Gear Review: Vicious Fishing No Fade Braid

What is it?

Vicious Fishing No Fade Braid

What sets it apart?

Vicious Fishing has introduced a no-fade braided line to their already tournament-proven line of products. The No Fade Braided line is available in yellow or green, and it is not only resistant to fading, it absolutely will not fade. Vicious utilized a color-fast technology which uses a pre-dye system to incorporate the color into the line earlier in the process. Unlike the traditional color coating process, the no-fade will not fade, regardless.

How do I use it?

Why no-fade? As an angler, any advantage you can get over the fish is a win, and the ability to use your fishing line as a strike detector is a big win. The high-vis yellow line will help to notice subtle bites on a slack line or when fishing in and around vegetation. With zero stretch, you can detect a bite and get a solid hookset quicker. The Vicious High-Vis No Fade is available in 150-yard or 300-yard spools, and anglers can choose 10-pound test up to 60-pound test.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

The longer a product can be used, the more it benefits the angler. The no-fade will stay bright and visible and get you more bites in a day. For those who like to change lines, you can still reel a spool into another spool to change. Simple tie the end of the “used” line to your backing material or directly to the spool and wind it onto the new reel. This will reverse the braid, switching the used end to the bottom of the spool and you can get more life out of each spool of line. The eight-carriers will deliver a smooth cast every time, and fray resistance will help to get more fish in the boat.