Gear Review: Ram D Size 2.25

What is it?

Ram D Size 2.25-inch, Part# RAM-D-111-KNOB9HU

What sets it apart?

This is one heavy-duty electronics mount. If you are running the new standard 10- to 12-inch dash-mounted electronic units, you need a suitable base to adequately mount your expensive graph. Not one that will loosen when running big water with big waves. The D-111 from Ram is built to take the abuse and will keep your units in position even through the toughest conditions.

How do I use it?

Included with this mount is the Ram Hi-Torq Wrench, designed to be used with the knob found on “D” size ball arms and mounts. The wrench matches the shape of the knob and lets you give the arm an extra tight grip. This wrench was originally made for the military when using the RAM mounts in cold weather, and the knob could not be tightened by hand.

How much?


More Information:

Ram Mounts

Angler’s insight:

Boat electronics are very expensive, why not invest in the kind of base/mount that will protect that investment? The big Ram mount will easily adjust so you can position it where it’s most convenient, and when that location is achieved, lock it down and forget about it – it won’t move. It’s durable and dependable, which is exactly what hardcore boat owners and fishermen require. This is one piece of gear you won’t ever regret owning.