Gear Review: Rapala Lip Grip Cull Tag System

What is it?

Rapala Lip Grip Cull Tag System

What sets it apart?

Made from heavy-duty composite material, the Lip Grip Cull Tag system features multicolored EVA floats with laser-etched numbers that will not wear off banging around in your livewell. Made with noncorrosive components, these cull tags will not rust or degrade.

How do I use it?

Rapala’s new six-piece Lip Grip Cull Tag system allows easy management of your tournament catches. Featuring nonpenetrating, fish-friendly secure clips, this new culling system permits quick identification of fish using colors and numbers. 

How much?


More Information:

Angler’s insight:

B.A.S.S. and many others have made the switch to using non-penetrating cull tags. It's better for the fish, and as long as they stay attached, it's a win for everyone involved. Bassmaster Elite Series angler Bernie Shultz says these are the best he's used. I like the different colors and the fact the numbers are etched on, so they won't fade as they hit the livewell. 

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