retrieval speed. It features two No. 8 VMC super sharp treble hooks. No. 75 is 3 inches long, weighs 7/16 ounces. and includes two No. 6 VMC treble hooks.  Rapala.com
Rapala OG Deep Tiny 7
This small, flat-sided lure (just 2-1/4 inches) is made with premium balsa wood and features a circuit board lip. The flat-sided body design, combined with its balsa wood construction gives it a tight and finesse wobble. As a flat-sided crankbait, this variant has a shad-like profile and is without rattles for a subtle presentation in the 5- 7-foot strike zone. Armed with super-strong No. 5 VMC black nickel 1X hybrid short shank treble hooks. Available in 19 colors. Length: 2 1/4″ Weight: 5/16 ounce. $10.99.  Rapala.com
Berkley Dime
Building on the success of their first alternative for a flat-sided balsa crankbait with the Berkley Frittside, Berkely is taking the same method of proven balsa action and durability and applied it to their newest mid-depth crankbait – the Berkley Dime. Offering the durability and performance of a plastic bait, the Dime features balsa-like action thanks to Berkley’s patented Flash Disc technology. It not only casts further due to the weight transfer system in the smaller sizes, but it tracks perfectly and features sticky sharp Fusion19 treble hooks. Berkley-fishing.com
Snagproof Zoo Pop
A unique popping action that floats at rest brings finesse fishing to power frog fishing. A soft hollow body creates standout popping action in a finesse profile to elicit reaction strikes when large profile frogs get ignored. The fully-integrated hook design keeps the bait snag-proof even in heavy grass, pads and matted vegetation. Americanbaitworks.com
SPRO Sashimmy Swimmer 105/125
Designed with collaboration from Elite Series pro Bryan New, this new swimbait features three joints with four hard plastic parts to form the body. The three-joint design gives the bait a unique “S” swimming action when retrieved, with the third joint imparting extra action. Not surprisingly, Carolinian New’s input makes it ideal for herring lakes. What is more, the bait casts far while swimming true even at the fastest retrieves. Available in 105mm and 125mm and 10 color patterns. Both sizes feature No. 4 round bend, black nickel Gamakatsu treble hooks. $18.99. Spro.com
Elite pro Chris Johnston’s input created a versatile jig head for flipping around grass, wood, rocks or docks. A round bend, black nickel Gamakatsu hook features a vertical eye to help it pass through cover, while strong enough for heavy fluorocarbon or braided lines. The medium/heavy weedguard protects the hook from snagging, while not overly thick to impede hooking percentages. Skirts are hand made with fine silicone for maximum action. Available in 3/8-, 1/2- and 3/4-ounce sizes and nine colors. $7.99. Spro.com
Strike King Gravel Dawg
Delivering a wide wobble action in a bite-sized, 1.5 profile that grinds through rock, wood and grass. Available in two sizes, the Gravel Dawg 8 and Gravel Dawg 10, with both sizes keeping the same body profile and size, while the bill changes between the two to achieve different diving depths to cover the 5- 10-foot strike zone. $9.99. Strikeking.com
Strike King KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait 
This new variant brings a new sinking jerkbait and even wider color selection to the KVD Elite Jerkbait lineup. Tournament ready with upgraded Mustad Triple Grip hooks and premium paint finishes. Extending the depth range like none other, the J300 allows anglers to view it sinking down on the screen of forward-facing sonar to the desired depth. The jerkbait is weighted perfectly to sink nearly 0.5 feet per second while maintaining the erratic action of the standard KVD Deep Jerkbait. J200 and J300: $14.99. J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait: $11.99. Strikeking.com
Shimano ARMAJOINT 190SS Flash Boost
Designed to solve the challenges of casting a big, jointed swimbait using Shimano’s proprietary ARMABOOST. That technology significantly increases casting distance and accuracy by reducing unnecessary air resistance and the chances of the lure spinning during flight. As the angler casts the lure, ARMABOOST technology facilitates the lure to disconnect from an internal magnet and forces the body to fold into its compact shape. Once the lure hits the water, the lure’s body reengages with the magnet to create a smooth and natural swimming action. The ARMAJOINT will normally swim in an S-pattern, but the bait will not flare out when stopped due to the fold in its body. Anglers can slow down the retrieve and pause the ARMAJOINT 190SS to capitalize on the lure’s natural slow-sinking action. ARMAJOINT also features Shimano’s proprietary FLASH BOOST technology that constantly emits a fish-attracting flash during the retrieve — even on the pause — by suspending reflective foil on micro springs to mimic the flashing behavior of an injured baitfish. $42.99. Fish.shimano.com
War Eagle Jiu Jigsu Jig
Jason Christie used a 5/8-ounce War Eagle Jiu Jigsu Jig to win the 2022 Bassmaster Classic, and it now comes in a 1/2-ounce model that is ideal for flipping and pitching extra shallow cover. Everything about the 1/2-ounce Jiu-Jigsu Jig fully matches the original 5/8-ounce version. The Modified Arkie-style head has a recessed line tie for working through the thickest cover and is powder-coated for maximized durability. Armed with a stout 4/0 Owner Zo-Wire hook, adorned with a premium Hole-In-One Skirt and completed with a multi-strand weed guard and a dependable keeper for trailers. Available in 12 colors. $5.99. Lurenet.com
War Eagle Pro Football Jig
The unique keeled football head moves effortlessly along the bottom, rocking with every contour change to maximize action and minimize snags. Full skirts with fabulous color schemes move continually as the jig follows bottom contours. A multi-strand weed guard helps prevent hang-ups, while a sharp 4/0 medium-heavy wire hook ensures solid hooksets. Available in 1/2- and 3/4-ounce sizes and seven pro-selected colors: Black Blue Shiner, GP Orange Craw, Green Pumpkin, PB&J, Frank’s Blue Craw, 3D Green Pumpkin and Natural. $4.99. Lurenet.com
Yo-Zuri 3DB Wake Pop
The new Yo-Zuri 3DB Wake Prop is a single jointed wake bait with an oversized UV prop. It can be fished fast to cover water for schooling fish, or slowed around structure or bedding fish. Available in two sizes:  3-3/8″, 7/8 ounce and 4-1/8″, 1 ounce. Available in eight color patterns, all featuring internal painted or 3D prism finishes that never chip or wear off. $12.99. Yo-zuri.com
Z-Man ChatterBait Elite EVO
The next-level ChatterBait features an all-new hybrid molded split-grip and wire trailer keepers to pin all soft plastics tightly in place, while expediting perfect rigging. The Elite EVO is built around a 5/0 custom heavy-duty needlepoint black nickel hook, and features an exclusive barb placement for optimal performance with a hookset to lip-lock. Wire-tied 100% silicone skirting maxes out durability. Hyper-detailed, pro-designed head paint schemes, skirt color patterns and oversized 3D eyes culminate in an unmistakable strike target. Stainless steel blades sport extra durable plated, painted and glitter finishes. Available in 3/8- and 1/2-ounce sizes in twelve elite color patterns. $9.99. www.zmanfishing.com
Z-Man HellraiZer
This 4-inch, 3/8-ounce downsized version follows up the HellraiZer’s introduction last year. Designed by ChatterBait inventor Ron Davis, the HellraiZer is power-driven by an exclusive, weighted tail blade. A simple, straight retrieve effortlessly planes the lure to the top, where it retains its fleeing action at slow or fast speeds. A thin, elongated, minimalist body sports a belly line tie and a single treble hook. The weighted tail blade attaches to a rear, feathered treble hook to accentuate swimming motion and focus strike attention. Available in 10 color patterns. $12.99. www.zmanfishing.com
Big Bite Baits Scentsation Tube
Big Bite’s Scentsation plastic formula features a high salt content for the ultimate in strike appeal for a tube jig. The 5-inch tube is available in six colors. $6.99 for a 10 pack. Bigbitebaits.com
Missile Baits Bomba         
The Bomba 3.5 is a is a thick finesse, craw body worm that casts and skips like a rocket. Think combination of a Ned Rig and Senko. The bait visually looks like a crawfish with no appendages, and has a hook slot in the belly for easy hook sets. The Bomba 3.5 is mostly fished Texas rigged weightless to erratically fall to the bottom while gliding, rocking, and even going away from you at times. The bait excels on spinning and casting outfits, and is basically snag resistant. The Bomba 3.5 is available in eight colors, including new Candy Crushed and Green Pumpkin Diablo. $5.69 for a pack of six baits. Available July 2023. MISSILEBAITS.com
Berkley PowerBait Nessie
This new big profile bait with a soft-bodied glide bait design allows anglers to skip, slide and cast into a whole new strike zone. Available in three different sizes starting from 5-inch and ranging up to 9-inches, the Nessie presents a big profile with the ability to be retrieved at various speeds and cadences due to the stabilizing fins that keep the bait running consistent at all times. Featuring a new mesh reinforced joint and hook retention clip, durability and efficiency are never in question when anglers are hunting for a big bite. Available in custom painted finishes to match any forage, and paired with a sticky sharp Berkley Fusion19 treble hook. Berkley-fishing.com
Rapala CrushCity Freeloader
