Bassmaster Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Our annual holiday gift guide poses a great question. Should you use it to buy gifts or treat yourself? We say do both. There are plenty of gift ideas you can share with the ladies in your life, friends or family. From stocking stuffers to wrapped gifts, we’ve chosen the latest goodies to drop hints on what you need to catch more and bigger bass. There are even a few that you can buy for yourself. Happy holidays! 
Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Spinning 
A rock-solid one-piece aluminum frame holds firm in resisting performance-robbing torque to keep gears in perfect alignment. Lightweight strength is immediately noticeable with a super light rotor assembly; fitted with a hollow stainless-steel bail wire and premium roller for smoother oscillation in retrieves. Inside, digitally designed Micro-Pitched Gearing System delivers precise meshing, allowing parts to work together. The statisyingly smooth retrieve is enhanced by the Platinum’s premium 11-bearing (10+1) system. Value priced at $129.99.
Why gift it: The sister reel to the wildly popular Platinum Baitcaster is a top-of-the-line spinning reel designed to outperform more expensive reels. There are no corners cut with this reel and the price won’t put a dent in your gifting budget. 
Bass Pro Shops Scale/Tool Kit
You’ll be hard pressed to find a better value in fishing tools than our Bass Pro Shops® Scale/Tool Kit combining our XPS® Scale, 6″ pliers, and braided-line scissors into one affordable set. Weigh your catch confidently with the XPS Digital Fish Scale. It provides an on-screen ranking for each saved weight, holds up to 50 lbs., and records up to 8 weights, labeling them as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. Use this tool to calculate an average and sum for all saved weights. The unit zeroes for tare weight and includes a ski-pole handle that makes it easy to hold your catch while operating the screen. The XPS hanging scale comes with a Cam action clip to hold fish without damaging the mouth, as well as a traditional stainless-steel hook. $29.97.
Why gift it: Solidly made, with a satisfying heft in the hand, the Extreme Stainless-Steel Pliers make quick work of all marine chores. Injection-molded TPR handles with textured grips provide a firm, non-slipping hold; spring-loaded jaws enable convenient 1-hand operation. With hard, super-sharp tungsten cutters and built-in split shot and leader sleeve crimps, the Extreme SS Pliers are an essential tool for a wide range of rigging tasks. Equipped with a saltwater-tough Armor-XR corrosion-resistant coating. XPS Braided-Line Scissors feature serrated cutting edges and oversized finger holes with a soft rubberized coating. 
Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bundle
Kit includes:
16 – Bass Pro Shops 6″ Stik-O Worms (Color will vary)
1 – Bass Pro Shops Lazer Eye Buzz Master (1/8 oz., Chartreuse/White)
25 – XPS Wacky Worm Hooks (size 2)
5 – XPS Wide SuperLock Worm Hooks (3/0)
1 – Strike King® 1.5 KVD Square Bill (Sexy Shad)
1 – Strike King Red Eyed Shad (1/2 oz., Orange Craw)
1 – Booyah Pad Crasher (Bullfrog)
1 – Berkley Power Blade Spinnerbait (3/8 oz., White)
1 – Z-Man® ChatterBait® Elite Jig (3/8 oz., Black/Blue)
1 – 6th Sense® Fishing Divine Swim Jig (3/8 oz., Bluegill Spawn)
Why gift it: Bass Pro Shops’ bass experts hand-picked the absolute best lures and hooks for catching more and bigger bass, to take the guesswork out of what to give your favorite angler. All for just $39.99.
Bass Pro Shops Bait Box
Kit includes:
1 -1/2 oz XPS Square Bill Crankbait (color will vary)
1 – 1/2 oz. XPS Rattle Shad Lipless Crankbait (color will vary)
1 – 5/8 oz. Enticer Pro Series Football Jig (color will vary)
1 – 5/8 oz. Enticer Pro Series Rattling Jig (color will vary)
1 – Buzz Master Buzzbait (color and size will vary)
1 – 1/4 oz. Lazer Eye Tandem Spinnerbait (Chartreuse/White)
1 – 3/8 oz. Enticer Swim Jig (color will vary)
7 – 2.75″ Bo Hawg Chunk (color will vary)
7 – 3.75″ Hollow Craw (color will vary)
10 – 6″ Open Pour Fin-Eke worm (Desert Craw)
8 – 3.5″ River Bug (color will vary)
Why gift it: This hand-picked kit of baits has everything an avid bass angler needs: crankbaits, jigs, soft plastic worms and more for just $29.99. This is the perfect gift idea for any bass angler and it takes the guesswork out of what to get them.
