Gear Review: Shimano SLX A Bass Rods


Shimano SLX A Bass Rod


After a few years of great success with the original SLX rods, Shimano decided to revamp the SLX line of rods cosmetically with new eye-appealing designs and features. Shimano has added the DIAFLASH technology to the rods which is a carbon tape wrapped around the rod that helps provide strength and flexibility to the blanks. As well as some changes to the handle of the rod by engraving the SLX logo on the new EVA split grip handles. Also coming back is the popular titanium oxide guides as well as a custom reel seat.


Arguably, the most attractive thing about the new line of rods is how many new actions they now offer. 16 baitcasting selections from a 6’10 medium for small crankbaits and spinnerbaits, to 7’0 medium heavy for texas rigs and jigs all the way up to a 7’10 heavy for big swimbaits. There are seven different spinning rod selections as well to throw anything finesse from drop shots to ned rigs to smaller swimbaits.


$99.99 (starting price)



Fortunately, I got to test these rods out for a photoshoot back in April way before the public got ahold of them. I’ve always used Shimano rods and reels throughout my entire college fishing career, so getting the opportunity to test out the new gear before the public saw it was exciting, but also hard to keep a secret at the same time. And I have to say I was genuinely impressed with the updates to these new rods.

During the photo shoot, we really got to put these rods to the test. The fish were up spawning so of course, I am very partial to using a spinning rod and pitching a weightless Senko to the beds. But they were spawning around thick grass, so hooking them and getting them out of the grass was a challenge in itself. There were a few times throughout both days being on the lake I would have a fish or two bury up in the grass. I would be reeling in what seemed like a big wad of grass plus the fish, flip it in the boat with the rod pretty much doubled over, and was truly impressed the rod didn’t snap.