Gear Review: Shimano Metanium 150

What is it?

Shimano Metanium 150

What sets it apart?

For 2020, Shimano took their Metanium reels and just made them better in every way. A new body construction that they say increases durability, rigidity and sensitivity, and it is also lighter than before (around 6 ounces). 

How do I use it?

Just like any other baitcaster, except you'll be smiling the whole time because the casting is silky smooth. You can minutely adjust it to your baits to dial in the perfect setup. 

How much?


More Information:


Angler’s insight:

We review a whole range of products on Bassmaster that are for beginners all the way up to someone who lives and breathes fishing. One look at the cost of this reel tells you it's is closer to the high end of gear. But what you are getting is a Ferrari, and a good reel can last a long, long time with proper care. So if you are serious about fishing, the cost is not that bad. Shimano reels have a pretty great reputation, and it looks like this new version of the Metanium will do nothing to change that. 

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