The ultimate bladed jig trailer features a streamlined profile with appendages that enhance the action of the bait. The body features miniature ribs for added action, water movement and a realistic texture, with a tail that tapers to a point, with a ball at the end. That creates a kicking action which is subtly realistic. The 4.25-inch bait is available in 17 custom colors. $5.99 for a pack of six.  Rapala.com
Rapala CrushCity Ned BLT
The Ned-rig bait is made from TPE, a completely different material than anything else, combining durability and buoyancy with maximum action. The additional buoyancy makes it ideal for rigging up to 1/4-ounce jig heads. The Ned BLT is salt- and scent-infused, which results in more bites and encourages fish to hold on — a critical element under the tough conditions where the Ned rig usually prevails. Available in 16 custom colors in a pack of 10 baits. $5.99.  Rapala.com
Rapala CrushCity Cleanup Craw
Constant, lifelike movement is a must for a crawfish-style bait, and the Cleanup Craw delivers kicking action with its upside-down legs. Ideal as a stand-along punch bait or jig trailer to add strike appeal with the consistent kicking action. The 3.5-inch bait is available in 17 custom colors. $6,99 for pack of 7. Rapala.com
Rapala CrushCity Bronco Bug
Designed to imitate the unique undulating action of a fleeing crawfish, the Bronco Bug features a realistic recoiling action when the lure hits bottom. The legs come forward, hit the head, bounce back and forth and then return to the resting position. What else sets the Bronco Bug apart is a perfect level of body thickness, allowing it to be snagless on a Texas rig, while allowing easy hook penetration. It features a dolphin-like swimming action and a “Bronco Buck” kick when jigged. What is more, the forward-facing appendages displace more water while quivering with the slightest bit of current or angler manipulation. Available in 18 custom colors with exclusive Smart Injection Technology™ for custom combinations of color, flake, salt and scent that are added precisely where needed for the perfect presentation. The six-inch bait is available in 18 custom colors and comes in a six pack of baits. $6.99. Rapala.com
Rapala CrushCity The Mayor
What sets it apart is a subtle, lifelike tail action with a steadily and natural swinging from side to side. Features a level of body roll that is noticeable but not too aggressive, while tracking true through and across cover. The salt- and scent-infused body moves realistically with the entire package designed for use all year, not just seasonally. Rapala’s exclusive Smart Injection Technology™ allows for custom combinations of color, flake, salt and scent that are added precisely where needed for the perfect presentation. Available in 3- and 4-inch sizes and 16 custom colors. $6.49-$6.99.  Rapala.com
Strike King Rage Hawk
A new addition to the Rage Tail lineup is the Rage Hawk. The bait is 3.25 inches and features a super compact profile, with two Rage arms extending from the side of the bait. Ideally, the bait fits up to a 5/0 hook in its smaller profile, increasing hook-up ratios and presents a snack-sized bite for finicky bass. Also new are the Rage Luau Craw, a bulkier Rage Scounbug and Tour Grade Rage Swimmin’ Head. Rage plastics: $6.99. Strikeking.com
SPRO Megalojohn 
This 6-inch soft plastic swimbait was designed in conjunction with Elite Series pro John Crews. A special blend of plastic produces superior swimming action with durability to last. Armed with No. 2 Gamakatsu black nickel, round bend treble hooks on the belly. The super sharp treble can be held in place with a soft bait magnet screwed into the underside. The treble is attached with a swivel so it easily spins when hooked up on a bass, preventing the fish from gaining leverage to throw the hook. With the treble rigged with the magnet, the hook is in position for the best hook ups while keeping it as weedless. Spro.com
YUM Expanded Colors
Based on popular demand for its selection of custom YUM Dinger colors, YUM expands those offerings to other baits in the lineup. The 5-inch YUM Dinger leads the way in the extensions with 15 new colors. New Dinger colors include Russvegas and GB Haze, both immediate favorites among the Custom Colors and a major part of the demand surge. Both are among nine new 4-inch YUM Dinger colors. Other YUM baits getting great new colors this year are the Ned Dinger, Lizard, Spine Craw and 4.5-inch Finesse Worm. Each new color selection is unique, with colors that complement existing catalog offerings and fill niches for applications for each bait. $3.49. Lurenet.com
YUM Hellegrammite
Exactly as its simple name says, the 3-inch YUM Hellgrammite looks like a hellgrammite, which is the common name for a dobsonfly larva. The YUM Hellgrammite is molded from soft plastic, so it wavers and wiggles to match nature. Even in waters that don’t contain hellgrammites, a YUM Hellgrammite offers a critter-like look. A soft, wiggly natural trigger predator reaction strikes, with the bait also ideal for finesse presentations from Ned rigging, to split shotting, to drop shotting. Shaping features that help this bait match a real hellgrammite include a segmented body, pinchers on the front, legs going down both sides, and short tail-like appendages at the end. Available in 12 colors, including a mix of natural hellgrammite patterns for different conditions, finesse colors and bold attractors. $3.49. Lurenet.com
X Zone Stealth Invader
The 3-inch goby-like profile stands out with lifelike anatomy from head to tail. X Zone used realistic modeling to create a head with realistic details, with fins tapering down the spine. Pouring in segments combined with a reversed paddle tail enhance movement for a realistic swimming motion, allowing the tail to kick from slow- to high-speed retrieves. X Zone refuses to use cheap fillers in its baits, making the action stand out, along with the vividness of the colors. X-Formula Scent adds broadened strike appeal. Available in 12 colors. $5.99. Xzonelures.com
Z-Man Scented Jerk ShadZ
Inspired by Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson’s 2023 Bassmaster Classic victory, the new 3.5-inch Scented Jerk ShadZ offers the same proven profile as the 4- and 5-inch sizes in a slightly subtler package. Supercharged with Pro-Cure Super Gel attractant and salt-impregnated for optimal rate-of-fall and natural, horizontal posture. Its modified split-tail design perfectly emulates erratic baitfish action, while a deep belly hook-slot eases weedless rigging and positive hooksets. The Scented Jerk ShadZ can be rigged weightless to achieve a slow, flutter presentation, or ripped on and off bottom with a weighted hook or jighead. Constructed of 10X Tough ElaZtech superplastic. $5.49 for a 5-pack. www.zmanfishing.com
Z-Man ChatterSpike
The pintail baitfish profile comes alive and quivers enticingly when paired with ChatterBait bladed jigs. Composed of 10X Tough ElaZtech, the ChatterSpike withstands countless strikes and bass battles, while its soft texture frees its segmented body and tail to swim with ease. Pronounced V-shaped ridges on top and bottom tail surfaces increase water displacement and quivering motion. The ChatterSpike’s pyramidal cross section and segmented body increases energy transmission from ChatterBait vibration, enhancing bait motion. For easy weedless rigging, simply slide the hook into dorsal and ventral hook slots. Perfectly matched to standard bass-sized bladed jigs, the 4.5-inch ChatterSpike comes in 10 ChatterBait-matching color schemes. $4.99 for a 5-pack. www.zmanfishing.com
Z-Man Gobius
Matching the soft, malleable body of a live round goby, the 3-inch Gobius is composed of super soft, durable ElaZtech—yielding maximum movement and lifelike texture. Pre-rigged with a split dorsal fin brush guard and internal “bottom-hugging” jig harness, Gobius is enabled to swim, creep and deflect off cover with superior snag resistance, while also allowing for effortless hooksets. The goby bait’s natural anatomy features highly refined torso, gill plate, fin and tail detailing; its rounded paddletail delivers subtle yet lifelike swimming movements. Combination of balanced weighting and buoyant superplastic material enables horizontal posture at rest. Hand painted body detail and eyes add to the Gobius’ true-to-life façade. Available in 3/8-, 1/2- and 3/4-ounce weights, each in eight key color patterns. $5.99 each. www.zmanfishing.com
Z-Man Mulletron LT
Z-Man’s first hyperrealistic line-through swimbait features another ElaZtech breakthrough: incredibly-detailed, photo-print baitfish patterning. Equipped with a reinforced top line-through harness, the Mulletron LT slides effortlessly up the line after a hookset, erasing the fish’s ability to leverage lure weight to throw hooks. The result is a livebait-like lure with impressive hookset and landing percentages. Rounded, wedge-shaped tail activates lure’s realistic swimming action at all retrieve speeds, including extra slow for sluggish fish. Custom, heavy-duty 3/0 and 5/0 black nickel, sickle hooks bolster strength, penetration and hookset-to-land ratio. Balanced, weighted lure harness combines with buoyant ElaZtech material combine to optimize lure’s natural upright posture while swimming or resting on bottom. Soft yet resilient ElaZtech greatly extends life of lure, even after repeated strikes from aggressive gamefish. Two sizes, a 4.5-inch (3/4-once) and 6-inch (1-3/4-ounce), each offer a moderately fast rate-of-fall. Available in six fine-tuned baitfish patterns for various water and light conditions. $9.99 each. www.zmanfishing.com.
