Gear Review: The Nomadik monthly gift box


Chris Mitchell
The light included in this month's gift box in our studio.

What is it?

The Nomadik 

What sets it apart?

There are plenty of monthly subscription boxes out there, but The Nomadik is not only a collection of items, but curated by a theme of the outdoors. It's not necessarily for fishermen, but this month that caught my attention because it included a floading, inflatable, solar powered LED light, something already put to use on the Elite Series trail. 

How do I use it?

The box I was sent is their "Earth Month" box, which also featured a metal straw and cleaner, and a high-end Eco Vessel 24 oz. metal tumbler. The highlight (all puns intenteded) however was the MPOWERD Luci Light EMRG, which is the light you see above. Useful in the backs of trucks in pre-dawn hours, rod lockers and everywhere else. It did almost float away on me when I tested it, so look out for that! It has a few modes that include blinking white and red, and it was easy to charge it back up in the sun.  

How much?

$32.95 a month, but if you buy multple months ahead of time the price can go down. 

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

There are plenty of boxes in our industry that will bring you new lures each month, but there's something pretty cool about a more outdoor lifestyle-focused box. If you mix in camping and hiking along with fishing, this may be worth a look. Each box has a theme and you have the ability to tailor the sort of items your receive before you are charged. The big takeaway for me is that this is a thoughtful collection of items, and the light is seriously great and already in my tackle bag. I wonder if it will attract some bass by the dock at night?