Gear Review: Strike King Mega Dawg

What is it?

Strike King Mega Dawg

What sets it apart?

Be honest, when you open the pizza box, you reach for the biggest slice, right? Well, for humans that’s usually a decision driven by gluttony; whereas wisdom born of experience compels big bass to reach for the mouthfuls. Strike King leverages this predatorial instinct by super sizing its already popular Sexy Dog topwater plug and boosting the profile into a whopper of walker design to weed out the keepers and target the kickers.

How do I use it?

Stretching 6.5 inches long and weighing 2 ounces, the Mega Dawg comes in 10 colors and wears a trio of 1/0 VMC treble hooks. No surprise, the Mega Dawg’s massive size facilitates spool-clearing casts, but my testing showed that the beefy dimensions also make this one of easiest walking baits I’ve ever thrown. The key is to not overwork the lure. Twitch it one way and after making a wide swing, it wants to pull the other way almost on reflex. A patient, measured cadence will quickly yield an enticing saunter that imitates a big gizzard shad struggling at the surface.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

This is not the time for an elephants and peanuts observation; rather, the thought here is that fist-pumping image of big bass chomping on big meals. That’s not ego and it’s no hyperbolic enhancement — it’s fact. The largest fish typically conserve energy by selectively targeting hefty forage that’ll fill their bellies quicker than burning fuel to chase down a bunch of little bites. That may change during the depths of winter, but when warmer months have metabolisms clicking, a big target like the Mega Dawg fits the bill.