YETI GoBox Collection
Now available in two additional sizes (15 & 60), the GoBox Collection is the new and improved water-proof, dust-proof, ultra-durable cargo box. Having your gear accessible and protected is nonnegotiable for almost any pursuit -and yet typical gear cases lack organizational capabilities, or don’t stand up to the demands of the outdoors. Built to be nearly indestructible, the LoadOut GoBox family can endure seasons in the sun, negative temps, and repeated abuse being lugged in and out of the truck, boat, and the blind. $250.
Why gift it: The GoBox isn’t a cooler—you can also gear up there with YETI. The GoBox is your utility do-all for storing and transporting outdoor gear at home and the outdoors. Camp pantry, camera gear case, tacklebox and more; the GoBox can do it all. 
SEVIIN GF Series Baitcasting
SEVIIN’s new GF Series consists of six low-profile baitcasting models in three available gear ratios with right-hand or left-hand-retrieve configurations. Featuring a 4+1 stainless-steel bearing system (the two bearings on the spool shaft being Japanese stainless steel), carbon and stainless-steel drag componentry, and hardened brass pinion and drive gears, GF Series reels combine noticeably smooth casting, retrieve, and drag operation with great gear feel and excellent durability. Light, comfortable, and solid in the hand, GF reels feature ported aluminum spools and carbon fiber handles to minimize weight, while a strong, one-piece graphite frame and side plates yield excellent rigidity, further enhancing the satisfying way GF reels feel and perform. Anglers will also appreciate GF’s micro-adjustable magnetic cast control that makes it easy to dial-in maximum casting performance depending on the specific line and lure they’re using. $120 with a one-year warranty.
Why gift it: SEVIIN Reels offer an accelerated, no-questions-asked, one-year return and replacement policy. 
Pro hint: “The meaning behind Seviin is special to St. Croix,” said Bassmaster Elite Series pro Derek Hudnall. “These reels are fantastic. You want a reel that you can cast a long way, has a strong drag and overall smooth operation and that’s exactly what the Seviin GF Casting Reel is.”
Team Lew’s Pro SP Skipping and Pitching Reel
From the mind of professional angler Andy Montgomery and the engineering team at Lew’s comes the new Team Lew’s Pro SP Skipping and Pitching reel. The super shallow spool holds 40 yards of 20-pound-test fluorocarbon for faster spool start up and reduced deep spool backlashes. The innovative Knot Slot recesses the spool knot so you have smooth, even line lay. The externally adjustable QuietCast® ACB system includes a special “Skipping Zone” to maximize distance and reduce backlash when skipping a bait under a dock. The result is a reel that has all the performance of a Lew’s reel, finely tuned for skipping and pitching. Save up to 25% off MSRP now through the end of 2023 at select retailers.
Why gift itThe Pro SP is a great choice for novice to experienced anglers. While this reel was designed to optimize skipping & pitching performance, it’s also a versatile target casting reel for “combat-style” fishing around cover that calls for casts less than 40 yards. If you’re purchasing this for someone who’s new to using a baitcaster, this is a great reel to gain confidence with as the limited line capacity and ACB system significantly reduce backlash.
Pro hint: “This reel lets me skip a bait further and with less backlash than ever before,” said Montgomery. 
