New pitching rod from St. Croix to debut at Classic

Park Falls, WI – In bass fishing, like baseball, every pitch counts. Much like painting the corners of the plate, pitching a wakeless bait into a laydown or grass pocket is often what wins games.  

“As time goes by, a lot more anglers are pitching than flipping,” says Dan Johnston, National Accounts Manager for St. Croix Rods and bass fishing expert. “Down and up with one hand pitching is being used in more scenarios all the time, from docks to laydowns to grass edges. The funny thing is, many of the rods being billed as pitching rods are actually flipping sticks, and there’s a big difference in the technique mechanics and what’s required from a rod.” 

To that end, St. Croix Rod is proud to introduce a new technique-specific model to the Legend Tournament® Bass series, the 7’ 5” medium-power, fast action Pitchin’ rod (LBC75HMF). The St. Croix design team painstakingly considered countless factors to create the ideal pitching rod, including rod length, power, action and ergonomics, to best suit contemporary pitching situations and baits.