XCITE Baits and Tyler Rivet deliver a Sucka Punch

Xcite Baits, a Texas-based manufacturer of top-grade bass tournament tackle, has introduced the Sucka Punch, a superior mat-punching soft plastic creature designed with heavy input from Elite Series pro Tyler Rivet. The two-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier hails from South Louisiana, where heavy vegetation and big tungsten weights are a way of life. He’s managed to finish in the money in nearly 80 percent of the Bassmaster events he’s fished largely with a flipping stick, but he often felt that there had to be a better bait for coaxing strikes and then extracting bigger-than average fish. Now he has the perfect tool.

“All I do down here at home is punch,” he said. “I wanted something with no appendages, something that would get through the mats easier. This design accomplishes that because it’s slim on the sides, which means that you can use a lighter weight to get it through the grass. It’s different from any other beaver-style bait, and the slit on the side makes it so that you can’t see the hook.”

While he designed it specifically for the thickest greenery around, Rivet has been pleasantly surprised by how many other purposes this sidewinder with hard-flapping claws can fulfill. He’s found it to be a fantastic tool for bedding bass. That’s not the only alternative purpose, though. “It turned out to be better than any bait I’ve ever used for skipping. That’s something I suck at, and I can skip this thing way back under docks like it’s nothing.”

Xcite Owner and President Lloyd Walker stated that “this is exactly why we wanted Tyler to be on our team so badly. He’s innovative and detail-oriented, with a strong work ethic and a proven track record on the water.” Rivet was a founding member of the Nicholls State bass fishing team and competed in the Bassmaster National Collegiate Championship each year he was enrolled, before subsequently qualifying for the Elites via the 2018 Central Opens.

“Everything about this bait sets it apart from the competition,” Walker continued. “It kicks harder, lasts longer, and most of all provides a different profile.”

The Sucka Punch comes in a dozen colors. It’s made with the same high-quality plastic and attention to detail as all of Xcite’s other baits, including the ultra-popular Raptor Tail Series and the Xtreme Stix, among others.

Stay tuned for more press releases from Xcite in the months to come as we continue to release additional products and report on successes with our lures.