Daiwa Elite Tatula 100
The new Tatula 100 takes what was already the lightest, most fatigue-free baitcasting reel in Daiwa’s lineup to another tier by adding Daiwa’s HYPERDRIVE SYSTEM and featherweight A7075 Spool greatly bolstering casting distance. HYPERDRIVE increases gear touches and reduces noise in the HYPERDRIVE DIGIGEAR configuration to improve power and facilitate smoother operation. T-Wing System (TWS), guides the line on cast and retrieval with the least resistance. Casts are longer and more accurate, even when fishing in the wind. Available with 7 +1 bearings and three gear ratios (6.3:1, 7.1:1, 8.1:1.) with a weight of only 6.9 ounces. $179.99
Why gift it: The most comfortable and palmable reel might just be the lightest, most fatigue free reel Daiwa has ever made, making it ideal for junior anglers and anglers with smaller hands. For the more experienced, you can use a baitcaster for finesse tactics when it’s more desirable than a spinning outfit. Value-priced at 179.00.
Pro hint: “I love the 100 size for a go-to all around reel,” said Bassmaster Elite Sereis pro Brandon Palaniuk. “What’s really amazing for the price is Daiwa added the Hyperdrive system that aids in sensitivity; you don’t feel anything in the reel that takes away from the feel of the bait, and the strike.” 
Daiwa Fuego
The new Fuego carries Daiwa’s AIRDRIVE ROTOR, which is incredibly rigid and with minimal flex, especially at high drag pressures. Critically designed cut-outs reduce the weight of the rotor, while the lighter the rotor, the less force it takes to spin the reel, making it easier to turn the handle. Fuego’s new AIRDRIVE BAIL further reduces weight and offers more rigidity than standard wire, minimizing concerns over flex, bending, or breaking. Magsealing delivers butter smooth performance while preventing water or dirt intrusion. $109.99 to $129.99.
Why gift it: Daiwa’s ever-popular Fuego spinning reel series gets a major upgrade, with a chassis now constructed of Daiwa’s durable and lightweight ZAION V material, reducing the reel’s overall weight.
Pro hint: “The Fuego just gets the job done. Day-in, day-out, it’s a reel I can trust to fish walleyes, bass, pike, whatever—as well as my clients—because it’s smooth, provides great drag performance, and stands up to real-world fishing. It should cost a whole lot more, I’ll tell you that,” said Tom Neustrom, National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Famer and veteran guide. 
Lew’s American Hero Camo Combo
Features include a new, lower profile reel and one-piece graphite frame and sideplate design. Built to last, the reel features high strength solid brass Speed Gears, a premium 6-bearing system containing stainless steel double shielded ball bearings, and an externally adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS). Baitcast combo has an IM7, 1-piece graphite blank to provide the structural strength and lightweight flexibility that anglers demand and a split-grip EVA rod handle with embossed American Hero logo. Spinning combos have spinning reels constructed with a solid, one-piece graphite frame, housing a 6-bearing system with stainless steel double shielded ball bearings for seamless casting. With overall refreshed rods and actions, the new American Hero spinning combo features an IM7, 2-piece graphite blank with split-grip EVA handles with embossed American Hero logo. Baitcast combos: $119.99. Spinning combos: $84.99.
Why gift it: The popular combos perfectly matching a balanced rod and reel are updated with new looks and features.
Pro hint: “The American Hero program from Lew’s not only offers great gear at great prices, but funds also generated from these products have created opportunities to get our veterans on the water as a means to cope and find peace of mind,” said Jamey Caldwell, U.S. Army sergeant major (Retired) and professional angler.
Lew’s Custom Lite Rods
This specialized lineup of rods includes two BFS style casting actions designed for fishing light line and lightweight baits, such as small jerkbaits, Ned rigs and shaky heads, all on casting tackle. Features HM85 graphite blanks for sensitivity and stainless-steel guides with titanium oxide inserts for durability, with spinning rods featuring a new Comfort Plus ergonomic reel seat designed in partnership with Mark Zona. Casting rods feature a Full Contact reel seat for direct blank contact while fishing. The new Custom Lites have split grip handles with Lew’s exclusive Winn® Dri-Tac Ultra ProWeave Grips for all day comfort and control. $149.99–$179.99.
Why gift it: Fine-tuning actions, grips and blank materials specifically focused on extremely lightweight components is the result of this new lineup of 20 casting models and eight spinning models.
