Offshore grass will be key at Toledo Bend

Bass and offshore grass on Toledo Bend go together like bears and honey pots.

Bass and offshore grass on Toledo Bend go together like bears and honey pots, so it’s no surprise that’s where is showing the bite again for the Evan Williams Bourbon Bassmaster Elite Series event there. Let’s take a quick look at some details.

Where the fish are

Even though TBend might be a bit behind pattern-wise because of the crazy winter, BassGold shows that offshore grassbeds will still dominate. Half of wins and high finishes (second-fifth) happen offshore, with main lake and secondary points combined at about half of that.

Grass is of course the deal, factoring in 44 percent of wins and high finishes. Wood is a factor in about half that many first-fifth finishes, with ledge/drop/ditch third most-important.

What to use

On grassy, lowland reservoirs this time of year, a variety of baits can work well and that’s what BassGold is showing here. But the most effective are:

  • Lizard/creature: 23 percent and most wins

  • Crankbait: 20 percent

  • Worm/Senko: 13 percent

If you want to group baits together differently, soft-plastics far outperform moving baits. As always, BassGold – used by several Elite Series anglers – shows you what definitely works and where to fish it, but how you apply that info depends on your own fishing experience and preferences.

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