First Look: X Zone Stealth Invader

The latest arrival to the X Zone Lures family of premium, Pro Series baits is the 3-inch Stealth Invader. This NEW finesse style goby bait is ideal for smallmouth waters, and the perfect choice for largemouth on highly pressured waters, when you want to give the bass a different look. 

The Stealth Invader’s lifelike goby fins and tail are the result of realistic modeling, with design and feedback from top Bassmaster Elite Series pros Brandon Palaniuk, Carl Jocumsen and Cooper Gallant. What makes it stand out is an innovative paddle tail designed to kick at both the slowest and the highest of retrieve speeds. 

The special formula keeps the bait horizontal in the water column—and the strike zone—for drop shot applications. What is more, the tail of the bait stays off the bottom for contact presentations, making it ideal for finesse presentations. 

X Zone knows and believes that certain baits should float, while others should sink to be most effective for lifelike presentations. X Zone also recognizes there is another special category: neutrally buoyant baits to keep them horizontal in the water column. 

That quality is ideally important in drop shot and hover rig techniques, for the most lifelike of presentations. The Stealth Invader fits those qualities so well that it can fill multiple applications. 

  • Drop Shot
  • Ned Rig
  • Hover Rig
  • Damiki Rig
  • Ball Head
  • Finesse Jig Trailer
  • Small Swimbait Head

Like all of its soft plastics, the Stealth Invader is made without cheap fillers in their specially formulated plastic, resulting in the vivid colors that make it stand out in the category. The Stealth Invader is available in these 12 colors. Suggested retail price: $5.99 for a pack of six baits. 

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