Pro hint: “I had a blast testing and tweaking these new rods with the guys at Lew’s. We’ve got a ton of great actions that are perfect for the way I fish,” said Mark Zona analyst for Bassmaster LIVE. “The new Comfort Plus reel seat on these spinning rods is perfect. It might be the most comfortable handle I’ve used through the years!”
Shimano Stradic FM
The redesigned Stradic FM adds InfinityXross technology for unequaled gear durability and synergy by extending the gear tooth horizontally to distribute load across the gear tooth more evenly. This parlays Shimano’s legacy 
of cold-forged HAGANE gearing for added strength with the refinement of MicroModule II for the ultimate reeling experience. The addition of InfinityDrive delivers light rotation and increased cranking power under load, while the new Duracross Drag system provides the smooth performance of felt with up to 10 times the durability. Shimano’s X-Protect water-repellent coating and specially designed, water-channeling labyrinth construction ensure a lifetime of dependable performance by stopping water penetration in key areas without adding a heavy rotational feel. The new Anti-Twist Fin — an elastic polymer on the underside of the roller — enhances line management for anglers fishing monofilament or fluorocarbon line. $219.99.
Why gift it: Building upon the reputation of the legendary Stradic line, the Stradic FM reel showcases Shimano’s ongoing dedication to engineering excellence. Inspired by the groundbreaking technological innovations in the Stella family of reels, the Stradic FM reel incorporates cutting-edge innovation at an approachable price point.
Shimano Poison Ultima
Shimano’s flagship Spiral-X Core technology blends lightness and increased multi-directional strength while combining with Hi-Power X technology for added blank twist resistance. High-performance and lightweight Shimano X-Guides draw out the full potential of Poison Ultima’s rod design for trouble-free and heightened casting performance. Casting models feature Shimano’s Full Carbon Monocoque grip that leverages a full-carbon design while delivering extreme sensitivity and showcasing a new handle shape developed by scientifically analyzing tournament anglers’ movement and holding posture to elevate performance. Spinning models feature a Carbon Shell Grip — a lightweight, hollow structure — that enables anglers to determine even the slightest differences underwater as it transmits vibration through the hand. Two casting and two spinning models, both in 6′ 10″ lengths and 7′ medium and medium/heavy actions. $879.99.
Why gift it: Pushing the limits of sensitivity, the Poison Ultima Casting Rods feature Shimano’s Full Carbon Monocoque grip that transmits the slightest vibrations through the grip to your hand. The shapes were also developed by scientifically analyzing tournament anglers’ movement and holding posture to elevate performance even further. 
Pro hint: “The Poison Ultima is the new flagship rod from Shimano,” said Bassmaster Elite Series pro Bernie Schultz. “The rod is ultra-light, yet extremely strong and it has more contact points, giving the angler more sensitivity.”
St. Croix Mojo Bass TRIGON
Featuring St. Croix’s all-new ergonomic TRIGON handle and Dynamix Reel Seat design based on anthropometric data, the next-generation Mojo Bass TRIGON Series expands to 34 models – 25 casting and nine spinning – for 2024.  The comprehensive Mojo Bass TRIGON Series features premium SCIII carbon or 100% Linear S-Glass blanks (reaction-bait models only), with lengths, powers, and actions to perfectly support any bass-fishing technique from BFS to eight-ounce swimbaits. Retail prices range from $165-$270 with a 5-year warranty.
Why gift it: St. Croix engineers and designers recognized the human hand does not form a circle when closed. TRIGON conforms to the angler instead of the angler having to conform to the rod. TRIGON features a curved, triangular profile with a rounded inner apex and a flattened top curve. The results are a more comfortable grip so anglers can fish longer while exercising increased control to maximize power and accuracy.  
13 Fishing Muse Black II Casting
Attention is paid to the details, such as the Evolve Custom Soft Touch Reel Seat, premium Japanese EVA split handle grip handle and Fuji K Frame Stainless Steel Guides with Alconite Inserts. The rods are built on Japanese 40 Ton Toray Graphite with Japanese PVG40T Blank Construction. Zonal Action Technology tailers each rod’s complex, and dynamic taper to optimize balance and performance. Seven-year warranty. $224.99-$254.99.
