Gear Review: Plano Rustrictor

What is it?

Plano Rustrictor

What sets it apart?

With more than six decades of tackle storage design, Plano recently introduced the Rustrictor Stowaway series, which employs an advanced technology that is said to block rust and corrosion five times longer than a standard tacklebox. To accomplish this ambitious objective, Plano worked with corrosion management leader Armor Protective Packaging to infuse its Stowaways with the world’s best Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI). Rather than relying on chemically treated inserts, Plano’s Rustrictor resides throughout the entire container for complete protection.

How do I use it?

Once closed, a Plano Rustrictor Stowaway fills its internal space with VCI. The vapor ions are attracted to metals, so they create a wall of protection only a few molecules thick. This halts rust before it starts. To avoid fish-spooking impacts, Rustrictor protects without leaving a film, residue or odor on tackle surfaces. Available in seven popular sizes from 3500 to 3700, including terminal tackle storage, Rustrictor Stowaways are easily identified by the Ferrari red latches.

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Angler’s insight:

We’ve all done it; we’ve dropped wet lures back into a tackle tray, or taken too many rain drops in a hook box that we forgot to dry at day’s end. Rust is the ever-present threat to fishing equipment, but Plano has taken the fight to the front lines — right where the damage begins. Probably still a good idea to rinse your tackle, but Plano’s new Rustrictor trays are going to offer peace of mind. Simply close the lid and the rust-stopping vapors go to work.