Gear Review: VMC Spinshot Neko

What is it?

VMC Spinshot Neko

What sets it apart?

Joining a family that also includes an original 7119 model, a wide gap and a heavier (PowerShot) version, VMC’s SpinShot Neko gives dropshotters another tool of convenience in their terminal tackle arsenal. As with previous models, this rig allows the bait to spin freely on the wire stem, thereby eliminating the line twist the often plagues fixed dropshot setups. Not only does this mobility prevent a common vexation, it also enhances bait mobility and that means more enticement on a rig that typically spends a lot of time standing still.

How do I use it?

Equipped with a sturdy long-shank hook bearing a super-sharp offset hook point and a stealthy black nickel finish, the SpinShot Neko features a closed eye at the top for attaching to your main leader and a slip eye on the bottom. The latter allows you to connect your weight leader without tying a knot. Simply slip the leader through the wide section and snug it into the narrow end. This design allows you to quickly adjust the weight leader’s length.

How much?

$4.99 (4 pack)

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

Combining two of the hottest trends of the past decade (drop shotting and Neko rigging), VMC built a must-have piece of terminal tackle. On the design, I’m a big fan of slip eyes for dropshot tackle, as it not only facilitates length variance; it allows you to quickly replace worn leaders or sub another pre-tied leader with a different weight size or style. Say you bounce out to a deeper zone, or the wind picks up and you need a heavier weight to punch through the rougher water with an accurate drop — slipping off one leader and adding another takes less time than tying a loose shoe lace.