Gear Review: VMC Crossover Pliers

What is it?

VMC Crossover Pliers

What sets it apart?

Anglers employing the widely popular wacky and Neko rigging styles must choose between piercing their bait or using O-rings. The latter can be a cumbersome task with size issues, depending on the worm of choice. VMC addresses this with a handy, versatile system based on the lightweight, durable plastic Crossover Pliers designed to expand matching Crossover Rings for a perfect placement that won’t slip. Each Crossover Ring is made with a dual-channel hood for Neko or wacky rigging.

How do I use it?

To rig a worm, depress the Crossover Pliers to close the jaws and slide on a Crossover Ring. Compress the handle to expand the ring, slide it onto the bait and depress the pliers again to snug the ring in the preferred position. Place the hook in the appropriate channel for wacky or Neko style. Rings come in five sizes — 4mm to 8mm — with black, green pumpkin and clear options. Keep your full supply of rings in your tackle tray, but the pliers include dual compartments in the handle for keeping a few rings on standby.

How much?

Pliers $14.99, rings (10) $4.99

Angler’s insight:

It’s a task-specific tool in a world with lots of pliers, but VMC offers a legitimate time-saving tool that should increase efficiency and consistency. Those Crossover Rings add some mass and profile to your worm, but that’s a minor tradeoff for the tactical benefit they bring. For one thing, the ability to instantly switch from a wacky-rigged presentation to the Neko deal increases adaptation. Adding the ring holding compartments was a brilliant design move.