Hot Product Press: O.S.P. Bent Minnow

What is it?

O.S.P.’s bent Minnow, a funky crescent-shaped topwater that the bass in your pond have likely never seen. It’ll also work under the surface, but just. Don’t think you’ll get it to dive very deep. But that’s not the point of it.

What does it do?

It’s a topwater that’s as versatile as any on the market. It walks, spits and even jumps clean out of the water when manipulated correctly. You might need a little practice with it to master the movements, but once you do you’ll be reaching for it more often than not whenever there’s a topwater bite.

How do I use it?

Sharp twitches make it walk and jump wildly while small strokes make it sashay back and forth. A simple straight retrieve makes it wobble and “S” side to side. It’s a heck of a lot of fun to play with to see just how you can get it to move. Use a limber rod with the smaller models (there are four sizes) and monofilament. The stretch will really bring this plug to life.

What sets it apart?

The shape of this floating topwater is what’s most noticeable about it. O.S.P. calls it a 3-D action since it comes out of the water and moves every which way. The bent nature also adds to the dying baitfish effect. The multitude of action it can produce makes it very versatile and attractive to bass that might otherwise be conditioned to traditional topwater lures.

How much?

Tackle Warehouse has them starting at $19.99.

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