Why gift it: This new lineup of ten bass rods features dynamically formed curves and lightweight materials to excel in all casting conditions.
13 Fishing Muse Black II Spinning
Attention is paid to the details, such as the Evolve Custom Soft Touch Reel Seat, premium Japanese EVA split handle grip handle and Fuji K Frame Stainless Steel Guides with Alconite Inserts. The rods are built on Japanese 40 Ton Toray Graphite with Japanese PVG40T Blank Construction. Zonal Action Technology tailers each rod’s complex, and dynamic taper to optimize balance and performance. Seven-year warranty. $224.99-$244.99.
Why gift it: This new lineup of ten bass rods features dynamically formed curves and lightweight materials to excel in all casting conditions.
Toyota Tundra Floor Mat
Wet, muddy boots are givens if you drive a Toyota Tundra (and take full advantage of the truck’s outdoor activity capabilities). That makes rugged, all-weather floor mats a must. Engineered precisely to fit the Tundra, these mats are made from durable, flexible, weather resistant material that cleans easily. Liners feature ribbed channels to better hold moisture, and skid-resistant backing and driver-side quarter-turn fasteners keep liners in place. Made in USA. $179.00. Available at Toyota dealers.  
Why gift it: It’s an option but should be standard equipment for any Toyota Tundra owner who gets their boots wet or muddy (and who doesn’t?).
Pro hint: “These floor mats are a must for any angler,” said Bassmaster Elite Series pro Matt Arey. “You’re going to get into your Tundra with wet feet, or worse, and these keep you from having a mess to clean up in your truck.” 
Rapala Precision Line Scissors
Traditional scissors just don’t cut it when you are using superlines. These excel at cutting and trimming micro super lines, as well as all other traditional fishing lines. Super lines are tough on a pair of scissors, dulling the blades in record time. This pair features German stainless steel blades with premium titanium coating that extends life up to 15X longer than other models. $17.49.
Why gift it: Reliable scissors specifically designed for clean cuts with braided lines. 
Pro hint: “These scissors make a clean cut with braided lines and they are built to last over time and avoid going dull,” said Bassmaster Elite Series pro Kyle Welcher. 
Rapala 15 lb. Touchscreen Scale Tournament Model
The Touch Screen Scale adds ease and convenience to weighing and tracking your catch. Large digital scale is packed with features, yet intuitive in use. Displaying weight in lbs./oz., decimal lbs. or kg., easily record and determine the position of current catch in your weight total. Simply hang catch from heavy-duty composite clamp, or included stainless steel hook to view weight. Tap on one of eight storage locations to enter fish into memory and add to total catch weight. Runs up to 400 hours on two AA batteries (not included). Back-up memory retains stored data in battery power is lost. Includes a 15lb. digital scale, plus an eight-piece culling system that allows easy management of your catch. Quickly record and determine the position of current catch in your weight total. Culling system permits easy identification of fish to be released for maximum total weight. Includes storage bag with sewn in instructions. $73.99.
Why gift it: A complete, in-the-boat, do-all tool for weighing and scoring a tournament catch before weigh-in. 
Pro hint: “I depend on this scale system every competition day,” said Bassmaster Elite Series pro Patrick Walters. “It’s like having a weigh-in inside your boat; you can calculate what you need to cull up or reach the weight you need on any given day.” 
Rapala 7″ Elite Pliers
The new Rapala Elite Pliers feature ‘Mag Spring’ to keep jaws open and ready, flip the switch and ‘Mag Lock’ tightly secures jaws for safe storage. Hybrid jaws have interlocking front teeth that insures a lock-tight clasp on hooks. Flat area in back is built for gripping line and leaders and the Carbide cutters are replaceable and will cut all braid, monofilament, fluorocarbon line along with light wire up to 15lbs. $93.49.
Why gift it: Armed by Cerakote which is a high performance, lightweight coating that protects against abrasion, corrosion & UV rays.
Rapala RapStack Tackle Tray
Suitable for hard baits, soft baits, terminal tackle, line, tools and other accessories, Rapala RapStack Trays offer a secure, quick-latch system for single-hand access. Re-writable labels (2 included) provide identification according to needs. A stackable design allows them to be integrated for vertical storage. Rigid dividers secure tackle in place and accommodate various-sized baits. Made of highly rigid, cold and heat resistant UV material for durability. $11.99.
