Gear Review: Rabid Baits Craw

What is it? 

Rabid Baits Craw 

What sets it apart? 

Rabid Bait have changed the game with soft plastic fishing baits by designing a lineup featuring hair molded into the plastic. Not only is this something that fish have not seen much of before, if at all, but the constant, subtle action of the baits – even when dead sticking – better mimic the prey that bass are eating. The Rabid Craw is a 3-inch fish catching machine.

How do I use it? 

Due to its size, the obvious tactic would be anything finesse. The Rabid Craw excels with basically any technique and is especially productive on a Ned rig, threaded on a jighead or shaky head or as a trailer on a small jig. Do not be afraid to use it on a Carolina rig, a drop shot, a lighter Texas rig or as a trailer on a heavier jig where a flapping craw trailer is not needed.

How much? 


More Information:

Anglers Insight: 

Anglers are always searching for new baits to give them an edge, or baits that offer a natural presentation that fish are not used to with standard soft plastics. The Rabid Baits with molded, hand-tied fur are the perfect alternative to get more bites. The baits have been tested in open water from the boat and from shore, through the ice, and are deadly for all species including bass, pike, trout and walleye. Give them a shot. 

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