Plano introduces EDGE crankbait boxes

Grand Prairie, TX - Crankbaits these days are like cherished heirlooms. Find one that works, and you want to protect it. Drop $20 on a crankbait, and you at least want to have the opportunity to lose it on an ol' bucketmouth before it gets rusted, chipped and scuffed before you even use it.  

The EDGE Crankbait Box has unique CrankBait Catcher silicone fingers to gently cradle crankbaits, prevent tangled hooks and protect finishes. The EDGE Crankbait Box is available in two sizes: the EDGE Crankbait XL box for deep-running, large-lipped crankbaits and the shallower EDGE small Crankbait box for finesse baits, jerk baits or any small profile baits. The EDGE Crankbait Box is like physical therapy for crankbaits. 

EDGE Crankbait Boxes Features:

  • Unique CrankBait Catcher silicone fingers to gently cradle lures and protect finishes
  • Available in two sizes - XL and S
  • WATER WICK technology
  • EZ LABEL system
  • DRI-LOC O-ring seal
  • Ribbed, stackable bases and lids
  • RUSTRICTOR infused
  • DURAVIEW Crystal-Clear polycarbonate lid
  • One-handed latch design
  • CRANKBAIT CATCHER, a patented EDGE design available only from Plano

Steel-hinge pins

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