Gear Review: Z-Man Finesse TRD CrawZ

What is it?

Z-Man Finesse TRD CrawZ

What sets it apart?

Expanding the already widespread popularity of a simple mushroom style jighead with a small, soft bait like its Finesse TRD (aka the Ned Rig), Z-Man introduces its new Finesse BulletZ Weedless Jighead. Paired with the new 2.5-inch Finesse TRD CrawZ, Z-Man provides anglers an ungraded version of the Ned Rig for heavy cover. A subtle package that’s mostly snagproof, this bait presents an enticing look in scenarios where you’d never throw and open-hook bait.

How do I use it?

The Finesse CrawZ gives bass a familiar form with a flared, tucked-under tail and flat belly for a gliding fall, realistic crayfish eyes, a segmented thorax and realistic swimmerets, which add secondary movement. Selling the ruse, the bait’s bulbous claws float away when the body’s at rest and flap enticingly when twitched. Add to this the stand-up posture of the the Finesse BulletZ and this little craw made of buoyant, non-toxic ElaZtech puts on a big show. The Finesse  TRD CrawZ comes in 10 colors, while the Finesse BulletZ is made in sizes 1/5-, 1/6-, 1/10- and 1/15-ounce.

How much?

$4.49 (6 per pack)

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

Like Napoleon Dynamite busting out the most unexpectedly awesome dance moves, the humble Ned Rig has, in recent years, carved its niche among modern bass tactics. Now, Z-Man takes the act a step farther with a more dynamic shape that takes the same clear water, pressured bass appeal into rougher neighborhoods. I can see the Finesse TRD CrawZ and Finesse BulletZ duo getting into a lot of trouble in laydowns, on gravel bars and along those transition banks where prespawners get their munch on.