Gear Review: Terminator Shuddering Bait

What is it?

Terminator Shuddering Bait

What sets it apart?

Terminator has super-charged the basic bladed jig concept by replacing the standard flat metal blade with a unique cupped swimming lip. Doing so creates incredible vibration for maximum water displacement. A tool for all water clarities, the Shuddering Bait delivers a fish-calling performance in stained to dirty water. Available in 3/8-ounce and 1/2-ounce sizes, the Shudder Bait includes a premium 5/0 VMC hook with a stainless-steel soft-plastic keeper.

How do I use it?

Paired with six blade colors, the Shuddering Bait’s interchangeable silicone skirts come in nine baitfish patterns: Chartreuse and White Shad (gold blade), Silver Shiner (silver blade), Crawdad (brown blade), Green Pumpkin (green pumpkin blade), Glimmer Blue Shad (clear blade), Nest Robber (brown blade), Dirty Chartreuse Shad (clear blade), Black Blue Purple (black blade) and Texas Craw (black blade). Pre-rigged with skirts, jighead color options are: white/chartreuse, white black shadow, black, green pumpkin, brown, brown/orange, white/sparkle and chartreuse/black fleck.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

OK, so this is the polar opposite of finesse fishing. Rather than playing mind games with a bass and trying to taunt them into sucking in an easy meal, Terminator’s new Shuddering Bait basically shoulder bumps them and dares them to bite with a “You want summa this?” kinda vibe. The hyper detailed among us will dig the ability to select the precise color combos to fit the scenario. Do you want a shiny blade or a subdued matte finish? Good options to have.