Gear Review: Striker Brands Adrenaline Rain Suit

What is it?

Striker Brands Adrenaline Rainsuit

What sets it apart?

Striker Brands has introduced a rainsuit – jacket and bibs – built for the hardcore angler that will go fishing regardless of the conditions. This high-end combo is not only stylish, but it 100% will keep you warm and dry in all conditions. It its built with a 2.5-layer shell that will keep the wind and water off of you and that wicks moisture and sweat out. The hood is adjustable in three spots making for a comfortable fit whether you are in a straight downpour or traveling at a top speed to your favorite fishing spot. You will quickly realize that this suit was designed by anglers and tested by anglers to be exactly what you're looking for.

How do I use it?

Designed as a relaxed fit, the Adrenaline jacket and bibs will not be baggy and bulky, but also will give you room to move. The seams are totally waterproof and the cuffs are built with neoprene. Regardless of the situation, water will not creep in. The stylish Veil Camo pattern creates one of the coolest looking rainsuits on the market. Available in size medium through 3XL – there is a size for all anglers. Fitting for spring, summer and fall, the Adrenaline Suit will keep you cool in the summer months and warm when it’s a little extra cold out. Among all the fishing-friendly features, the waist-high waterproof leg zippers make it extra easy for quick put-on and take-off while on the water, even with big boots on.

How much?

$299 Jacket/$299 Bibs

More Information

Angler’s insight:

The Adrenaline Jacket provides two lower-side pockets as well two chest pockets for extra items. The cuffs provide adjustable straps to keep them tight around your wrist – another feature to keep water from getting in and running down your arms while fishing. Packed into the Striker bibs are angler-friendly features such as fleece-lined chest pockets, waste-high waterproof leg zippers, extra-large cargo pockets and an adjustable waist and suspender elastic. Trusted by Bassmaster Elite pros Paul Mueller, John Crews and Kyle Welcher, the Striker Brands Adrenaline Rainsuit is a top of the line, stylish, warm and dry combo that will keep you on the water longer — and dry and warm the entire time.