Gear Review: The Rod Glove

What is it? 

The Rod Glove

What sets it apart? 

Protecting your equipment is one of the best things an angler can do for themselves. With the price of rods and the amount that most people use them in a year, keeping rods in working order and the guides in good shape will save time and money. The Rod Glove is a protective sleeve that slides over your casting or spinning rods that will prevent tangling.

How do I use it? 

Open it up, slide it on any casting, spinning or ice fishing rod and keep it protected. The Rod Glove is great for everyday organization in and out of the boat, car, kayak and works well for hiking to your favorite pond or lake. No need to worry about catching the line on anything or getting hooks and baits all tangled together when transporting gear. For rods in the rod locker, the protective glove prevents all of the common tangles when in rough water and even protects the guides and the longevity of the fishing gear.

How much? 


More Information:

Anglers Insight: 

The Rod Glove is available in many different models and lengths — eight casting, five spinning, ice series gloves in four different lengths, and three pro series gloves padded for extra protection. There is a Rod Glove for every scenario. There are 21 color options for the standard model casting glove and 15 colors for the standard spinning rod model. They are designed not only to protect your expensive equipment, but also to help with knowing which rod is what. Color code your different rods with ease, separate spinning and casting models with two colors or use multiple colors to sort by line type, rod action and more.

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