Gear Review: Booyah Covert Spinnerbait Series

What is it?

Booyah Covert Spinnerbait Series

What sets it apart?

Driven by the belief that there is an ideal spinnerbait for every situation, Booyah has assembled 72 specific skirt, head and blade combinations to address a wide range of spinnerbait scenarios. Utilizing elements such as red and orange heads for early spring and high or dirty water, the Covert Series adds white and chartreuse-based skirt patterns to match forage and complement head colors. Certain models also feature an orange kicker blade for low-visibility.

How do I use it?

Covert Series spinnerbaits include non-plated 17-7 stainless steel bronze wire for increased durability and enhanced blade vibration. The wire also promotes corrosion resistance, while a formed wire trailer keeper holds any soft plastics in place. Covert Spinnerbaits come in 3/8-, 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-ounce sizes. The 3/8-ounce model is fitted with 4/0 hook, while the others include a 5/0.

How much?

$8.99 – $9.99

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

Like most common bait categories, there’s a reason some anglers consistently turn in greater spinnerbait productivity, and the secret typically rests in the specific details of when to employ which options. Booyah has covered more bases than most have even considered, but anglers should appreciate the options. Also nice are the top quality Hildebrandt blades and a modified head design that features a special raked-out gill to offset the blade torque and keep the bait running true.