GL2 rods up the ante

What is it?

G.Loomis’s award winning GL2 rod lineup (they won the Best Freshwater Rod category at ICAST 2011).

What does it do?

These rods offer anglers a chance to experience G.Loomis rods at an entry-level price.

Why do I need it?

If you’ve ever been curious as to why many anglers shell out a few extra bucks to buy Loomis products, now is your chance to do so at a reduced price without a reduction in quality or workmanship.

How do I use it?

Pick a rod designed to perform best with your favorite technique and give it it a whirl! Both spinning and casting models are available.

What sets it apart?

These rods are unmistakably Loomis. They’re built with lightness, sensitivity and durability in mind, with the added draw of affordability. Like all Loomis products, the GL2 line is backed by Loomis’s lifetime defect warranty.

How much?

Loomis lists the range of the GL2 series as $185.00 - $245.00.

More inforamtion:; 866-491-5229

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