Gear Review: YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick

What is it?

YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick

What sets it apart?

YakGear offers a convenient shallow-water anchoring option for kayaks, canoes and small boats. With its cross pultrusion-formed fiberglass construction ensuring dependable strength, the YakStick features a unique, multi-purpose handle that doubles as a true mud foot for push-poling. The oversized foam grip creates the comfortable handling point you need for a day or sight fishing, while the mud foot includes flow-through holes that double as secure anchor rope attachment points.

How do I use it?

Available in two lengths (6 feet, 4 inches and 8 feet, 7 inches), the YakStick features a rigid nylon point that firmly anchors your vessel in hard bottom. And to accommodate your angling documentary interests, the YakStick’s design is compatible with YakGear and RailBlaza camera accessories

YakStick is easily stored with one of YakGear’s paddle clips, while an optional RailBlaza QuickGrip Hip Clip ($15.99) holds the YakStick or a paddle hands-free at your side.

How much?

$51.99 – $179.99

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

A couple of features stand out here. First, the true mud foot facilitates push poling over softer bottom. The pointed end works fine over rock and gravel, but entering the shallows of silty-bottom waters like a lot of southern lakes, river system backwaters and even the California Delta requires a broader foot for consistent propulsion. Also, the floating design offers peace of mind. Hands slip, tether lines break, gators happen — lots of ways a pole can end up in the drink and YakGear has made retrieval easier.