Cashion ICON Salt Finesse Multi-Purpose Spinning Rod
The proper spinning rod makes all the difference when downsizing, which is why Cashion introduced the ICON Salt Finesse Multi-Purpose rod. Designed with light power and fast action, the 7′ rod is designed for fishing Ned rigs, micro jerkbaits, and other finesse style baits from 1/16 to 3/8 ounce. It is built on Cashion’s sensitive, unidirectionally rolled CR6r carbon fiber blank and features a perfectly placed hook keeper, and an EVA foam grip for comfort and practicality.  It features Cashion’s all-new hybrid gimbal butt, and Fuji K Frame Flagship Tangle Free Series guides.  Backed by a lifetime replacement. $219.95. Cashionrods.com
Cashion ICON Salt Ned Rig 
Based on the American-made popularity of its Bait Finesse System rods, Cashion introduces the Salt Finesse BFS rods designed specifically for inshore anglers. The ICON Salty Ned Rig rod is the first of its kind and is built on Cashion’s CR6r carbon fiber blank with impressive sensitivity. The CR6r blank is rolled unidirectionally, ensuring that all fibers are running in the same direction to transmit vibrations from the tip of the rod to the tips of your fingers. The hand-made carbon fiber/fiberglass grips are designed for a secure, dense grip providing the sensitivity needed for finesse fishing. The Salty Ned Rig rod features a perfectly placed hook keeper, blank-through reel seat with shortened threads for direct blank contact, carbon fiber/fiberglass grips accompanied by Cashion’s all-new hybrid gimbal butt, and Fuji K Frame Flagship Tangle Free Series. Backed by a lifetime replacement. $219.95. Cashionrods.com
Cashion John Crews ICON Big Bait Rod
Imagined by Elite Series pro John Crews, engineered and handcrafted in North Carolina, this new specialty rod was designed specifically for big baits, like 7″ glide baits, 8″ boot tail swim baits, 1-ounce spinnerbaits, oversized deep diving crankbaits like the Strike King 10XD, and umbrella rigs. The rod is built on a 7″ 10″ moderate/fast, medium-heavy CR6r carbon fiber blank that is rolled in-house. It has a lure weight rating from 1/2- to 3 ounces.  John says, “It has the right amount of power to throw these baits, but moderate enough action to not rip hooks out of their mouth when fighting big bass.” Features include American Tackle Microwave guides, Cashion’s signature hand crafted carbon fiber/fiberglass grips, a blank-through reel seat with shortened threads for direct blank contact, a 12″ handle length, and a lifetime replacement program. $244.95. Cashionrods.com
Daiwa Tatula Elite AGS Rods
The new 23 Tatula Elite AGS series of casting and spinning rods are finely tuned to the specifications of Daiwa pro staff anglers. Developed to eliminate blank twist and increase power, X45 weaving improves rod strength and durability while allowing for a lighter, stronger and more powerful and sensitive rod. Super High Volume Fiber (SVF) blanks are lighter and have increased sensitivity over standard SVF blanks, while Airsensor Reel Seats made of lightweight carbon add ultra-sensitivity with a compact, comfortable feel. AGS guides, among the lightest in the world, offer extraordinary sensitivity to relay vibrations on the line directly to the hand. Those rod qualities also maximize lure presentation and ultimately, lure action, in a lineup of specialty rods designed with Bassmaster Elite pros Seth Feider, Chris and “Cory Johnston and Patrick Walters, among others. Daiwa.us
Halo BB Frogging Rod
A high modulus graphite blank provides exceptional strength and sensitivity in three lengths and actions to suit angler preferences. Designed with a fast action to easily create the perfect, lifelike frog action. An ergonomic design provides all-day comfort, along with a high-quality cork handle, and a reel seat made of premium materials. Americanbaitworks.com
KastKing Asssegai
Thoughtful design, premium craftmanship, and precision engineering make these rods 5% lighter, 10% stronger, and 30% more twist-resistant than the competition. With 15 technique specific models ranging from 6’4″ to 7’10”, you will surely pick one up you can’t put down. $149.99. Kastking.com
Lew’s Custom Lite Rods
Fine-tuning actions, grips and blank materials specifically focused on extremely lightweight components is the result of this new lineup of 20 casting models and eight spinning models. That includes two BFS style casting actions designed for fishing light line and lightweight baits, such as small jerkbaits, Ned rigs and shaky heads, all on casting tackle. All Custom Lite Rods have HM85 graphite blanks for sensitivity and stainless-steel guides with titanium oxide inserts for durability, with spinning rods featuring a new Comfort Plus ergonomic reel seat designed in partnership with Mark Zona. Casting rods feature a Full Contact reel seat for direct blank contact while fishing. The new Custom Lites have split grip handles with Lew’s exclusive Winn® Dri-Tac Ultra ProWeave™ Grips for all day comfort and control. $149.99–$179.99. Lews.com
Z-Man Drew’s Ultimate Ned Rig Rod
Melding cutting-edge rod crafting with retro finesse, Drew’s Ultimate Ned Rig Rods have been carefully customized, field tested and perfected by Ned rig forerunner Drew Reese—co-creator of Z-Man’s legendary TRD bait series. The first true-to-technique rod series designed explicitly for light lines, lightwire hooks, finesse baits and exceptional bite detection, these are the very rods Ned Kehde, Reese and other finesse artists wield to skyrocket daily catch-rates into the hundreds. www.zmanfishing.com
St. Croix Avid Series
Reinvented for 2024, the next-generation Avid Series is now crafted on lighter and stronger SCIII+ hybrid carbon fiber blanks with redesigned full-cork grips for increased angler comfort. The new Avid Series rods cover ultra-light to medium-heavy powers in popular lengths between 6′ 6″ and 7′ with fast and extra-fast actions. For every available length, power, and action, Avid now offers anglers both one- and two-piece options for increased choice and convenience. $225–$255 with a 15-year warranty. Available August 2023. stcroixrods.com
St. Croix Mojo Bass TRIGON Series
Featuring St. Croix’s all-new ergonomic TRIGON handle and Dynamix Reel Seat design based on anthropometric data, the next-generation Mojo Bass TRIGON Series expands to 34 models – 25 casting and nine spinning – for 2024.  The comprehensive Mojo Bass TRIGON Series features premium SCIII carbon or 100% Linear S-Glass blanks (reaction-bait models only), with lengths, powers, and actions to perfectly support any bass-fishing technique from BFS to eight-ounce swimbaits. Retail prices range from $165-$270 with a 5-year warranty. Available August 2023. stcroixrods.com
13 Fishing Muse Black II Casting
This new lineup of ten bass rods features dynamically formed curves and lightweight materials to excel in all casting conditions. Attention is paid to the details, such as the Evolve Custom Soft Touch Reel Seat, premium Japanese EVA split handle grip handle and Fuji K Frame Stainless Steel Guides with Alconite Inserts. The rods are built on Japanese 40 Ton Toray Graphite with Japanese PVG40T Blank Construction. Zonal Action Technology tailers each rod’s complex, and dynamic taper to optimize balance and performance. Seven-year warranty. $224.99-$254.99. 13fishing.com
13 Fishing Muse Black II Spinning
This new lineup of ten bass rods features dynamically formed curves and lightweight materials to excel in all casting conditions. Attention is paid to the details, such as the Evolve Custom Soft Touch Reel Seat, premium Japanese EVA split handle grip handle and Fuji K Frame Stainless Steel Guides with Alconite Inserts. The rods are built on Japanese 40 Ton Toray Graphite with Japanese PVG40T Blank Construction. Zonal Action Technology tailers each rod’s complex, and dynamic taper to optimize balance and performance. Seven-year warranty. $224.99-$244.99. 13fishing.com
Fenwick World Class
Fenwick’s World Class is a respected lineup of rods known for sensitivity, perfect actions for each given application, and purposeful balance. Now, the World Class is completely re-designed with blanks utilizing a blend of 40- and 36-ton graphite with Fenwick’s proprietary reinforcing resin. The result is the most sensitive and lightest rods to date. Fenwick designed soft touch reel seats to fit naturally in hand and amplify anglers’ ability to detect changes in structure, lure movement, and ultimately the strike of a fish. Purefishing.com
Shimano Poison Ultima
Shimano’s flagship Spiral-X Core technology blends lightness and increased multi-directional strength while combining with Hi-Power X technology for added blank twist resistance. High-performance and lightweight Shimano X-Guides draw out the full potential of Poison Ultima’s rod design for trouble-free and heightened casting performance. Casting models feature Shimano’s Full Carbon Monocoque grip that leverages a full-carbon design while delivering extreme sensitivity and showcasing a 
