Gear Review: Shimano Exsense

What is it?

Shimano Exsence spinning reel

What sets it apart?

Ego-charged bass anglers may frown on spinning tackle, but Shimano recently debuted a serious weapon for the finesse game. For starters, the Exsence reel boasts Shimano’s Hagane gear – a cold forged aluminum Micro Module drive gear for strength and smoothness. Also, the reel enjoys exceptional water resistance, thanks to X-Protect — a "labyrinth design" three-lipped rubber seal system. And for drag efficiency, Shimano employs the Rapid Fire Drag feature, with strategically placed and shielded anti-rust ball bearings, plus a one-way roller bearing.

How do I use it?

The Exsence comes in two models. The 7.1-ounce C3000MHG has a 6.0:1 gear ratio and retrieves 35 inches of line per crank. The spool accommodates 225 yards of 4-pound monofilament or up to 95 yards of 20-pound braid. The 8.6-ounce Exsence 4000MXG brings a 6.2:1 gear ratio and recovers 39 inches per crank. The spool takes 190 yards of 6-pound mono or up to 95 yards of 20-pound braid.

How much?

C3000MHG - $539.99; 4000MXG - $549.99

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Angler’s insight:

There’s no denying the must-have importance of drop shotting, Ned rigging and — I’m gonna say — wacky rigging to the modern tournament arsenal. Nearly every tournament offers some level of evidence, but none of these should be dismissed as only limit-makers. Big-fish potential remains, so arming yourself with tackle fit for the task is critical. Looks like Shimano did a fine job of packing a lot of performance into a lightweight reel you won’t mind holding for extended periods.