Gear Review: Proven Insect Repellant

What is it?

Proven Insect Repellant

What sets it apart?

As someone who likes to beat the banks around central Alabama, I always have some insect repellant in my tackle bag. There are some trade-offs to using traditional repellent — namely chemicals that are not really something you want to spray on your skin. But that's better than ticks and chiggers and mosquito bites. Proven uses a different approach. No DEET, just Picaridin, which the company says is a much safer way to accomplish the same goal.

How do I use it?

Nothing too technical here. They make a spray and lotion version of their product, and you can choose "gentle scent" and "odorless." The spray is great and less messy, but you don't want to spray around your face or neck. 

How much?


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Anglers Insight:

Proven sent us a sample of their product, and little did they know that I had the perfect test subject. My wife is assaulted by mosquitoes the second she walks outside in the spring and fall in Alabama. Using the spray, I can report she didn't get a single bite. Proven gets a rave review in my house already, and I'm keeping it in my backpack for my next hike through the woods or bank fishing excursion. 

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