new handle shape developed by scientifically analyzing tournament anglers’ movement and holding posture to elevate performance. Spinning models feature a Carbon Shell Grip — a lightweight, hollow structure — that enables anglers to determine even the slightest differences underwater as it transmits vibration through the hand. Two casting and two spinning models, both in 6′ 10″ lengths and 7′ medium and medium/heavy actions. $879.99. Fish.shimano.com
Abu Garcia Zenon X
The Zenon selection of reels now includes the Zenon X, designed to offer the flexibility to fish lightweight finesse style baits, while also providing the power to handle heavier baits when needed. The Zenon X features the same efficient asymmetric aluminum frame, combined with an oversized AMG2 machined aluminum gear system that delivers the perfect balance of performance and durability. Abugarcia.com
Daiwa STEEZ A 100
The new STEEZ A 100 features Daiwa’s MAGFORCE-Z BOOST, combining the casting control of Magforce-Z with the added benefit of increased casting distance. The profile ensures easy handling, and its G1 Duralumin MAG-Z BOOST Spool design is an extremely rigid, flex-resistant aluminum alloy-cutting weight without sacrificing durability. This also creates less start-up inertia, allowing the angler a longer and more manageable cast. The aluminum frame and side plate (gear side) keep the reel lightweight yet rigid, and the ATD (Advanced Tournament Drag) drag system is designed to the ultimate in consistent and reliable performance when fighting fish. Features DAIWA’s new HYPER DRIVE DESIGN for an ultra-smooth retrieve and powerful winding performance. $649.99. Daiwa.us.com
Daiwa Tatula 100
The new Tatula 100 takes what was already the lightest, most fatigue-free baitcasting reel in Daiwa’s lineup to another tier. Value priced at $179.99, the advanced, aluminum-framed Tatula 100 now features Daiwa’s HYPERDRIVE SYSTEM and featherweight A7075 Spool – the lighter spool greatly bolstering casting distance. HYPERDRIVE increases gear touches and reduces noise in the HYPERDRIVE DIGIGEAR configuration to improve power and facilitate smooth operation. Also features the T-Wing System (TWS), which naturally guides the line on cast and retrieval with the least resistance. Casts are longer and more accurate and fishing easier in the wind. Inclusions continue with a comfortable 90mm Swept Handle, Zero Adjuster ideally set for casting control and distance, and Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD), which yields stopping power using carbon washers, alloy, and stainless-steel drag plates with specially designed grease for extra smooth performance. $179.99. Daiwa.us.com
Daiwa Fuego
Daiwa’s ever-popular Fuego spinning reel series gets a major upgrade, with a chassis now constructed of Daiwa’s durable and lightweight ZAION V material, reducing the reel’s overall weight. Moreover, the new Fuego carries Daiwa’s AIRDRIVE ROTOR, which is incredibly rigid and with minimal flex, especially at high drag pressures. Critically designed cut-outs reduce the weight of the rotor, while the lighter the rotor, the less force it takes to spin the reel, making it easier to turn the handle. Fuego’s new AIRDRIVE BAIL further reduces weight and offers more rigidity than standard wire, minimizing concerns over flex, bending, or breaking. Magsealing delivers butter smooth performance while preventing water or dirt intrusion. Available in sizes 1000 – 6000. Available Fall 2023. $109.99-$129.99. Daiwa.us.com
Daiwa Tatula LT MQ
The new Tatula LT MQ is well rounded with features beginning with its one-piece MONOCOQUE ZAION V body. This design framework yields more space for larger gears, thus promoting increased torque and power and at the same gear ratios (5.8:1 and 6.2:1) of competitive spinning reels. With MONOCOQUE, Daiwa can increase interior space to facilitate larger gearing and reduce overall weight, simultaneously. Lighter and more corrosion resistant than aluminum, ZAION V is an exceptionally light but rigid material, which minimizes flex in the handle stem and gear box. AIRDRIVE ROTOR is engineered to be incredibly rigid and with minimal flex, especially at high drag pressures. Critically designed cut-outs reduce the weight of the rotor, itself. The lighter the rotor, the less force it takes to spin around the reel, making it easier to turn the handle. AIRDRIVE BAIL further reduces weight and offers more rigidity than standard wire, minimizing concerns over flex, bending or breaking. $199.99. Daiwa.us.com
Denali Novus Series
Available in three versions, with the Casting reel featuring 7+1 bearings with three gear ratios: 6.2:1, 7.3:1 and 8.1:1. Line capacity is 153 yards of 12-pound, with a mag drag at13.2lbs. The reel weighs 7.8 ounces and is equipped with Graphite Cover Plates. The Novus Pro features 9+1 bearings with two gear ratios: 7.3:1 and 8.1:1. Line capacity is 153 yards of 12-pound test and max drag at 15.4lbs. The reel weighs 7.8 ounces and is equipped with carbon composite cover plates. The Novus Elite features 9+1 bearings with two gear ratio: 7.3:1 and 8.1:1. Line capacity is 153 yards of 12-pound test and max drag at17.6lbs. The reel weighs 7.5 ounces and is equipped with aluminum and carbon cover plates. $159.99 for Casting; $249.99 for Pro and $299.99 for Elite. Denalifishing.com
KastKing iReel IFC
Key features include microprocessors that digitally monitor casting variables to offer users a refined digital casting experience. External Aerospace Aluminum and Carbon Fiber sensibly protect the internal core computer to keep this reel under 7 ounces. $349. Kastking.com
Lew’s American Hero Camo Combo
The popular combos perfectly matching a balanced rod and reel are updated with new looks and features. Features include a new, lower profile reel and one-piece graphite frame and sideplate design. Built to last, the reel features high strength solid brass Speed Gears®, a premium 6-bearing system containing stainless steel double shielded ball bearings, and an externally adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS). Baitcast combo has an IM7, 1-piece graphite blank to provide the structural strength and lightweight flexibility that anglers demand and a split-grip EVA rod handle with embossed American Hero logo. Spinning combos have spinning reels constructed with a solid, one-piece graphite frame, housing a 6-bearing system with stainless steel double shielded ball bearings for seamless casting. With overall refreshed rods and actions, the new American Hero spinning combo features an IM7, 2-piece graphite blank with split-grip EVA handles with embossed American Hero logo. Baitcast reels: $79.99. Spinning reels: $49.99. Baitcast combos: $119.99. Spinning combos: $84.99. Lews.com
Lew’s Tournament Grade MACH Jacked Combo
Lew’s packaged tournament-ready combos with the most premium quality materials to take the guesswork out of matching the perfectly balanced rod and reel. Baitcast combos feature a 10-bearing system with stainless steel double shielded ball bearings, a Multi-Setting Brake system (MSB) with internally adjustable centrifugal braking pins and externally adjustable magnetic braking. Spinning have a 10-bearing system, lightweight C40 carbon rotor with one piece bail, an extremely smooth drag system, and a new Comfort Plus ergonomic spinning reel seat. Both combos are built with extremely lightweight Tanso Tech reel frames and HM50 rod blanks with Winn® Dri-Tac Ultra ProWeave™ split grip rod handles and reel handle knobs. Spinning: $249.99. Baitcast: $259.99. Lews.com
Lew’s HyperMag Baitcast
The new lighter HyperMag baitcast reel enhances functionality and experience. Upgrades include the P2 Super Pinion® double bearing supported pinion gear, offering a better gear mesh for smoothness and extended gear life. Ergonomic one-piece magnesium frame and C40 carbon sideplates are strong and extremely lightweight, with the reel weighing in at only 5.2 ounces. The Speed Knot™ quick line attachment spool enables easy and quick line attachment, and the JDM-style Winn® handle knobs provide outstanding grip and comfort. In line with the original, the new HyperMag has a 4-pin SpeedCast® externally Adjustable Centrifugal Brake (ACB) system, 11 bearing system, Speed Keeper® hook keeper, and Speed Dial® line indicator. $349.99. Lews.com
SEVIIN GF Series Baitcasting
