Gear Review: Z-Man Terminal Tackle

What is it?

Z-Man Terminal Tackle

What sets it apart?

Not only does Z-Man make a diverse line of ultra-durable plastic baits, but also the terminal tackle for several popular presentations. One of it’s new introductions, the TRD SpinZ, mounts a willow leaf or Colorado style blade to a ball bearing swivel for maximum rotation and employs a stainless centering wire with sharp, molded plastic keeper prongs for gripping plastics. Available in gold or silver finishes, the TRD Spinz adds flash and vibration to Ned rigs, wacky rigs, Texas rigs and swimbaits.

How do I use it?

The Neko ShroomZ also uses a stainless centering wire with molded plastic keeper to pierce Z-Man’s ElaZtech, or your preferred bait, and hold a mushroom shaped weight seamlessly against the a worm’s head. So arranged, the mushroom weight pulls the bait downward head-first and promotes a rocking action on the bottom. Available in green pumpkin and black, the Neko ShroomZ comes in 1/20-, 1/15-, 1/10- and 1/6-ounce

How much?

TRD SpinZ $4.99 (3 pack)

Neko ShroomZ $4.99 (4 pack)

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

Neko rigs have carved a sizable niche in the finesse game but one of the common issues anglers face is a weight slipping out when the rig impacts a dock piling, rock or other hard surface. The Neko ShroomZ addresses this well with a firm anchoring system, while the exterior weight allows you to fish the rig in a hybrid shaky head kinda role.  As for the TRD SpinZ, dressing up a bait often turns lookers into biters; but more than simply an aesthetic deal, this item should prove helpful in stained water, low-light conditions or heavily pressured waters where bites are earned.