Gear Review: VMC PowerShot

What is it?

VMC PowerShot hooks

What sets it apart?

With its extra-long Z-bend hook leg, VMC’s new Ike-Approved Powershot Hook ensures freedom of movement for effective drop shot presentations with no line twist. Its 3-degree offset hook point virtually guarantees solid hook-sets. The top and bottom line ties easily and naturally position the bait in the strike zone, and it eliminates line twist, which is a frustrating aspect to using a drop shot.

How do I use it?

This is the non-finesse version of a drop shot. It works in the same way a regular drop shot works, this is just the power fishing version. The large hook can handle larger presentations, which naturallly appeals to larger fish. The PowerShot hook will accommodate larger worms and lizards, which is exactly what the bigger fish are looking for. 

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

This is a cool idea. If you're looking to get a very productive presentation in front of big fish, a larger profile will get the job done. There is almost always a drop shot on the deck of my boat, now with this rig, there will be one every single day.