SEVIIN’s new GF Series consists of six low-profile baitcasting models in three available gear ratios with right-hand or left-hand-retrieve configurations. Featuring a 4+1 stainless-steel bearing system (the two bearings on the spool shaft being Japanese stainless steel), carbon and stainless-steel drag componentry, and hardened brass pinion and drive gears, GF Series reels combine noticeably smooth casting, retrieve, and drag operation with great gear feel and excellent durability. Light, comfortable, and solid in the hand, GF reels feature ported aluminum spools and carbon fiber handles to minimize weight, while a strong, one-piece graphite frame and side plates yield excellent rigidity, further enhancing the satisfying way GF reels feel and perform. Anglers will also appreciate GF’s micro-adjustable magnetic cast control that makes it easy to dial-in maximum casting performance depending on the specific line and lure they’re using. $120 with a one-year warranty. Available in September 2023. seviinreels.com
SEVIIN GS Series Spinning
Engineered from a blank slate to deliver a valuable combination of smooth operation and long-lasting durability, SEVIIN’s new GS Series consists of five versatile spinning models including 750, 1000, 2000, 2500, and 3000 sizes with lightweight and rigid carbon bodies, side plates, and rotors. Spools, handles, and key accent components are crafted from lightweight aluminum. GS’s rotating mechanicals are supported by a silky 6 + 1 stainless-steel bearing system, while a precision-hobbed hard brass pinion and die-cast helical gear drive the reels with smooth power and great feel. A micro-adjustable stacked carbon and stainless-steel drag extends GS’s smooth performance once powerful, hard-charging fish are hooked. GS Series spinning reels also feature rock-solid instant anti-reverse and S-Curve design, which provides a super-slow oscillation that ensures line is stacked evenly on the spool, resulting in longer casts and fewer line management issues, even when using lighter, finesse-size lines. $140 with a one-year warranty. Available January 2024. seviinreels.com
SEVIIN GX Series Spinning 
Available in 750, 1000, 2000, 2500, and 3000 sizes, GX Series spinning reels start with carbon bodies, side plates, and rotors to minimize weight while maximizing rigidity and durability. Precision-engineered aluminum handles and spools further enhance strength and durability with lightweight, skeletonized designs. A one-piece titanium bail delivers supreme balance and feel, failsafe operation, and additional weight savings. External components are rounded out with premium, machined-aluminum accent pieces. Inside, GX is powered by a precision-hobbed hard brass pinion and diecast helical drive gear for an optimal combination of feel and longevity. Ultra-smooth operation comes courtesy of a 10+1 bearing system and a carbon and stainless-steel stacked drag system delivering nine to 22 pounds of maximum drag force, depending on the model. A unique, micro-adjustable drag-knob design makes it easy for anglers to make fast and accurate drag adjustments. GX Series spinning reels also feature instant anti-reverse and S-Curve design, delivering super-slow oscillation for even line stacking, longer casts and improved overall line management. An internal support guide ensures up-and-down spool oscillation remains consistent, even under the heaviest of drag loads. $190 with a one-year warranty. Available January 2024. seviinreels.com
Shimano Stradic FM
The redesigned Stradic FM adds InfinityXross technology for unequaled gear durability and synergy by extending the gear tooth horizontally to distribute load across the gear tooth more evenly. This parlays Shimano’s legacy 
of cold-forged HAGANE gearing for added strength with the refinement of MicroModule II for the ultimate reeling experience. The addition of InfinityDrive delivers light rotation and increased cranking power under load, while the new Duracross Drag system provides the smooth performance of felt with up to 10 times the durability. Shimano’s X-Protect water-repellent coating and specially designed, water-channeling labyrinth construction ensure a lifetime of dependable performance by stopping water penetration in key areas without adding a heavy rotational feel. The new Anti-Twist Fin — an elastic polymer on the underside of the roller — enhances line management for anglers fishing monofilament or fluorocarbon line. $219.99. Fish.shimano.com
Daiwa J-Braid XB Grand Braid—Multi Color
Serious anglers favor J-Braid X8 Grand braid for its ultra-thin, thread-like diameter, non-waxiness, incredible sensitivity, and uncompromised strength. Previously only available in dark green, hi-vis chartreuse, grey light, blue, and white, this braid is now available in a multi color option. Intended for deep drop fishing, Multi Color changes color every 10 meters for easy depth indication, line movement, and quick programing into Dendoh reel memory for maximum readout accuracy. J-Braid XB Grand line is a complete family of high quality 8-carrier braid made of the finest materials from Japan. Eight strands of tightly-woven fibers make for a perfectly round profile. Length: 550- to 3300-yard spools. Sizes: 15- to 120-pound. $54.99-$399.99. Daiwa.us.com
KastKing Tripolymer
Get the best of two worlds with a line combining monofilament with fluorocarbon. Smooth, soft and twice the abrasion resistance of regular monofilament with less memory. You get a line that sinks through the water column, while ideal for fishing around structure. Superior knot strength and virtually invisible under water, with the benefits of premium fluorocarbon without the cost. $8.99. Kastking.com
Sunline Overwatch
An eight-strand high performance ULT braid designed for spinning reels, Overwatch is a metered braid with repeating sections of 12-inch chartreuse and 30-inch green. The high visibility chartreuse sections improve bite detection and easier line watching. Green sections provide camouflage, while the metered pattern is easily identifiable to the eye on the cast. A slick surface reduces guide friction to improve casting distance with lighter lures. High flexibility provides improved performance with spinning reels. Available in 125-yard spool in 8-, 10-, 12-, 16- and 18-pound test sizes. $22.99. Sunlineamerica.com
Sunline Tepa
This 100% fluorocarbon leader combines two sizes, forming into one line through a proprietary tapered design. The manufacturing process tapers from larger to smaller line test at the other end of the leader. The larger size can be tied to a lure when greater strength and abrasion resistance is desired at the knot and the first part of the leader.  The line then tapers down to a smaller size for joining to the mainline braid. Alternately, the larger end could also be tied to the mainline knot connection to provide greater strength and abrasion resistance at the knot, while the leader tapers down to a smaller size at the lure knot for fish that are wary of line size. The tapered structure of this leader allows an angler to strengthen either the knot area or mainline connection of a leader without having to upsize the whole leader. Available in 10-foot length. $9.99. Sunlineamerica.com
Shimano Mastiff FC
Produced in Japan with strict quality control, Mastiff is 100% fluorocarbon line, with Shimano engineers devising NANOARMOR technology—nano-sized ridges across the outer surface of the line—to enhance knot strength and toughness, preventing slippage and reducing the risk of line breakage. The added knot strength and durability are essential for enduring the repetitive stress when casting, twitching or jerking large lures. Available in 4- through 20-pound sizes in 200-yard spools. $22-99–$30.99. Fish.shimano.com
All Terrain Hail Mary Ned Head
A unique, sticky-sharp VMC Barbarian bend hook in black for stealth and solid hook penetration makes it stand out. So does the head shape that brings the benefits of a football jig for fishing rocky bottoms when hopped, skipped or dragged. Available in 3/32-, 1/8-, 3/16-, and 1/4-ounce sizes and 5 color patterns. $6.99. allterraintackle.com
All Terrain Scope To
Like the name implies, the Scope To is designed for use with forward-facing sonar. The jig is made with a tungsten head that is 40% denser than lead, increasing return visibility on the screen to see it going through the water column. Pair it with minnow-style baits in paddle, split or straight tail. Ideal for finesse swim heads or Damiki rigging. Armed with a premium Mustad hook and welded bait keeper. Available in 1/8-, 3/16-, 1/4- and 3/8-ounce sizes and 8 color patterns. $9.99. allterraintackle.com
BaitFuel Hardbait Stick
BaitFuel’s proven x55 formula is now available in a stick applicator form for hard baits, including jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, glide baits, frogs and crankbaits. The alternative to BaitFuel Gel Fish Attractant is easy to apply, stays on the bait for extended periods, and comes in a 0.5-ounce twist-up tube for convenient use with hundreds of applications per tube. The stick utilizes F.A.S.T. technology to stimulate a fish’s predatory instinct to provoke key predatory aggression habits, resulting in more bites and longer hold times, while the scent cloud expands the strike zone. Americanbaitworks.com