Why gift it: A single-handed solution for storing lures for quick access. 
Pro tip: “We’ve got an entire lineup of boxes in the Rapala Rapstack family but this box is perfect for storing all types of hooks or even smaller jigs,” said Bassmaster Elite Series pro Bob Downey. 
Sunline Camo Line Storage Bag
Designed specifically for lines, this top-opening bag is padded on all sides to prevent spool breakage, even if the bag is dropped. Interior features include six internal compartments to separate spools by type or size, while an adjustable divider with six elastic bands secures bulk spools. Protects lines from harmful UV light. $29.00.
Why gift it: A dedicated soft bag for keeping lines organized and protected from damage. 
Pro hint: “Braided lines are right up there with other expensive tackle you need, and this bag protects lines and keeps them organized for quick use,” said Bassmaster Elite Series pro Luke Palmer. 
The Rod Glove: Tournament Series Casting
High quality neoprene provides the ultimate protection for rods. Features webbing reinforced opening and tip, paracord retaining cord and tip loop. Eight colors from which to choose. Casting version covers 63″ of a rod. $8.99.
Why gift it: Add more rods to your storage compartment while preventing tangled lines, and protecting them from damage. 
Pro hint: “Sure, you can stack up more rods in your compartment than ever using the Rod Glove, but they also protect your expensive rods from damage; think about that, because the money adds up,” said Bassmaster Elite Series pro Gerald Swindle. 
Gamakatsu G-Case 3000
The G-Case 3000 box starts with a large and comfortable handle that has a locking feature when in the upright position to keep the contents secure. The handle allows for easy transport in the boat or on the shore. The hinged lid flips back to create a surface work area table that can be used for lure rigging. Storage abounds in this unique box with two different customizable storage compartments. Opening the olive-colored lid reveals a quick grab section that has six removeable dividers that an angler can customize to their own preferences. The main inside storage area has two customizable, removeable dividers that allow a user to easily create custom configurations to meet their personal needs. The overall dimensions of the box are 17.1” x 9.2” x 10.7.” $64.08.
Why gift it: A multi-featured box that provides organization and functionality. 
SPRO Terminal Box 
Equipped with a generous allotment of individual compartments, the Terminal Box is built to not only organize your finesse gear but keep your smallest tackle securely separated with molded walls, removable partitions, and shallow barriers molded into the lids for 360-degrees of coverage. In addition to expertly managing your terminal arsenal, the box also offers a layer of waterproof protection with a durable rubber seal encircling the case to help prevent moisture intrusion and rust. Further enhancing its protective properties, it relies on a heavy-duty construction that is strong enough to withstand hard drops without breaking or failing. $19.49-$24.49. 
Why gift it: Offering massive protection for your smallest gear, the Spro Terminal Tackle Box is designed to safely house a collection of your small hooks, swivels, lure components, flies, and more.
Pro hint: “These days, terminal tackle means more than just hooks and weights; there are so many other specialty rigs and variations of everything that need to be organized, and this box allows you to customize it so everything you need is in one box,” said Bassmaster Elite Series pro John Crews. 
T-H Marine G-Force Conservation Culling System Gen2
 Featuring an improved design and advanced features, the Gen 2 edition takes culling to a whole new level. With its precision-engineered clips, you can easily identify, weigh, and record the weight of each fish with utmost accuracy. The specially designed clips are gentle on fish, minimizing stress and potential harm, guaranteeing their safe release back into the water. $64.99.
Why gift it: The color-coded system allows for effortless organization, ensuring that you can quickly differentiate between your catches without any confusion.
T-H Marine The Lure Hanger KIT Tackle Management System
The patent pending Tackle Titan Lure Hangar Kit is a complete magnetic tackle management system in one convenient package. It includes three pairs of Lure Hangars plus a 12 x 6.5″ galvanized metal mounting plate. $59.99.
