Gear Review: RAM Horizonal 6-inch Swing Arm Mount


RAM Horizontal 6-inch Swing Arm Mount


The Horizontal 6-inch Swing Arm Mount by RAM is a solution to a problem boat owners and kayak anglers have had for years – fish finder placement. For bass boat owners, there is no standard spot to mount graphs, and depending on the boat, an angler can’t always mount a fish finder where you would like. Dash mounted and over the trolling motor mount have become the standard for professional anglers and having multiple graphs in each location is a common theme. If a boat doesn’t allow for a “standard” mount, or an angler can’t figure out how to get two, this RAM swing arm mount is the solution. It also will work to mount fish finders on a aluminum boat, kayak or any boat build where electronics are needed.


Made of powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum or steel depending on the model, the mounts provide durability and reliability regardless of mounting location in even the harshest of situations. You can also get the RAM swing mount in a double arm, horizontal base, or a single and double vertical base. With a universal drill-down base, mounting is simple, and there is a solution for any and all mounting needs. The bottom plate is a 2.5-inch x 2.5-inch base which provides optimal support for units up to 8 pounds. There are two pivot points on the single arm, and three pivot points on the double arm, providing complete 360-degree rotation, allowing the ability to see graphs from any position on the boat. The mount is a rugged 2.09-pounds providing support for small and large units.





As an angler, having the flexibility to mount electronics where there is space available is key. Most single and double mounts are extremely expensive, and depending on the boat or kayak, space simply is not available. The perfect mounting situation does not exist for everyone. With four different options, this mount is the perfect solution for those who don’t have space for a standard mount or those with a unique situation. I have a standard over the trolling motor mount for one graph and didn’t have room to mount a stack mount. I installed the 6-inch swing arm offset behind my other graph and now have the ability to mount two units on the front without sacrificing valuable deck space off to the side of the boat. Oh yeah, and it’s compatible with all major electronics brands and comes along with a lifetime warranty.