Gear Review: XTRATUF Sharkbyte shoes

What is it?

XTRATUF Sharkbyte Deck Shoes

What sets it apart?

If you don't know, XTRATUF boots have been a leading choice of commercial fisherman for 50 years. The legendary no-slip bottom and aptly named material makes them one of those things you buy and use for a long time. But these are not boots. XTRATUF has taken their skils and married them with a canvas slip-on that's comfortable and casual.

How do I use it?

It's a perfect shoe for being on a boat or a dock or just everyday wear, whether you are fishing or not. The shoe is comfortable enough to wear all the time, but has a durability to it you can feel. And you are not going to slip on wet surfaces wearing these things. It's like having four-wheel drive on your feet. 

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

Sometime a few years ago, XTRATUF sent James Hall (editor of Bassmaster Magazine) a pair of boots to try out. Fortunately for me, those boots didn't fit him, but they did me. Since then, these boots have gone to every Elite Series, Open and other event that I've covered, and they've never let me down. So the idea of taking the bottom of those and putting them on a shoe I can wear all the time was immediately appealing. And so far they have not disappointed. These are not rain shoes — the canvas isn't going to help you there. But these are comfortable, durable everyday shoes that I'm thinking anyone would enjoy.