Hot Product Press: Jethro Baits Antagonist Punch Skirt

What is it?

Jethro Baits’ Antagonist Punch Skirt.

What does it do?

Adds a bigger, jiglike profile to typically slender punching soft plastics. In other words, you can make your Gambler BB Cricket look more like a bluegill with one of these bad boys.

How do I use it?

If you’ve got an unweighted punch skirt, simply slide it between the hook and the pegged weight. If you’re using a weighted one, simply thread it on after you’ve tied your knot (hopefully a snell) and peg it.

What sets it apart?

The diameter of the Antagonist is roughly 5 inches and the 33 strands give it just enough bulk to garner more attention in the dark places that are under matted vegetation. A dozen colors are available so you can match any kind of forage that might be lurking below, from perch to bluegill to shad.

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