Gear Review: Spiderwire Ultracast Braided Line Aqua Camo

What is it?  

Spiderwire Ultracast Braided Line Aqua Camo 

What sets it apart?  

The Spiderwire Ultracast Braided Line Aqua Camo is the top of the line that Spiderwire has to offer. This line is formulated to perform at the highest level, with eight tightly woven, 100% Polyethylene fibers cold fused together to increase abrasion resistance and increase strength and sensitivity. The Spiderwire Ultracast Braided Line Aqua Camo line is constructed in a way that improves casting distance and handling by moving through guides super smoothly. The aqua camo coloring makes this line easy to see, but also the multi-color helps it blend in with underwater structure. 

How do I use it?  

From 4-pound test to 100-pound test, this lineup has you covered for all your freshwater fishing needs. Spool up a spinning rod with some of the lighter test options for clear water, pressured fish, or throw some 80-pound test on a flipping stick and wrangle them out of the thickest cover. Line-watchers will love the color of this line because it is easy to see when your bait hits the bottom or when that fish strikes. 

How much?  

$24.99 - $36.99 

More Information: 

Anglers Insight: 

When you’re looking for a high-quality braided line at a great price point check out the Spiderwire Ultracast Braided Line Aqua Camo. This line is smooth casting and super tough. Made with quality materials, it will handle any of your braided line needs for all fresh water and some light inshore fishing as well. Pick up a spool and land some big fish. 

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