Hot Product Press: GoPro Sportsman's Mount

What is it?

A new mount from GoPro that you need: the Sportsman’s Mount.

What does it do?

It keeps your GoPro safe, secure and in an interesting and ideal position on your rod. Sure, you’ve got the running shots from the top of the outboard and the windshield, but this is a brand new option for showcasing hooksets, line flying off the reel and fish jumps right at the boat.

How do I use it?

Simply put your camera in the housing, clamp it on and hit record before you make your first cast. To be extra-sure you don’t fling your camera into the drink while fishing, tether the camera housing or mount to your rod using high test fishing line or a GoPro Camera Tether.

What sets it apart?

No camera gives you as many point of view potentials as a GoPro, and this mount just expands the capabilities of the platform. Do you like to hunt? This mount allows you to put a GoPro on the barrel of a gun or the riser or stabilizer of a bow. Plus, with the right back door on your

housing, the whole package is waterproof.

How much?

$69.99, camera not included.

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