Gear Review: Samatis Baits SamatishoT

What is it? 

Samatis Baits SamatishoT

What sets it apart? 

The SamatishoT finesse drop-shot worm is the bread and butter of the soft plastic lineup offer by Samatis Baits. High-quality baits at an affordable price is the goal at Samatis, and this finesse worm fits the bill. A 3 1/4-inch slender-shape ribbed body that transitions into a flat bottom tail with rudder on top, the SamatishoT it is a dream to fish with. There are 20 baits per pack so you will not run out in the middle of a hot bite.

How do I use it? 

The best method to fish this little worm is on a drop shot. It was designed to be used as a finesse technique and excel. Nose hooked on a size 1 hook and as small of a weight as possible and the bait is deadly. Aside from the obvious method, it can be used in other ways as needed. It can be rigged on a finesse style Ned head and casted around and can also be used on a light Carolina rig.

How much? 


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Anglers Insight: 

With so many finesse worms on the market, there is very little room for innovation. The key is durability and not using a bait for one fish and needing to replace it. The SamatishoT worm will catch a few more fish per bait and is super affordable – all features in one.

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