Gear Review: Plano V-Crate

What is it?

Plano V-Crate

What sets it apart?

For years, kayak anglers have based their tackle storage on a milk crate secured behind their seat. Well, Plano has replaced this simple system with a craftily conceived and spaciously designed alternative that not only expands your storage ability, but does so with a design that eliminates challenging reaches. Made to fit almost any sit-on-top kayak, this two-piece container securely stores and protects fishing tackle in a V-shape that wraps around the angler to promote accessibility.

How do I use it?

The main unit attaches to an elevated base (strapped to your kayak’s storage well) and detaches for transport to/from your vehicle. There’s a bulk storage area in the center module, a waterproof compartment for wallets, cellphones, etc., and a side rail system for attaching rod holders and other accessories. Each angled tackle storage bay holds two large 3700-size StowAway tackle trays, secured by a quick release rubber strap. Measurements (inches): 26 L x 16.2 W x 18.1 H.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

While kayaks offer nearly limitless access to fishable waters, the inherent reach/mobility limitations of storing tackle, spare rods, tools, etc., behind raises the risk of back and shoulder strains, dropped gear and missed opportunities. Plano has simplified the operation with storage that can keep a lot of gear in easy reach. I particularly like the ability to tilt the top compartment and remove the entire storage unit, while leaving the base secured in its spot.