Youth Revolution

22-year-old Ian Paskon is at the ICAST show, realizing his dream and pushing his product.

LAS VEGAS – Ian Paskon had the idea when he was 18 years old: why not create a set of spinnerbaits and buzzbaits with interchangeable parts.

Years of tweaking and failed designs later, and Paskon is at the ICAST show, realizing his dream and pushing his product. Actually, it’s only been four years. Paskon has his money (plus investor’s money), time and future on the line at ICAST and he’s only 22. His business partner and head of sales  – Tyler Singleton – is also 22.

Paskon skipped college and put his efforts toward the company, and Singleton has decided to finish his degree from the University of Missouri online.

“We got great advice from the people around, but the best advice we got was that we’re only 21 and if we were ever to take a chance on something like this, it should be now,” Paskon said. “In February we started talking serious about it and decided to jump into it together and start a company.

“It was unreal. We were just fearless, searched out investment money, secured it and here we are.”

Their company is Revolution Lures and their product is called Inter Changeable. Both the spinnerbait and the buzzbait kits, which sell for $34.99 apiece, offer 12 pieces that can make 81 different lures. Twenty seven of those variations can be made without retying.

“When I was developing the spinnerbaits and buzzbaits, I tried to make them as close to successful items on the market,” Paskon said. “Why change that side of it if it’s not broken? The only difference in ours is that they are interchangeable.

“The good thing about this is we’re not reinventing the wheel. These are lures that are proven. Everybody has caught fish on these baits.”

You can find out more details about their product and how it is built at In fact, as it should be for a company of 22-year-olds, they consider their secret weapon to be the online market.

“We’re pretty Internet savvy and know how to use the web to sell product,” Singleton said.

Paskon and Singleton said their first ICAST has been a good experience. They’ve notched a couple infomercial possibilities and talked to a number of wholesalers interested in their product.

They’re less than six months into this venture and already thinking expansion.

“We have some research and development on a couple other things,” Singleton said. “We’ve gotten a lot of positive responses with what we have and we’re happy with how everything has gone thus far.”