Gear Review: YETI LoadOut Go-Box

What is it?

YETI LoadOut Go-Box

What sets it apart?

After firmly establishing a reputation for keeping stuff cold, YETI has rolled out several impressive items built for carrying non-temperature sensitive items. The LoadOut Go-Box makes a well-thought-out addition with strategic organizational capabilities and a rugged design that’ll stand up to the often harsh demands of outdoor activities. Big on utility and durability, the Go-Box is not a cooler, but it’s made to endure direct sunlight, negative temperatures and the daily abuse of being lugged in and out of vehicles, storage spaces and anywhere you make take it.

How do I use it?

With outside dimensions of 20 1/2 × 11 1/8 × 14 5/8 inches, the YETI LoadOut Go-Box weighs 11.8 pounds and comes in white, tan and charcoal. Designed to be waterproof and dust-proof, this versatile storage container includes a removable caddy for organizational options, compartment divider and Pack Attic deployable pouch. Lots of uses for the latter, especially for kayak anglers who may just need to grab a few key items for the day.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

I’m a big fan of modular designs — items that stack and pack and fit neatly with smartly designed frames, surfaces and bottoms. YETI's Load Out box looks like it would make good use of the space it claimed in the back of a truck, a garage or in a boat while you’re transporting family or friends to a remote little island or river bank for a quiet shore lunch. For this latter option, I’d feel comfortable packing my cooking and dining items, along with non-perishable food items in this sturdy container and then using it for a prep station or seating.