Big Bite Baits Real Deal Swimbait Head
A hydro-dynamic head design keeps swimbaits running true at any speed or depth, while a hand-painted, custom finish features large, reflective eyes for added strike appeal. Armed with a 4/0 or 6/0 Gamakatsu medium wire black hook depending on head size. A screw lock on the shank firmly holds swimbaits in place. Available in 1/8-, 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2- and 3/4-ounce sizes and four color patterns. $6.49. Bigbitebaits.com
VMC Finesse Football Jig
What makes it stand out is a side-by-side rocking action, and a unique beveled edge conical keeper for securing soft plastics for longer use and multiple hook sets. An optimal distance between the keeper device and the jig head allows the soft plastic lure to remain in place on the hook shank by collapsing tightly in that area, creating superior holding strength. Also features a VMC Vanadium® steel, single hook. The hybrid wide gap maximizes hook sets, while the hybrid bend provides extra strength for fighting big bass. Available in black and four weight sizes: 1/8-, 3/16-, 1/4- and 3/8-ounce sizes in a four pack. $5.49.  Rapala.com
VMC Swingin’ Ned Rig
The unique design allows the soft plastic trailer to move independently from the jig head, as it articulates at the joint where the hook connects to the jig head. This point of articulation ensures that an angler’s soft plastic moves naturally across the bottom with an incredible crawling action. Best rigged with the new CrushCity Ned BLT, or a floating worm either Ned- or Texas-rigged. Available in sizes 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 and 3/8 ounces.  Rapala.com
YUM Ned Jigheads
The new YUM Ned Jig Head, as the name would suggest, was designed specifically for the Ned rigging technique. A rounded mushroom-style head allows the head to rock on the bottom, causing baits to stand up and jiggle in place, which is important to this approach. The heads are sized right for the technique at 1/8 and 1/12 ounce and available in Green and Black for subtlety. The standard 3-inch Dinger was one of Ned rigging originator Ned Kehde’s preferred baits before Ned rigging was called Ned rigging, and the new YUM Hellgrammite is very well suited for this approach. A light-wire No. 1 hook, flexible single-wire weedguard and a keeper to hold Ned plastics in place are all ideal for Ned presentations of soft-plastic lures. $3.99. Lurenet.com
Z-Man Rattle-Snaker
The Rattle-Snaker implants ElaZtech baits with rattle attraction or extra weight. Patented tool design allows for precision insertion of rattles and weights into bodies of ElaZtech and standard soft plastic baits via stainless steel insertion needle and pushrod. Built-in storage compartment holds extra glass rattles (10 glass rattles included). Replacement rattle 10-packs also available. Surgical tubing needle guard prevents accidental harm. $4.99. $12.99 for the tool and 10-pack rattles. www.zmanfishing.com
Z-Man ZWG Weighted Swimbait Hook
A custom, refined, heavy duty EWG swimbait hook designed to grip and hold ElaZtech superplastics, the ZWG Weighted Swimbait Hook works equally well with conventional soft plastics. Conical molded plastics keeper positioned on neck of hook is easy to rig and locks bait nose in place, enhancing hookup ratios and preventing baits from sliding down after missed strikes. Positioning the hookpoint perfectly, a silicone bead also keeps the bait aligned without the need to ‘Tex-pose’ rig. Dual-tapered hookpoint maintains sticky sharpness, while its black nickel-plated finish yields excellent corrosion resistance. Slim weight profile allows baits to slide over effortlessly for easy rigging (weight stamped on weight for quick identification. Available in 3/0 (1/16-, 1/8-, 3/16-ounce), 4/0 (1/16-, 1/8-, 3/16-ounce) and 5/0 (1/8-, 3/16-, ¼-ounce) sizes. $6.49 for a 3-pack. www.zmanfishing.com
AFTCO Tackle Backpack
Built for anglers on the go that need lots of storage, AFTCO’s Tackle Backpack holds five 3600 size boxes and one 3700 box. A deep top pocket allows storage for bulky gear. Storage includes a felt-lined sunglasses pocket and a water-resistant storage pocket for valuables. When the weather comes up, pull out the built-in rain fly to keep the backpack out of the elements. Features a comfortable padded back and adjustable shoulder straps. Available Fall 2023. $139. AFTCO.com
Costa Seeker 30L Travel Backpack 
Costa’s Seeker Bag Collection is made with highly durable, water-resistant and water-proof fabrics. The 30L Backpack features a wide-opening suitcase style interior, a hardshell front pocket to protect gear, a removable dry bag, padded laptop storage, a secret zipper for your passport, pockets for refillable bottles, and outer straps to attach additional gear and secure your rods. $140. Costadelmar.com
Daiwa D-Boxes
Daiwa’s new D-Boxes come in two sizes (3600 and 3700) and six total configurations, featuring watertight lids with four robust latches for securing the contents. Internal tabs are cut clean for instant organizing of each slot. Available in shallow, regular, and deep models. $11.99–$18.99. Daiwa.us.com
Gamakatsu G-Case 3000
This newest addition to the G-Box Series stays shut using a hinged lid with a secure plastic flip latch. Features a large, comfortable grip handle with a locking feature when in the upright position. Top and bottom adjustable compartments allow customization to fit any storage needs, with a table inside the lid. Slots on the exterior provide add more storage options. $69.99. Gamakatsu.com
Plano EDGE 3700 Jerkbait Box
The latest addition to the popular EDGE series of specialty boxes includes this version for securing up to 20 jerkbaits. With proven EDGE features like the EZ label system for organization and crystal-clear lid so you can easily see what is inside, the box also has Rustrictor technology to prevent rust and moisture, and is constructed with a one-hand latch and a dri-loc o-ring to keep water out and protect your investments. Planooutdoors.com
Mustad AlphaPoint Assault Wide Gap Hook
High hook-up ratios and secured hook-sets on big fish are stand out features of the new hook. The Z-bend and epoxy at the eye holds and protects soft plastics, perfect for wide gap hook applications like Texas and Carolina rigs, while also great when flipping. Mustad’s new Tak-bend places the point above the eye and at a more level angle with the bait, making the lure flush with the point and improving hook-sets compared to traditional bends. The aggressive bend gets plastic out of the way on a bite for quick penetration, while also preserving strength and integrity when fish try to throw the hook. With Mustad’s AlphaPoint® hook point technology, precision fishing takes advantage of the slimmer, ridiculously sharp point combined with the durability anglers expect from Mustad. The nano-thin TitanX finish with a sleek gun-metal look supports the sharpness of the hook and the smoothness maximizes penetration. $4.99. Mustadfishing.com
Rapala RapStack Tackle Tray
Suitable for hard baits, soft baits, terminal tackle, line, tools and other accessories, Rapala RapStack Trays offer a secure, quick-latch system for single-hand access. Re-writable labels (2 included) provide identification according to needs. A stackable design allows them to be integrated for vertical storage. Rigid dividers secure tackle in place and accommodate various-sized baits. Made of highly rigid, cold and heat resistant UV material for durability. $11.99. Rapala.com
Sunline Camo Line Storage Bag
Designed specifically for lines, this top-opening bag is padded on all sides to prevent spool breakage, even if the bag is dropped. Interor features include six internal compartments to separate spools by type or size, while an adjustable divider with six elastic bands secures bulk spools. Protects lines from harmful UV light. $29.00 Sunlineamerica
Dakota Lithium DL+ 12V 135AH Battery 
This advanced lithium battery is dual purpose, offering both 135-amp hours of deep cycle capacity and an impressive 1,000 cold cranking amps of engine starting power. The battery delivers five times the usable power of a traditional Group 24 marine battery at half the weight, a lifespan five times longer than 
traditional batteries, and is backed by an industry-leading 11-year warranty. Designed to meet or exceed Mercury Motors Lithium Battery Specs and ABYC requirements for lithium batteries, and manufactured according to Dakota Lithium’s ISO 9001 certified quality management system. The battery boasts an IP 67 waterproof rating, achieved through advanced robotic liquid welding of the lid. Compatibility with engine alternators up to 200 amps ensures 
