Gear Review: Sunline Dostrike FC

What is it?

Sunline Dostrike FC

What sets it apart?

When Sunline asked its pro staff what they needed to improve their vibrating jig game, the common considerations described a line that would help an angler effectively capitalize on every bite and have the confidence that they can handle the ensuing fight. Putting this insight into action, Sunline came up with Dostrike FC, a 100% fluorocarbon made for optimum stretch to ensure efficient casting and high hook up ratios, with the strength to subdue those day-making kickers.

How do I use it?

It’s great when fish attack anything that moves, but often they can be remarkably skittish; that’s why Sunline Dostrike FC features repeating green and smoke-colored sections to reduce visibility for line shy fish. The line’s sections follow a pattern of 12 inches of green followed by 10 inches of smoke for the length of the spool. Dostrike comes in the following sizes 14-, 16-, 18- and 20- in 165-yard spools.

How much?

$33.99 - $35.99

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Angler’s insight:

From the California Delta to Lake Guntersville to Florida’s Kissimmee Chain, the bladed or “vibrating” jig is one of the most consistently productive baits for grass fisheries — particularly during the prespawn. You gotta hook ‘em before you can catch ‘em, and while rod selection certainly plays an important role here, Sunline made a solid move by creating the right string for the task. The color alternation feature will likely create more opportunities when bass turn persnickety.