Gear Review: Z-Man ChatterBait Freedom CFL

What is it?

Z-Man ChatterBait Freedom CFL

What sets it apart?

Expanding its trademarked ChatterBait design, Z-Man collaborated with Freedom Tackle Inc. to blend Freedom’s patented free-swinging football shaped head and hook with Z-Man’s own patented hex-shaped ChatterBait blade. The new design features a lead-free zinc football head and exclusive hook attachment that creates tremendous pivoting and swinging motion during the retrieve, while Freedom’s unique hook release allows anglers to make hook changes on the fly to accommodate various trailer sizes and styles.

How do I use it?

With two pivot points in one lure — line tie and hook connection — the Z-Man Freedom ChatterBait creates more articulation than a standard bladed jig design. This design allows anglers greater control over their bait’s action level by handling a variety of trailer styes and relevant retrieves. Available in 3/8-, 1/2- and 3/4-ounce sizes, the ChatterBait Freedom CFL features six color-matched patterns with spider-cut silicon skirts for flared profiles. Built to maintain bottom without planing upward, this bait’s trailers lock tightly into place thanks to Z-Man’s specialized keeper.

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Angler’s insight:

One of this bait’s key features is the direct, free-swinging joint between the football head and the stainless ChatterBlade. The eyelet that connects the blade is molded into the jighead for a dependable connection and throughout the retrieve, the blade is smacking that zinc head with a sharper, more resonating sound than you’d get with a lead head. Also, should you need to change to a larger or smaller trailer, maybe a significantly different size, that Freedom hook release system makes it quick and simple change the terminal tackle and create the bait profile you need.