seamless integration with your boat’s electrical system. Dakotalithium.com
Power-Pole MOVE ZR
A standout feature is the next-gen brushless motor built with an aerospace-grade titanium shaft, engineered with compound fail-safes for a virtually indestructible shaft (with a lifetime warranty). For next-gen performance, the motor is built with Power-Pole’s Power Unity System, meaning every component is custom engineered to optimize all levels of performance for 30% more thrust and efficiency, while maintaining silent operation with MOVE’s Stealth Steering Drive and Techflow propeller. Available in shaft lengths of 45-, 52- and 60-inch versions. Includes Power-Pole’s RealFeel Foot Pedal, wireless foot buttons, wireless info display, wireless hybrid remote, mountable charging cradle and one year of free ProNavSupport. $4,999.99–$5,399.99. Powerpole.com
Garmin Force Kraken Trolling Motor
Coupled with Garmin’s most precise anchor lock technology, Kraken is designed with longer shaft lengths (63″, 75″, 90″) and a pivot-style for easy installation on boats where bow space is limited. For the first time in the industry, anglers can install forward-facing sonar, like LiveScope, on a pivot-style trolling motor by conveniently routing the transducer cable inside the shaft using Kraken’s new LiveScope cable management system. With the Kraken LiveScope Mounting Bracket (additional purchase required), any LiveScope transducer can be installed and operated in all three modes—forward, down and perspective, while preventing cable damage and for neater storing solutions to keep decks free of clutter. Wireless integration with Garmin chartplotters allows anglers to create routes, patterns and tracks for Kraken to automatically follow while they fish, and a new illuminated arrow on the trolling motor head makes it easy to confirm the boat’s heading. The included remote makes speed and heading adjustments easy from anywhere on the boat – even connect a compatible Garmin smartwatch to control steering, anchor lock and more, right from the wrist. Beginning at $3,699.99. Garmin.com
Lowrance HDS PRO ActiveTarget2/Active Imaging
The HDS PRO offers full networking and bow-to-stern boat control of trolling motors, marine electronics and related accessories, with two new chart overlays for ActiveTarget Scout Mode and Ghost 360, and a new 10-inch display. ActiveTarget2 provides higher-resolution views of fish movement and structure, with full live-action picture in Forward, Down and Scout views. HDS PRO allows use of two systems simultaneously with 180 View, Scout Wide View and Forward and Scout split screen view. Active Imaging provides the clearest images of fish and structure from Lowrance CHIRP sonar, SideScan and DownScan Imaging. New FishReveal SideScan view is now available, along with the already popular DownScan Fish reveal view. Available in 9-, 12-, 16- and all-new 10-inch display sizes. Starting at $2,199. Lowrance.com
Minn Kota Quest
The Ultrex now features both traditional and brushed options, plus the upgraded QUEST variations. Every new Ultrex model features an updated and integrated GPS-enabled navigation system which is fully compatible with Humminbird fish finders without the need for additional steps or cables. QUEST models add dual 24- or 36-volt brushless motors boasting 30% longer runtime on a given charge and up to 50% greater torque.  An upgraded mount accommodates the additional torque, while a carbon fiber infused shaft adds strength and durability. A new lift assembly provides effortless deploying and storing the motor, and a real-time battery monitoring system lets anglers know status at a given speed, while allowing them to enter a power saving eco mode when batteries reach 20% charge. Constant power throughout a day with no drop in motor performance as battery decreases is a feature, along with One Boat Network programmable button allow customization to stow/deploy Minn Kota shallow water anchors, mark a waypoint, or engage autopilot. $2,999.99–$3499.99 for brushed models. $3699.99–$4199.99 for brushless models.  Minnkota.johnsonoutdoors.com
Garmin LiveScope Plus Ice Fishing Bundle LI
The ever-popular LiveScope™ Plus Ice Fishing Bundle LI is now available with the new ECHOMAP™ UHD2 93sv that offers improved screen resolution on a bright sunlight-readable 9″ touchscreen display. In addition to possessing the latest live-scanning sonar technology, the LiveScope Plus system is the latest all-in-one bundle offering improved resolution, reduced noise, clearer images and better target separation, making it easier for anglers to pinpoint and follow schools of fish below the ice. It’s also preloaded with Garmin Navionics+ inland mapping with unparalleled coverage and detail of more than 23,000 lakes, with an included one-year subscription to daily map updates, plus built-in Wi-Fi®connectivity, which lets anglers wirelessly share sonar data, waypoints and routes with another ECHOMAP UHD2 unit. Plus, its lightweight lithium battery offers improved mobility and plenty of battery life to fish all day. It comes with the charger and power cable – all available in a convenient, glove-friendly carrying case. $3,299.99. Garmin.com
Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL + 132
Featuring the first seamlessly integrated battery-powered pedal drive, providing unmatched versatility for kayak fishing pursuits. The patented ePDL+ drive system is fully integrated into the newly renovated Sportsman BigWater 132 hull, allowing anglers to seamlessly switch between manual pedal, power-assisted pedal, or fully motorized cruise control. The easy-to-use ePDL+ drive system provides up to five levels of power assistance, unlocking the ability to maintain higher rates of speed longer than ever before. To break from pedaling altogether, anglers can engage cruise control, take their feet off the pedals, and let the motor take over. Full control of propulsion power settings is just a button push away using the intuitive keys and polarized sunglass-friendly display on the drive. Anglers can view the level of power-assisted pedal or battery power consumption right in front of them as they pedal toward their desired location. Additionally, the BigWater ePDL+ 132 features enhanced upgrades including a wider stern tank well, larger cup holders, and an improved offset shallow water anchor mount. A compact 36-volt lithium-ion battery comes included with the watercraft, and anglers have the peace of mind knowing that the ePDL+ drive comes standard with a 2-year warranty. Oldtownwatercraft.johnsonoutdoors.com
Rapala SmartHub Line Spooler
The SmartHub Line Spooler completely simplifies the process of spooling line onto spinning and baitcasting reels. It features a spring-loaded line tension control. A knob locks the spoon into position during the process. An adjustable, pivoting base allows for the placement of a single reel on a SmartHub mount. An integrated line cutter allows you to get a smooth cut, regardless of the type of line material. A single SmartHub can be used independently, or choose a Track System 16 to easily expand your accessory options. Part of the SmartHub System that can be mounted where you need it most from the boat to the garage. $19.99. Rapala.com
Star brite Ceramics
Star brite’s new line of ceramic-based cleaners and protectants is a breakthrough collection incorporating cutting-edge SiO2 technology. Premiering with five new products, the inaugural line includes Wash & Wax, Wax & Seal, Speed Detailer, and two products yet to be seen implementing ceramic technology: Vinyl Protect and Metal Protect. What sets the new Ceramic-based products apart are their durability, long-lasting protection, and hydrophobicity. Resistance against UV rays, water spots, oxidation, and harsh environmental contaminants that can damage surfaces, are key attributes. An additional benefit is that they offer a deeper and wetter look, enhancing the color depth of the surface. $19.99–$29.99. Starbrite.com
TH-Marine G-Force Wire Tamer Trolling Motor Wire Clips
New categories of electronics and their cable needs create a rigging challenge when attached to the trolling motor shaft. This new innovation eliminates the need for multiple straps and zip-ties that can damage cables. With no drilling or modifications required to put it in place, the Wire Tamer takes little effort to install and maintain. Simply line up the mouth of the Wire Tamer clips with the wiring that runs down the trolling motor, then pop it on over the wires and onto the shaft. From there, it will hold firmly in place without pinching wires. Made of durable nylon formed into a simple and smart design to withstand the elements. Available in a variety of sizes for models from Minn Kota Ultrex and Fortrex, Garmin Force, Lowrance Ghost and MotorGuide trolling motors. From $24.99. Thmarine.com