Why gift it: Mount the Tackle Titan Lure Hangar Kit to the inside of a storage compartment lid or compartment sidewall to keep your lure collection safe and organized like never before. Lure Hangar Length: 6′. 
Pro hint: “I rely on this system to keep everything I need visible and within reach; I never have to go searching for the things I need,” said Bassmaster Elite Series pro Carl Jocumsen. 
Hobie Men’s Thinback PFD
Produced for Hobie by Stohlquist, no bulky and cumbersome PFDs here. Stash essentials in the zippered front pockets. For comfort and fit, features cross-chest cinch harness for zero ride-up, and adjustable shoulders and dual forward pulls. $105.
Why gift it: Thinback PFDs are specifically designed for integration and maximum comfort with our Hobie kayak Vantage Seats leaving you with less fussing and more time relaxing.
Hobie Kayak Rescue Strap
Our Rescue Step stands ready to help you back into your kayak should a capsize occur. The Rescue Step features quick and easy installation and operation for vessel re-entry assistance, for righting an overturned kayak and can also be used to tow your kayak. $57.99.
Why gift it: Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and you end up in the water instead of on your kayak. This is the ideal gift for any kayaker and not an item they might not consider having on board. 
Costa Tailfin
Introducing Tailfin – a modernized classic Costa design built for all watermen who require a clear view of their surroundings. Our Bio-Resin frame boasts refined and chiseled edges, complemented by features that help you stay comfortable and sweat-free, with your destination clearly in sight. Offering two size options, both those with bigger and smaller heads can embark on their watery adventures fully equipped. No matter where you’re going, we built the Tailfin to help you get there — and maximize every moment spent on the water. $180.
Why gift it: At an entry-level price point you get the performance-level features you’ve come to expect from Costa, including 580 glass lens technology for superior clarity. 
Costa Seadrift
For every waterwoman looking to bring style on their next outing without leaving functionality at the dock, meet Seadrift. This sleek, 8-base, Bio-Resin frame lets you roll with the waves, while purpose-built features like Hydrolite™ rubber and micro-sculpted side shields are there when you’re ready to take the helm. Seadrift comes with multiple sizing options, so no matter who’s looking, there’s no end to what you’ll see. Whether the wind takes your drift past reefs or a good weed line, you’ll be ready to pick your shots with frames built to perform. $160.
Why gift it: At an entry-level price point you get the performance-level features you’ve come to expect from Costa, including 580 glass lens technology for superior clarity. 
Garmin ECHOMAP UHD2 63sv Chartplotter
The ECHOMAP™ UHD2 63sv touchscreen with keyed-assist chartplotter knows the water better than a local. Get clear, high-contrast views all around your boat with Garmin traditional, ClearVü™ and SideVü™ scanning sonars. Navigate the waters with built-in Garmin Navionics+™ cartography. $799.99. 
Garmin quatix 7 Pro Smartwatch
Designed for life on the water, the quatix® 7 Pro high-performance smartwatch features a stunning AMOLED display with a scratch-resistant sapphire lens. Explore remote destinations with up to 16 days of battery life in smartwatch mode. The built-in bright LED flashlight provides convenient illumination when you need it. Track your favorite watersport activities, and control Force® trolling motors from your wrist, and meet any challenge at the helm and beyond with advanced training insight and 24/7 health tracking features. $999.99. 
Simms Rogue Pant
Built out of reliable wind-bocking, breathable, and DWR-treated softshell face fabric with a fleece liner, the Rogue pant comes equipped with a fixed waistband with low profile webbing belt loops, rubberized shank closure, and a zippered fly. Additional features include front drop-in hand-warmer pockets with a single right zippered back pocket, a right thigh zippered pocket with a layered drop-in phone or plier pocket. $139.95.
Why gift it: A pair of weatherproof pants that combine water repellency with wind protection and fleece for warmth. 
Simms Women’s Fall Run Insulated Hoody
Primaloft Insulation is the foundation of this three-season, highly functional layering or stand-alone garment. Primaloft isn’t waterproof, but it’s water repellent to keep you warm even when it gets damp from rain or heavy activity. What else stands out is Primaloft 60g is extremely breathable for comfort and compressible for packing in a daypack or boat storage compartment. The fully-insulated 3-panel hood and upper front and back body features internal quilting for a smooth exterior for abrasion resistance when worn with bibs, and drop-tail hemline provides extra coverage when rowing or driving a boat. $169.95.
