Gear Review: Scosche PowerUp 700 Portable Jump Starter

What is it?

Scosche PowerUp 700 Portable Jump Starter

What sets it apart?

The Scosche Power Up 700 Jump Starter is an all-in-one jumper for the car, truck, boat, ATV or RV. It features an extreme high-capacity 15,000mAh Lithium-ion battery and 700 Amp peak. Included in the box is the unit itself, the easy plug-in jumper cables and charging cable. With a capacity of over 1000-plus use and recharging cycles, one PowerUp 700 will last and be ready when you need it most. The easy-to-read LED battery power level indicator will let you know when it is time to charge, and the built-in extremely bright flashlight will help you get back up and running even in the pitch black.

How do I use it?

The PowerUp 700 is meant to be charged and taken on all your adventures. One charge will be held for up to six months, weather depending, which means it can hang in the boat, and it will be ready when you really need it. As well as being capable of jumping anything from four cylinders up to 10 cylinders, the Scosche jump starter features two UBS ports — Dual 5V 2.1A and 1.1A — that will keep your phone powered after a long day and can be utilized with an action camera or anything else that an outdoorsman would need. The jumper is designed to work with dead batteries that have 4 volts of power remaining. For batteries that are completely dead, Scosche has provided a Boost Button which overrides the 4 volts needed to function.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

As an outdoorsman, having a dependable power source to charge basic items when other power sources are not available is a must. Add in a boat or ATV and the need to back up power — just in case — is even more important. A small unit like the PowerUp 700 will have your back for up to six months once charged. The built-in flash light is ready when needed, and for fisherman trying to record a long day on the water with an action camera, the USB port will keep you running all day long.

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