Hot product press: Owner All Purpose Bass Hooks

What is it?

Owner Hooks’ newest bass stickers, the All Purpose Bass Hooks. The All Purpose Worm Hook is a traditional straight-shank hook while the EWG style is the All Purpose Soft Bait Hook.

What does it do?

This pair of styles takes the guesswork out of the hook aisle in your tackle shop, where hundreds of styles can make selecting the right hook troubling. Sizes of the All Purpose Worm Hook range from No. 1 to 5/0 and the All Purpose Soft Bait Hook ranges from 1/0 to 5/0.

How do I use it?

The name of the game with these hooks is simplicity. Throwing a Fluke? Either will work. Ten-inch worm? Try a 5/0 Worm Hook. Floating Worm? Go for a 1/0 Worm Hook. These are great for all kinds of soft plastics of all sizes.

What sets it apart?

In case you haven’t noticed, Owner is one of the top two brands of hooks used by Bassmaster Elite Series pros, whether they’ll admit it or not. Both models are rated X-strong and have Owner’s Z-lock bend so your plastic doesn’t slip down the shank. They also have a Super Needle Point and a highly corrosion-resistant black chrome finish.

How much?

$4.50 per pack.

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