AFTCO Channel Hooded Performance Shirt
Industry-leading ventilation keeps you cool and dry in hot weather with 100% recycled polyester for quick dry and moisture wicking properties. Equipped with UPF 40 sun protection, and modern aesthetic that stands out from the crowd. Adds the benefits of AFTCO’s signature SpeedVent™ active hood channels that prevent the hoodie from blowing off when running down the water, or facing windy conditions. Anatomically placed thumb loops provide additional sun protection for the hands if needed. An integrated zippered chest pocket allows handy storage access. Available Spring 2024. $65. AFTCO.com
AFTCO Forge Insulated Jacket
Forge is built to deliver warmth as a standalone jacket or as a key layering piece in extreme cold weather. Constructed with 100% nylon TORAY® ripstop for durability, and conducts heat with 60g of Thermore® Freedom Stretch insulation. Water resistant DWR keeps the spray off, while a 4-way mechanical stretch promotes mobility that moves with you in the field. Features stretch knit cuffs, shock cord hem adjustment, and topped off with zippered chest and hand pockets. Available Fall 2023. AFTCO.com
AFTCO Jason Christie Camo Hoodie
2022 Bassmaster Classic Winner Jason Christie worked closely with the AFTCO product team to develop his own signature sun protection hoodie, now available in an all-new camo print. It’s built with an ultra-lightweight and breathable 100% recycled polyester fabric that offers UPF 50 sun protection and antimicrobial properties. A specialized hood design features a larger opening and integrated bill flap for added coverage and glare reduction. Available Fall 2023. $59. AFTCO.com
AFTCO Hydro Bib
Inspired by the award-winning Hydronaut Bib, AFTCO designed the Hydro Bib to offer the same level of protection from the elements at a more competitive price. Constructed of a 2-layer 100% nylon shell with a 30K waterproof membrane and 100% polyester lining, the Hydro Bib keeps you dry and comfortable while fishing. It features adjustable elastic shoulder straps, a top-entry thigh pocket with an integrated 300D plier pocket, a safety D-ring, knee-high side zippers, and a reinforced hem. Available Fall 2023. $199. AFTCO.com
AFTCO Barricade Rainsuit
Barricade is built with high-end features at a competitive price, offering durable 3-layer construction, 20K waterproofing, 5K breathability, and AFTCO’s signature SpeedVent™ hood. An elasticated hem cinch allows quickly dialing in the fit, while the Double Dry cuffs prevent water from seeping up the arms. YKK zippers on the chest pocket to keep any loose items sealed. A plier pocket found on the thigh with 500D nylon keeps tools at the ready. Signature AFTCO jacquard elastic adjustable shoulder straps, g-hook slide waist side adjustment system, along with a dual side zippered relief hatch allows you to take care of business with ease. Available Fall 2023. $478. AFTCO.com
Bajio Stiltsville
The Stiltsville features a full, 8-base wrap design for light-blocking performance. Generous non-slip rubber nose pads and rubber temple tips provide a snug fit on even on the roughest waters. Made from a plant-based material that biodegrades more easily and is gentler on our oceans. Available in six lens colors in glass and polycarbonate. All lenses are polarized and include proprietary LAPIS technology that blocks blue light, with an oleophobic lens coating to reduce scratching and make cleaning easier. $209 for polycarbonate lenses; $259 for glass lenses. Bajiosunglasses.com
Blackfish Cast Fishing Short
Lightweight for cool comfort with a stretchable waistband and roomy storage compartments make these shorts versatile for any fishing scenario. A water-wicking, DWR fabric makes water bead and run off to keep you dry. Available in waist sizes 28-40 and three colors. $60.00. Blackfishgear.com
Blackfish Gail Pullover
The pullover features ThermalShare that is fleece bonded with a windproof shell to keep heat in and cold out. The soft, long-nap warm fleece inner lining, a zippered hand-warming pouch, and a weather-proof shell make this pullover functional for all seasons. Available in sizes Small-XL and various colors, including Prym1 Camo. $120.99. Blackfishgear.com
Blackfish Rage Boot
Stand out features of these 100% waterproof, above-ankle height boots include molded foot bed and contoured insole and with a non-marking, high traction sole that is slip resistant. A rear kick tab with front and back pull straps provides easy on and off. Upper constructed of neoprene and rubber for stretch. Available in sizes 7—13 and Black or Gray. $80.00. Blackfishgear.com
Costa King Tide 8
The King Tide 8 is four decades in the making, considering these hallmark sunglasses are being released during Costa’s 40thh anniversary. Made for Elite anglers, King Tide 8 features unprecedented sweat management, shark-inspired, zero-fog venting, while optimizing viewing on and off the water with removeable side shields. Non-skid hooding keeps the frames exactly in place, regardless of conditions. The King Tide 8 uses research and innovations from every Costa frame that came before it. $349. Costadelmar.com
Simms Challenger Insulated Jacket and Bib
Powered by Primaloft insulation and built with waterproof 2-layer Toray fabric, Simms’ Challenger Insulated Suit keeps anglers in the moment in the coldest/wettest conditions. The jacket features a removable/adjustable hood, tethered sunglass chamois (left chest pocket), a center-front zipper bolstered by a Velcro storm flap, and adjustable cuffs to lock water out. Additional features include abrasion panels on the bib, adjustable suspenders and a vast pocket array for tons of on-body storage. Available August 2023. $700. Simmsfishing.com
Simms Rogue Pant
Built out of reliable wind-blocking, breathable, and DWR-treated softshell face fabric with a fleece liner, the Rogue pant comes equipped with a fixed waistband with low profile webbing belt loops, rubberized shank closure, and a zippered fly. Additional features include front drop-in hand-warmer pockets with a single right zippered back pocket, a right thigh zippered pocket with a layered drop-in phone or plier pocket. Available Augvust 2023. $139.95. Simmsfishing.com
Simms Fall Run Hybrid Jacket
Simms Fall Run Hybrid Jacket brings together premium lightweight insulation, water-resistant protection, and a stretch fleece construction for a layering solution that covers all sides of the equation. Constructed from 100% recycled polyester ripstop with a DWR finish for water resistance, combined with fleece panels in the side body and underarms for stretch and mobility, the jacket is powered by PrimaLoft Black Eco insulation. The upper front and back body feature internal quilting that provides a smooth exterior for abrasion resistance when worn with waders or bibs. Available August 2023. $199.95. Simmsfishing.com
Simms Challenger 7″ Boot
The vulcanized-rubber Challenger 7″ Boot sets the task-ready standard for guaranteed waterproof protection and comfort. Lined with neoprene, the boot also features Simms proprietary rugged deck outsole to provide comfort and grip on all surfaces. Simms Right Angle footbed offers all day support from the ground up and pull-on loops provide easy on/off capabilities. Available August 2023. $129.95. Simmsfishing.com
Strike King S11 Spotlight Yellow Lenses
S11 polarization with the yellow mirror finish work together to function as a “spotlight” for anglers to see further beneath the water than any other lens color. These lenses are extremely impactful when fishing in low light conditions, whether early in the morning, late in the evening, or during cloudy afternoons. The Spotlight Yellow bi-gradient lens is available in two frame colors, matte gray or matte black, and in four different frame styles – Pickwick, Okeechobee, Caddo, and the new Eutaw. The solid, matte-colored frames assist in blocking out outside light and glare, enhancing the effectiveness of the glasses. $39.99. Strikeking.com
KastKing Fish IQ
Trade the touch screen for touch control as you fish uninterrupted and with outstanding visual clarity while wearing the new FishIQ sunglasses. They’re really comfortable. They provide outstanding directional audio. They offer incredible noise cancellation, unparalleled glare protection, and interchangeable lenses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. When paired with iReel ONE, you can conveniently access fishing data without reaching for your phone for a hassle-free fishing experience. $169.99. Kastking.com