Gill profiles Skylar Hamilton

Buford, GA – Along with Gill’s distinct roster of pro bass anglers representing the B.A.S.S. Elite Series is Skylar Hamilton. The Tennessee native has fished a total of 61 tournaments with 30 times in the money including a first-place finish, and what will be his second Bassmaster Classic appearance. Now preparing for the upcoming Bassmaster Classic, Hamilton is ecstatic to be working with Gill. 

“It’s been great working with GILL. I’ve known their U.S. National Sales Manager Tim Golden for quite a while. He’s become a good friend, so the relationship has been like family, and that goes for everyone at Gill. They’ve been incredibly supportive,” says Hamilton. “They’re down to Earth, understand what bass fishing is about, and really support my needs on the trail. It’s made it a lot easier on me to have such a great relationship with a sponsor. Again, it’s like family.” 

“I’ve had a great time helping promote their apparel, which is fishing gear I can stand 100% behind because of its performance and durability. I’ve worn Gill jackets for years, even before I was involved with the brand. And it’s not just rain suits, they manufacture apparel for every possible situation I could encounter,” adds Hamilton. 

“Not only does Skylar’s performance on the water speak to his work ethic,” says Tim Golden, U.S. National Sales Manager, Gill Fishing. “He’s been a top product ambassador for us, providing feedback on product design, keeping social media channels engaged with Gill content, and overall contributing to our more aggressive push into bass fishing in general. He doesn’t treat the relationship as a mere sponsorship, he comes to every discussion and opportunity like a member of family. We wish him the very best at the Classic and look forward to watching him compete!” 

In his second year with Gill, Hamilton’s already fished numerous events in the fishing gear, ultimately putting it through the challenging real-world tests that pro bass anglers face. 

“Besides the new Gill fishing gear, I also have a Gill jacket from Yamaha that I still wear, and it’s probably six years old. It’s just amazing that raingear can last that long. That’s a testimony to how well Gill is made and the fact that when a consumer buys a higher priced suit like the Pro Tournament 3L Jacket and Tournament Bib, it’s going to last a long time. That’s what’s different about Gill fishing gear; it’s absolutely made to last and withstand everything you and Mother Nature throw at it.”

In terms of his favorite new Gill fishing gear, Hamilton is a fan of the Active Jacket with the North Hill Jacket underneath for changing weather conditions. Not only is the North Hill Jacket extremely lightweight, it features a windproof fabric with water repellent finish and Down Feel synthetic fiber insulation. 

“Gill also manufactures a lot of apparel that help protect me from the sun,” adds Hamilton. “The UV Tech Hoody is pretty much all I wore when I was tournament fishing fishing in Florida. It’s the lightest weight I’ve ever felt with that amount of coverage and protection. Keeps your skin protected and has a good hood with ample room for someone like me with a big head. It has hard in the past to find a sun hoody like this that had a hood that didn’t feel like it was restricting your head movement. I’m really impressed with it.”

In terms of sun protection, Hamilton is also sports Gill’s UV-Tec Neck Gaiter and UV-Tec Gloves.“Gill really manufactures everything I need for protection against the elements, whether that’s rain, snow, sleet and wind, to the punishing sun. Gill isn’t just a one-trick pony—they offer those of us who make our living on the water a solution for everything.”

And the protection doesn’t end on the water. Gill’s extensive body of apparel extends to the everyday wear, which Hamilton appreciates. “From their Race Long Sleeve Tee to polo shirts , they have something I wear for every situation, whether that’s competing on the water or going to dinner. That’s pretty cool.”

Looking forward to the Classic—and dependent on the weather—Hamilton will be wearing the new Pro Tournament 3L Jacket and the Tournament Bib.

“It’s really going to be dependent on the weather at the Classic but odds are I’ll be wearing the new Pro Tournament 3L Jacket and the Tournament Bib, which are just awesome in terms of design, performance and durability. Not only do they keep me dry, I can move about the boat with ease in them. Unlike a lot of other brands, they’re not bulky or hinder your movements.

“I’ve worn the Pro Tournament 3L Jacket quite a bit recently in the colder tournaments, and I’ve been amazed at how warm it is. The pockets and all the zippers are also well-placed for storing things I need on the ready, so in terms of ergonomics it’s a fantastic suit, too. The Vortex hood is also a huge benefit. You really don’t know you’ve got the hood on because it’s not choking you like hoods on a lot of competitive raingear. You also don’t have to cinch everything super tight to keep it from blowing off. It’s just a matter of flipping that hood up and driving down the lake – it’s a great design that keeps the hood and my hat where they’re supposed to be. It also doesn’t obscure your vision, which is important when you’re driving and watching graphs.”

GILL is proud to announce that the Pro Tournament 3LTournament Jacket, and Active Jacketare all currently available at and will be on display at the Bassmaster Classic.

And if the Classic conditions are super frigid, Hamilton adds that he’ll fortify his wear with the OS Thermal Zip Neck top and OS Thermal Leggings underneath. 

“I’m really looking forward to the Classic on Guntersville. I live only two-and-half hours from the lake, so I’ve fished it a lot this time of year. I have to say that being a part of the 50th Anniversary Classic is a real honor no matter how it shakes out. My whole family has been involved in fishing for a long time, so this is really special to me. Just to be listed as one of the anglers in the event and a part of that milestone, again, is a real honor. And fishing-wise, there should be some big bags, and this time of year everybody has the chance of catching some big bass. I’m really looking forward to it,” comments Hamilton. 

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