Gear Review: Spro Spin John 80

What is it?

Spro Spin John 80

What sets it apart?

With design input from Elite veteran John Crews, Spro has designed a spy bait with several attractive and functional features. First, Crews insisted upon adding high quality swivels at both ends of the bait — one for the line tie, the other for the rear treble — to prevent fish from gaining enough leverage to throw the bait. He also wanted blade colors to complement bait patterns. As far as the bait’s form, Crews wanted a “chin” that produces just enough resistance to give the Spin John a subtle rocking and tail wag on the retrieve.

How do I use it?

Available in eight colors, the 80mm, 5/16-ounce Spin John is fitted with No. 6 Gamakatsu G Finesse Trebles; the rear hook sports a matching feather. The twin props are tuned to rotate enticingly, even at low retrieve speeds. Ideal for highly pressured waters, spy baits are a popular technique in northern and midwest smallmouth waters, as well as southern spotted bass lakes. This is mostly a light-line technique, but Spro made this bait capable of performing on beefier line up to 12-pound.

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Angler’s insight:

Crews said he worked with Spro to design a spy bait that corrected the things that bugged him about other models. This bait looks to have all the right elements for not only tempting fish in those finesse-requisite scenarios, but also keeping them buttoned up. Crews likes throwing a spy bait over deep grass on lakes like St. Clair where it excels at enticing suspended fish. He’ll also toss this bait for schoolers and depend on its vulnerable appearance to attract the bigger fish patrolling beneath the action.