Hot product press: Owner Brush Head

If you fish a lot of grassy lakes, you need this finesse jighead.

What is it?

A finesse jighead you need if you fish lots of grassy lakes; the Owner Brush Head.

What does it do?

Keeps your plastics out of the weeds for less frustration and more time fishing.

How do I use it?

Ideally, you’re going to throw this on spinning tackle with a wacky worm hooked through the middle, but it can be used for other finesse presentations as well. Weights and sizes range from 1/8- to 1/4-ounce. You get three per pack.

What sets it apart?

Although it looks simple, this thing is loaded with features. Starting from the front, the Brush Head has a standard ball head, but lead is molded up the front of the line tie to discourage weed collection there. The head is painted in the most popular color ever: green pumpkin. Moving along, the barb is thin but beefy enough to hold most any plastic; the weedguard is a plastic number that can be trimmed depending on how thick the vegetation is. Finally, the business end of this jighead is Owner’s Super Needle Point with a black chrome finish.

How much?

$6.00 per 3-pack.

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