Rapala scatters deep and shallow

At the 2014 GEICO Bassmaster Classic, renowned tackle maker Rapala is releasing two new versions of their famous Scatter Rap, the Scatter Rap Deep and Scatter Rap Shallow.

When it debuted a year ago, Rapala’s Scatter Rap effectively built in the action that savvy crankbaiters have coveted: a side-to-side fleeing action. When retrieved at the proper speed, the Scatter Rap does in fact wobble like a regular crankbait but in wide, erratic dives to the left and right, hence the name Scatter Rap.

Now, at the 2014 GEICO Bassmaster Classic, the renowned tackle maker is releasing two new versions of this innovative crankbait, the Scatter rap Deep and Scatter Rap Shallow. As the names imply, one is made for prowling the shallows and the other to pick off deepwater fish. the new Scatter Rap Crank Shallow covers water three feet deep and shallower and the Scatter Rap Crank Deep dives ten to twelve feet. But the numbers alone don’t tell the whole story – Scatter Raps not only cover the water column vertically, they extend coverage horizontally as well.

Both the Scatter Rap Crank Shallow and Scatter Rap Crank Deep measure two inches and weigh 5/16th oz. They run silently, float when paused and come with No. 5 black-nickel round-bend VMC hooks. They come in 18 color patterns, including four new “Ike’s Custom Ink” patterns – Bruise, Girlfriend, Mule and Rasta.

Retail price is set at $8.99. rapala.com