Why gift it: Don’t mistake this as an insulated hooded jacket; it has the functions of both, with the advantages of Primaloft. 
AFTCO Women’s Shadow Tactical Hoodie 
This staple hoodie inspired by the Reaper hosts everything an angler needs to spend the whole day on the water. Shadow has a classic fit, and is DWR water-repellent. This women’s fishing hoodie also has an adjustable hood to cinch down as needed and a kangaroo-style pocket for easy storage access. $79.00.
Why gift it: AFTCO’s Reaper lineup is its most popular hoodie, and women can benefit from the same technical features. 
AFTCO Women’s Stout Shacket
Stout features an ultra-warm bonded flannel fleece consisting of 50% cotton and 50% recycled polyester. It has a handy chest pocket for storage, warm hand pockets, and a classic fit that goes with its timeless outdoors style. $79.00. Aftco.,com
Why gift it: Combines her favorite heavyweight flannel with a favorite fleece blanket that will deliver hugs of warmth and comfort every time she throws it on.
AFTCO Women’s Crosswind Puff Jacket
The Women’s Crosswind Puff Jacket is a recycled polyester wind resistant puff down jacket with 80g synthetic fill that’s built to keep you ultra-warm during the coldest days and nights of the year. DWR makes jacket water resistant and zippered chest and hand pockets means you’ll have plenty of storage. $99.
Why gift it: Easily packed and ready for wear, this version of the puff jacket is designed with the ideal fit for women. 
Minn Kota AFTCO Reaper Hoodie
The Reaper is AFTCO’s best-selling hoodie, led by the innovative integrated face mask and neck warmer. Constructed of microfleece fabric, the Reaper has laser cut ventilation on the mask and underarm areas, a hood anchoring system that keeps it snug and in place on high-speed runs. To top it off, and make it complete, this Reaper has the Minn Kota logo. Charcoal. Small-3XL. $79.00.
Why gift it: You get a tournament-ready garment designed for style and functionality. 
Humminbird AFTCO Reaper Hoodie
The Reaper is AFTCO’s best-selling hoodie, led by the innovative integrated face mask and neck warmer. Constructed of microfleece fabric, the Reaper has laser cut ventilation on the mask and underarm areas, a hood anchoring system that keeps it snug and in place on high-speed runs. To top it off, and make it complete, this Reaper has the Minn Kota logo. Charcoal. Small-3XL. $79.00.
Why gift it: You get a tournament-ready garment designed for style and functionality. 
Skeeter AFTCO Jason Christie Hoodie
Specifically designed for long hours of sun exposure, with a larger hood and neck closure system to maximize sun protection. An integrated hat visor sleeve provides further protection to reduce glare. Professional angler Jason Christie’s feedback and modifications were instrumental in the creation of this performance sun protection hoodie. $49.00.
Why gift it: AFTCO worked alongside Christie to adapt his unique modifications and produce a performance sun protection shirt with an increased hood size, neck closure system and an integrated hat visor sleeve.
Bassmaster Trucker Hat
A trucker-style hat with the classic B.A.S.S. leaping bass embroidered into the crown in a white/olive color pattern. $34.99. Bassmaster Trucker Hat
Bassmaster Rope HatBig Stage. Big Bass. Big Dreams. Wear the motto of the Bassmaster Elite Series. $39.99. Bassmaster Rope Hat
Bassmaster Women’s Performance TeeThe B.A.S.S. logo is front and center of this performance t-shirt designed with a fit just for women. $19.79. Bassmaster Women’s Performance Tee
Bassmaster Performance HoodieThe B.A.S.S. logo is front and center on the chest of this blue hoodie. Sizes: S-XL. $41.99. Bassmaster Performance Hoodie
B.A.S.S. Shield Navy Rope HatThis classy all-navy blue hat features the B.A.S.S. shield. $39.99. Bassmaster Navy Rope Hat